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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 31, 2023

I happened to notice a UFO display of orange orbs last night on my way home from work (it looked like it was coming from the north north-east of Las Vegas) and then someone showed a video of the same orange orbs moving. Would the Zetas happen to have any comment on what they are trying to communicate? [and from another]

Las Vegas sits on Lake Mead and will flood when the spill ways of Hoover Dam jam during the Mainland Adjustment to the New Madrid Rupture. The telepathic warning being given during this UFO display (seen in the NE) relays the sequence of events for Las Vegas. First the waters of Lake Mead are kept level by the spillways, so that Las Vegas and Hoover Dam (two orbs) are in synch. Then the spillway jams and the waters are heaped at the Hoover Dam (to the right), which breaks and drops the water level in Lake Mead.

Can the Zetas provide some detail regarding the apparent failure of the Japanese moon lander?  Was it a natural failure, or did our alien friends induce it? [and from another] Historic Japanese Moon Landing Attempt Appears Failed after Ispace Craft Loses Contact April 25, 2023 A small, privately-funded Japanese spacecraft attempted to land on the moon, but flight controllers in Tokyo lost contact with the craft during the final minutes of its descent when it apparently ran out of fuel and crashed to the surface in a "hard landing." Launched last December atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, ispace's Mission 1, or M1 spacecraft, slipped into an initially elliptical orbit around the moon on March 21. Thruster firings then put the craft in a circular orbit at an altitude of about 62 miles. The spacecraft appeared to be performing normally, at least up to the last few minutes of the descent when contact was interrupted. At that point, the probe apparently was descending at about 21 mph as it passed through an altitude of 300 feet.  It was the second non-government lander to fail during descent to the moon after an Israeli spacecraft named Beresheet crashed in 2019. [and from another] Beresheet Crash

If this seems like a repeat of the Israeli Beresheet incident, it is. Both disasters were at the hand of the Council of Worlds, who have repeatedly relayed that the elite on Earth will not be allowed to escape the Pole Shift by escaping to the Moon or Mars. If Beresheet and the recent Starship disaster are not enough, here is another smackdown. Switching to another country, from Israel under the direction of Bibi to Japan is not fooling anyone. Nor did hiding under the cover of the newly defunct General Milley save the Starship enterprise. Inform the common man about Nibiru’s approach and get right with God, is the message.

I think we might be at that stage of the game where disclosure may be what the Z's want but I will let the Powers that be decide. I know that the Zetas help me take the pictures by using their cloaked crafts to bend the light around their craft and use it as a lens for me to take the pictures that I do. Nibiru is over 30 million miles away so with my camera be it the Nikon or simple Canon would seem impossible. I will share some pics from when they came to my home and revealed this to me. In the first image you see the craft cloaked and then in the following they do their thing and bring Nibiru up for me and position themselves to where I am aiming and this is what I capture. I don't see the craft per se' but sometimes I do see them or irregularities when I move the camera about and they move between clouds and such. Anyways yesterday I used the Canon Powershot with the old filters and captured the moon swirl tubes in a new way but one I had seen a couple of years ago and thought was from a messed up filter. Now sharing with the public would bring a lot of the lens flare crowd barking at the door. But the Zeta's did one thing I like and they showed some symbols on the bottom of the craft and one of those symbols is a saucer shaped ship with portals along with other symbols. Look how they illuminated it for proof of the ship being their and not the internal organs of a camera. Anyway find out how we should proceed and we can go from there. I'm working in the garden today and enjoying the Sun for a change. [and from another]

What if disclosure is no longer able to be continued? Will the Junta be compelled to admit Nibiru’s existence?  This day will come and is scheduled to coincide with the New Madrid Plate Movement. The Junta will do a 50/50 with denial continuing but also discussion on the reality of what people are seeing at the same time. ZetaTalk will be part of the discussions on media admitting the truth. 

What James captured this day was an artifact of light at the hands of benign aliens. They generated this disc to display their capabilities to James as he is expected to be forced to lead many discussions on what is being seen in the skies. To deny Nibiru there will be some presenting artifacts that are false, while others such as this one captured by James will be true. He is being given advance notice on the matter so he can develop ways to help the public ascertain the truth.

Periodically the Zetas give the percentage of completion for the Plate Movements predicted in 2010. Known as the 7 of 10 Plate Movements, these percentages were reported in November 2021 ( and in April 2022. ( Where are we now?

The 3 remaining Plate Movements to complete the series are the Eurasian Stretch with the anticipated China blowout, the Africa Roll which will finalize when given room to roll into the stretch zone voids that will open up in Eurasia, and the New Madrid Rupture that will also be given room to maneuver as the Atlantic opens up. On this day in May, 2023 we would estimate the Eurasian Stretch at 72%, the Africa Roll barely begun at 63%, and the New Madrid Rupture at 92%. The steady compression of the Pacific will allow the Eurasian Plate to continue to open up her voids causing the Russian Rip up toward the Urals, and both Africa and S America to lob over into their continental drift positions.

Question about Pakistan, their former Prime Minister Imran Khan and the current arrest today and potential powder keg that may be unleashing. [and from another] Pakistani Protests Protests erupted in March 14, 2023 when Lahore Police tried to arrest Imran Khan but was cancelled due to the Pakistan Super League play off match. There were some protests due to the arrest of another PTI member named Azhar Mashwani. The people who protested it called it an abduction though. But he was released a few days later. On May 9, 2023 violent protests and demonstrations erupted after the Arrest of Imran Khan. Social media websites were blocked in Pakistan when the protests erupted as the government claimed that it is being used to spread a narrative of inciting a revolution in the country. Social media websites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook were blocked indefinitely. [and from another] Pakistan Riots over Imran Khan's Arrest Continue as Army Deployed, 8 People Killed in Clashes May 10, 2023 Pakistan's major cities were again hit by deadly riots and disorder Wednesday as a court in the capital Islamabad ordered former Prime Minister Imran Khan to be held in custody for eight days on corruption charges. Army troops have deployed on the streets of two of the country's biggest provinces, Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, amid the chaos sparked by the former leader's arrest. Khan was ousted from power last year, losing a no-confidence vote in parliament, but the former national cricket star remains one of Pakistan's most popular politicians. He came to power in 2018, backed by the country's powerful military, but has since spectacularly fallen out with the army's leadership, even publicly accusing a senior officer of plotting to assassinate him. [and from another] Protests Erupt in Pakistan Cities after Imran Khan Arrest May 9, 2023 Khan’s arrest followed months of political crisis and came hours after the country’s powerful military rebuked the former international cricketer for alleging a senior officer had been involved in a plot to kill him. Pakistan is deeply mired in an economic and political crisis, with Khan pressuring the struggling coalition government for early elections. [and from another] Where does Pakistan Find Itself Year After Imran Khan Lost Power? April 10, 2023 Minutes after the clock struck midnight on April 10 last year, Imran Khan became the first prime minister in Pakistan’s history to lose a confidence vote in parliament. When Khan became prime minister in 2018, his critics claimed he was propped up by the military, which has directly ruled Pakistan for more than three decades and “constantly meddled” in the country’s politics, according to the former army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. The military once upon a time used to have an iron grip on the political narrative, but Islamabad-based political analyst Arifa Noor said she believes the army now is not “as strong as it used to be”. A year out of power, however, has seen Khan’s popularity skyrocket. His party won 28 out of 37 by-elections held last year, and another Gallup survey in February showed his approval rating at 61 percent. [and from another] Pakistan on Edge as ex-PM Imran Khan Charged with Corruption May 10, 2023 The charge relates to the sale of gifts sent to him by foreign leaders while in office. Khan was arrested in another corruption case, where he is accused of the illegal acquisition of land and construction for a university. [and from another] Global Rebellion China is having protests because lockdowns are returning in force, an insistence that not a single Covid-19 virus be allowed anywhere – a zero Covid Policy. Fuel shortages and travel restrictions in France have incited protests there, and Iran has had protests over the Islamic rule of Hijab ever since a young woman in police custody was beaten to death. [and from another] Hong Kong riots have gone on for weeks, apparently over a rule change approved by Hong Kong’s governor that would allow China to extradite criminals. Hong Kong is China territory, but established rules when the UK returned Hong Kong to China in 1997. These rules, known as “One Country Two Systems”, were to extend for 50 years.

China has had riots this past year over their draconian Covid-19 lockdowns and France has had riots over fuel shortages and Iran had protests against the Hijab rules. In each of these cases it was the public that was protesting because the public was being squeezed by policies put in place by their establishment. What is different in the current riots in Pakistan is that the fuss is between the Military and the public. The people have become the enemy. In that Martial Law is expected to be called in most countries soon, this is an important trend.

Pakistan has been under Military rule for decades, so the politicians are tolerated only when they align closely with the Military directives. Khan did this at first, but then the Honeymoon ended. The corruption cited to expel and charge Khan was related to building a University, which repressive regimes fear as such moves can educate the public and thus encourage insurrection. The charges included taking money from foreign sources for this University. In that Khan was reaching out to the West in these endeavors, this was seen as a threat to the Military rule in Pakistan.

As Khan was a popular and well-known athlete, he had a connection to the public. Arranging to expel him from government proved not to be sufficient so the Military arranged an assassination attempt. Then the war was on as rather than quietly disappear Khan exposed the assassination attempt. Protests began, torching Military installations. The Military reacted by shutting down all Social Media and access to the Internet. Controlling the Main Stream Media and Social Media sites is of course ongoing in the East and the West today, but is limited to scripting the media Talking Heads and enforcing bans on Social Media.   

Martial Law is anticipated worldwide when Nibiru can no longer be denied and the public begins to make demands. The elite have long arranged for their own safety, meanwhile  not warning the common man about the approach of Nibiru. The elite will demand that the Military protect them. But does this not make the people, the common man, the enemy? What will happen if the riots and protests overwhelm the Military? What if the politicians and the Military give different and conflicting orders?  Will a Mad-Max scenario emerge? We have addressed these and other questions in the Transformation Section of ZetaTalk, as many possibilities exist.

Will the great China quake anticipated break the 3 Gorges Dam? [and from another] Balloons [and from another] Floods [and from another] Quakes [and from another] Sinkholes [and from another] China Dragon

The province of Hubei where the 3 Gorges Dam is located is just above Guizhou Province where the Dragon roared when the mountains moved in 2020. Great quakes occurred in the provinces just to the South of the Dam in Yunnan and Gansu in 2021. And the regions surrounding Hubei Province to the South are known for their massive Karst formation sinkholes. This is not stable rock, and will shatter when the Sunda Plate breaks off to allow China to lurch to the East into the Pacific.

How can one determine that the transformation into a more Service-to-Other world is occurring? [and from another] [and from another] Journalism, media, and technology trends and predictions 2023 January 10, 2023 First-generation social networks like Facebook and Twitter are struggling to retain audiences as older people get bored and younger users migrate to new networks like TikTok. [and from another] Top Three Banking Trends for 2022
July 8, 2022 The pandemic changed the way we viewed the world in many industries — and in finance, it accelerated emerging trends. Even before COVID-19, technology improvements were already impacting in-person banking, and baby boomers were already demanding more attention to retirement and wealth management services.
[and from another] The 3 Trends Shaping the Political Organization of the Future February 15, 2021 By focusing on single events and issues, we fail to see the underlying trends which have a long-term and lasting effect on our societies and on the political sphere. People organise in networks and aim to be connected with one another. People organise in networks and aim to be connected with one another.  Hierarchical structures are breaking down, knowledge and creative work are becoming more important, and the boundaries between private and professional life are getting blurred. We have immediate access to an ever-increasing amount of information whilst traditional models of education are falling behind. For example, open innovation efforts in political parties, the development of new offers for learning and development in politics as well as global learning platforms for government. [and from another] The World has Become much More Democratic over the Last Two Centuries Many more countries have become democracies over the last two hundred years. The chart shows — based on data from Regimes of the World (RoW) — that a much larger share of countries are now democracies. In the late 18th century, no country could be meaningfully characterized as a democracy. RoW classifies almost all of them as closed autocracies, in which citizens do not have the right to choose their political leaders through elections. [and from another] The History of Social Media Facebook started its history when it was first launched in Harvard in 2004. It quickly spread to other schools and by 2008; it had become the most famous social media platform and it still continues to grow rapidly. It allows its users to post content and personalize their profiles. [and from another] Visa and Visa Foundation Aim to Close Funding Gap for Africa’s Female Entrepreneurs March 2, 2023 Visa Foundation says it wants to help Africa’s underfunded female-led startups take off. Visa Foundation announced Thursday (March 2) that it would give $1 million from its $200 million Equitable Access Initiative to help women-owned small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Sub-Saharan Africa grow.

Transformative change often goes unnoticed. Sudden change highlights the before and after situation but gradual change does not draw notice. Historical data shows that democracies are on the increase, especially in Africa.  But the fact that political organizations are more diverse and accessible is not easily measured. The technology to support Social Media networks was available but virtually unused prior to the past two decades. What changed? The demand for interaction and communication had increased. When society demands that injustices be corrected, business follows. Thus women founding businesses in Africa and moving into power positions in the West is on the increase, a quiet drumbeat that was absent in the past.

What will China do if the 3Gorges Dam fails? Become very quiet or become more aggressive? Their Ghost Cities were structured inland and in the northern Provinces. [and from another] The Dormant Breadbasket of the Asia-Pacific February 12, 2019 Siberia’s agriculture is today mainly confined to two areas. One is in the Russian Far East, where the warm and moist summers support Russia’s largest soybean growing area, which has profited substantially from the boom in Chinese soybean demand across the Amur river. Another and agriculturally much more important region is the Western Siberian grain belt. Fertile Chernozem soils, as found in Ukraine and the south of Russia, and seemingly endless crop fields  characterize this region. Last season 22 million tonnes of grain were harvested here, as well as nearly a third of all Russian rapeseed. The area is dominated by large-scale agriculture with corporate farms typically managing between 3,000 to 10,000 hectares of farmland. [and from another]

China has a huge population, by last count some 1,425,671,352 citizens, and the loss of their food growing regions below the 3 Gorges Dam would be a severe loss. Given their partnership with Russia they can expect to have an invitation to migrate to the Far East, where ocean fishing is accessible and cold tolerant crops can be harvested. The Ghost Cities China has placed inland near Mongolia would absorb most of the survivors, and one could assume a press inland toward the countries that were former Russian satellites.

Would the imbalance in population between Canada’s 38,685,409 citizens and China’s population entice China to cross the Arctic or the Bering Straits to invade Canada for its fertile crop lands? The New Madrid Rupture would go hand-in-hand with the great China quake that would incite the New Madrid Rupture, so the US Military would have its hands full tending to the US homeland. In that China survivors could invade Canada in the lands to the East of Alaska, crossing the Arctic to avoid any USA guard, this route would seem virtually unguarded.

China already guards its southern border from unwanted migrants from SE Asia. This might be reversed after the big China quake, with China survivors migrating South, but India will also be looking for a migration route. The underpopulated lands in Africa are more inviting as are lands in Australia. Ultimately, the depopulation agenda will find it did not need to poison the populace with its Pfizer vaccine, as this will be a natural trend that is already in place and evident. Women will not come fertile due to fear and starvation, which is nature’s way.

Can the Zetas explain what is causing the mystery tremors in Denmark? Is this a cover-up for earthquakes maybe? [and from another]
Mystery Tremors on Danish Baltic island Puzzle Scientists May 15, 2023 A series of minor tremors recorded on the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm has puzzled scientists, who now say they were caused by “acoustic pressure waves from an unknown source”.
[and from another] Denmark's Mystery Tremors Caused by Acoustic Waves from Unknown Source May 15, 2023 The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, an official body that monitors the underground, said the tremors were “not caused by earthquakes, but by pressure waves from an event in the atmosphere.” However, they came from "an unknown source.” GEUS said it had received “more than 60” tips from people on Bornholm that “earthquake-like tremors” – described as a deep rumbling, shaking and rattling, changing pressure in the ear — had been reported in the afternoon on Bornholm. [and from another] Nord Stream Island Shaken by "Power Pressure Wave from Atmosphere" May 16, 2023 The small island is close to the site where both blasts destroyed parts of the Nord Stream pipeline last September. Authorities have yet to reveal who was behind the Nord Stream pipeline attack, but journalist Seymour Hersh has reported the US blew up the Russia-to-Germany natural gas pipeline as part of a covert operation under the guise of the BALTOPS 22 NATO exercise.

When the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline leak happened in September of last year we stated that this was caused by a shift in one of the fault lines that transverse the region. This did not preclude mischief by NATO, who likewise had planted bombs at the site. The Eurasian Plate is in a stretch from the UK and Iceland all the way to the Pacific at Japan. The Russian Rip is an example of this. Now that the fault lines near Bornholm are active again, they confirm our original explanation for the Nord Stream 2 failure.

What causes the quake swarms at the Loyalty Island? These swarms happened in 2001 and 2022 too.

The key 7 of 10 Plate Movement is the Indo-Australian Plate tilt and plunge under the Himalayan Mountains. Action on this key Plate Movement allows all others around the world to follow, in a domino fashion. Thus when we described the 7 of 10 Plate Movements in 2010 we noted these movements started with the Indo-Australian tilt and plunge. The tilt predicted for the Indo-Australian Plate is extreme, not only ultimately causing sinking and flooding for India but also heavy lifting on the New Zealand side where the plate must rise up out of the water unless it bends or breaks. It does both.

We have described how the Indo-Australian Plate bends at the center of Australia, to alleviate the heavy lifting at the New Zealand end. The lands under water off Queensland get a double bend where the Loyalty Islands lie. We predicted this bending pattern in 2010, and in 2021 and 2022 quake swarms occurred in the Loyalty Islands. Now in 2023 they have once again manifested. The Pacific is compressing, forcing the Antarctic Plate to poke up into the S Atlantic where it will allow the Africa Plate room to tilt and drop. This domino effect will result in the New Madrid Rupture.   

The story goes that Russians bombed a place in Ukraine where Ukrainians where having British ammonitions which contained uranium. This has not been mentioned in mainstream, only in independent news here. The news say that Russia is warning west-Europe of the potential radiactive clouds etc. [and from another] It appears the Brits/NATO were trying to pin the blame on Russia, but this did not work. Might have been a big todo over nothing thus, an attempt to influence public sympathy for Ukraine. [and from another] Russia Bombs UK Uranium Shells in Ukraine; Moscow Claims 'Radioactive Cloud moving to Europe' May 20, 2023 Russia has claimed that a "radioactive cloud" is drifting toward Europe after the destruction of depleted uranium shells in Ukraine provided by the UK. [and from another] Huge 'Mushroom' Blast in Khmelnytskyi Reignites 'Depleted Uranium' Claims May 15, 2023 Aviral video of a huge explosion near the city of Khmelnytskyi in Western Ukraine has been shared widely along with unverified claims that a "depleted uranium" storage facility was hit and reports that radiation levels were "rising" in the aftermath of the strike (which have been dismissed as false by the IAEA). [and from another] Radioactive Cloud from Ukraine’s Eliminated Munitions Drifts to Europe — Security Council May 19, 2023 The destruction of depleted uranium munitions supplied by the West to Ukraine has caused a radioactive cloud that is drifting towards Europe, Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said at a conference in Syktyvkar. An increase in radiation levels has already been registered in Poland. [and from another] Zelenskyy’s European Tour Aimed to Replenish Ukraine’s Arsenal and Build Political Support May 16, 2023 European leaders promised Zelenskyy an arsenal of missiles, tanks and drones during a whirlwind three-day visit to Italy, the Vatican, Germany, France and the U.K. that sought to replenish Ukraine’s depleted weapons supplies ahead of a long-anticipated spring offensive aimed at turning the tide of the war.

As we have noted from the start of the Ukraine conflict this was not an invasion by Russia but a proactive defensive measure as Moscow had received a leaked memo showing NATO’s intentions to invade Russian oil and gas fields. This, combined with the systematic extermination of Russian speaking citizens in the Ukraine, prompted a proactive push back against the planned NATO agenda combined with a rescue of the provinces where genocide, the outright murder of Russian speaking citizens, had been ongoing for years.  

Ukraine on the other hand is replete with evidence of money laundering, bio lab experiments on human subjects, and using their own citizens as human shields. While NATO tried to lure the US into their battle over the Ukraine, the Junta refused to engage. Thus NATO as rumored set up a scenario where Russia would appear to be the bad guys, providing Kiev with depleted uranium weapons to be housed at a location known to be under attack by Russia.

This has not worked as expected, as the increase in radiation is minimal and it was Russia who alerted Europe to the danger in this gambit arranged by NATO and the Brits. Meanwhile, Zelensky is touring the world trying to ramp up sympathy for the Ukraine. Despite the appearance, the Biden Administration is not sending billions to the Ukraine, as the Junta is in charge in the US and has been since late 2015. The funds sent to the Ukraine are only on paper, and result in the arrest of those in the money laundering networks. It is a sting operation.

What kind of doom requires bunkers and satellite phones, but is conveniently scheduled for Memorial Day weekend? [and from another] Lots of back channel talk going on right now. High Level US politicians will be vacationing memorial day weekend with their families at various undisclosed COG locations. Friends of family members are saying their friends and relatives are bragging about some super secret vacation in some kind of government facilities. Many are upset that they had to change their plans to hang out with mom and dad in some Cave that supposedly has malls and even a Starbucks.. [and from another] Report Confirms Dozens of Senators Are Being Issued Taxpayer-Funded Satellite Phones in Preparation for a “Disruptive Event” May 22, 2023 The official line of reasoning behind offering the satellite phones was “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.” [and from another] US Senators Issued Satellite Phones for Emergency Communication May 22, 2023 At least 50 U.S. senators have been issued satellite phones to use during emergency situations, according to people familiar with the situation. The phones were distributed as part of a number of new security efforts from the Senate Sergeant at Arms and were offered to every senator. It is unclear which senators agreed to take part in the new measure. An advisory from the Department of Homeland Security said satellite phones are used to “coordinate response and recovery efforts in remote areas, where there are no landline or cellular telephone networks, or in areas where existing networks are damaged or overloaded during a natural disaster (e.g., severe weather or earthquake) or a man-made incident, including potential chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive events.” [and from another] US Senators Are Being Issued Satellite Phones in Preparation for a 'Disruptive Event' May 22, 2023 Members of the U.S. Senate were recently offered satellite phones that will allow them to communicate in the case of a “man-made” or natural disaster. The phones were offered last month as a means “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event. [and from another] Timeline: How the President-Elect Becomes the President November 13, 2020 Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives will gather in a session led by the president of the Senate, in this case Vice President Pence.

The special satellite phones issued to US Senators had a specific reason. The rumored Memorial Day bunker vacation for the US Senators and their families is related. Reinstating President Trump has been endlessly delayed due to fears among the Junta that civil war will break out. Now the Junta feels more confident and plans to proceed. The Senate is the arm of Congress that swears in a President. Special interests, who have benefitted from the Biden Administration, would take all steps possible to force Senators to be absent or avoid the vote call. The Junta plans to escort Senators to the bunkers where a vote is to be taken, arresting them if need be.    

Not announced to the public is that SCOTUS long ago found that President Trump was the legitimate 2020 winner. The US Military also has never considered Biden their Commander in Chief. The fact that the US is and has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015 is also not public knowledge. If these facts were to be laid before the Senate, and they were forced to do their duty in swearing in the legitimate President, what would be the outcome? In a bunker setting, the Junta could challenge the Fetterman Double and the Feinstein mental competence, and force the Harris VP Double to follow the Constitution. But the outcome, in the hands of man, is uncertain.