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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 30, 2013

Is this newly discovered "dust ring" around Venus recently caused by PX presence in the inner solar system? [and from another]  Scientists have found a huge, diffuse ring of dust near the orbit of Venus, marking the second time such a structure has been discovered in our solar system. A similar ring was detected near Earth's orbit about 20 years ago.

Why would planets in the inner solar system have dusty orbits? Do they, as planets, puff material out past their outer atmospheres? Dust produced by planets returns to the surface, drifting down. Then what is the source of the dust, and why spread along the orbit ring? This is indeed dust from the tail of Planet X, which now passes within the orbit of Venus. The tail is charged, is attracted to Planet X which is a magnetic planet, but also swirls within and around the Moon Swirls due to gravity attractions. Thus the dust is flung about, and momentum can put it out of the reach of the magnetic and gravity attractions from Planet X.

This dust can be affected by the sweeping arms of the Sun which are the impetus that moves all the planets in the same direction round the Sun. In addition, when the Earth or Venus come by, the dust may temporarily be attracted to and tag along with the passing planet. Why is this dust suddenly in the news? The issue of Venus personas, caused by refracting light from Venus passing  through the greasy tail of Planet X, has been viral on the Internet. The cover-up crowd, forever hoping that the announcement admitting the presence of Planet X does not occur, is trying to explain the Venus personas.

This last week gone, it has come out that the Australian Government has been spying on our close neighbours, Indonesia. And now breaking news follows that the immigration minister of Indonesia is no longer going to stop their people from heading to Australia via boat illegally. Reading between the lines there has been a change in the policy of keeping the common man in Indonesia until it is too late to leave, something former Prime Ministers, had organised with the Indonesian elite in return for exile in Australia for the shift. Would the Zetas care to comment on what has changed?  Could it be that Indonesia is at breaking point now with so many homeless due to their land sinking, and another plan has been hatched? [and from another] Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had written to Mr Abbott demanding an official apology and a full explanation as to why Australian spies in 2009 targeted his mobile phone, as well as his wife's and some of his closest confidants. Indonesia has halted all co-operation with Australia on people smuggling following the phone-tapping controversy. [and from another] A senior Indonesian immigration official says he will no longer take measures to stop asylum seekers attempting to take boats to Australia as the fallout over the spying scandal continues.

Ah how quickly the battles between the elite erupt, when those who think of themselves as powerful and intimidating, or with winning cards to play, are tussling for the top dog position. The game between the elite in Indonesia, who had agreed to block their citizenry from migrating to Australia until they drown during the Pole Shift, is still in play. The recent spat where Indonesia is fussing over eavesdropping on phone conversations is merely a card being played for extra leverage. Indonesia wants more assurances, better quarters for their elite, and perhaps an early migration of their elite to Australia.

This latest spat is more a result of Typhoon Haiyan than the phone tapping, which occurred way back in 2009. Haiyan frightened the elite in Indonesia, who see themselves becoming potentially trapped in rubble with the common man. Escape can be blocked if planes and ships cannot travel in rough weather. Better to be snug on the shores of Australian. What is remarkable in this spat is not that it occurred, as those in the Service-to-Self are forever maneuvering among themselves for power and position. What is remarkable is that the crux of the issue is outlined in the media, for all to read. Indonesia will allow illegal migrants to go to Australia, where formerly had agreed to block this. This begs the question, what agreement was in place, formerly, and what were the parameters of this agreement?

Wild speculation and lies about Comet ISON are increasing. Is there a chance the Council of Worlds will authorize interference with Comet ISON in order to end yet another Planet X/Nibiru related disinformation campaign? [and from another]  On Nov, 28th, Thanksgiving Day in the USA, it will fly through the sun's atmosphere little more than a million kilometers above the surface of the sun. At closest approach, the temperature of ISON's core could rise as high as 5000o Fahrenheit--an existential challenge for an icy comet. No one knows if it will survive. [and from another]  [and from another]  Comet ISON has undergone a new spate of activity as it draws ever closer to the Sun, including wing-like features that typically coincide with some fragmentation of the nucleus. [and from another]  It's starting to increasingly look like Comet ISON, which at one time was viewed as potentially one of the most spectacular comets of the last hundred years (see last article), may not even survive long enough to make its' rendevous with the Sun on November 28th of this year. There had always been a concern among astronomers and cometary experts that this might happen, since Comet ISON will be coming so close to the Sun, but there had been cautious optimism that the cosmic visitor might survive its' encounter with the sun and provide us with an impressive show in the sky. ISON is expected to pass (about 730,000 miles, slightly less than the diameter of the Sun itself). However, evidence has begun to surface in the last few days that this might not be so. According to Ignacio Ferrin, an astrophysicist at the University of Antiquia in Medlin, Columbia, light signatures from ISON, which has just passed the orbit of Mars, indicate that it may be about to break up. According to Ferrin, comets generally get brighter and more luminous the closer they get to the sun. However, the light curve for ISON slowed down and remained nearly constant in its' brightness, even as the comet got closer to the sun. According to Ferrin, this behavior is similar to that of four other comets that have broken up before reaching perihelion.

That ISON is already fragmenting has already been officially acknowledged. Elenin was assisted in its breakup but ISON did not need assistance. Its multiple tails showed that the composition of ISON was such that voluminous outgassing was occurring even at a far reach from the Sun’s heat. The breakup of Elenin was considered necessary by the Council of Worlds to embarrass the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X. Though the same crowd is now backing all the hype about ISON, the much touted passage by the Sun will result in a dramatic fizzle just ahead of the announcement about the presence of Nibiru. The timing is such that it will be fireworks, a dramatic display during the death of the cover-up. A strong contrast between the truth and the lies that have been promulgated.

The quick turnaround on the nuclear negotiations with Iran makes this historic agreement all the more remarkable. To what degree did the timing of the impending announcement impact the speed and success of these negotiations? Have Iran and other Middle East nations been alerted directly or indirectly by the primary announcement partners on the near presence of Planet X and the timing of the announcement? What do the Zetas anticipate the Middle East reaction will be to the announcement, especially in light of the recent "Arab Spring"? [and from another]  The deal was struck with astonishing speed given the history of failed negotiations, coming in just the third round of talks over less than two months. The breakthrough also comes less than three months after Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani promised to dramatically alter Iran’s relationship with the world. Iran and six of the world's powers – the United States, France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia – agreed on a "first step deal” that is meant to limit advancements in Iran's nuclear program in exchange for easing some of the economic sanctions that have deeply hurt Iran's economy. Then there is also the matter of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's increasingly vociferous objections. It will likely also affect U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia, a Sunni nation, which is threatened by signs of improved U.S. relations with Shia Iran.

On the face of it, the rapid agreement will be attributed to President Rouhani, a moderate elected less than three months prior. Obama reached out to him, and this will likewise be seen as a wise move by Obama, who has been pressing back against Israel for years about their war mongering stance. Israel, of course, wanted to use the US military for its own purposes, involving the US in yet another Middle East war. Israel wants the right to continue to snatch Palestinian land, unfettered, and Obama has been pressing them on this issue too. There will be no repercussions for allowing Iran to return as a trading partner, free of sanctions.

Is there more to this agreement than meets the eye? Was the pending announcement admitting the presence of Planet X a factor? How could it not be?  The entire nuclear power plan issue will become white hot, after the announcement. The Earth changes that have already occurred since Planet X entered the inner solar system in 2003 have clearly created threats, Fukushima the prime example. There will be great pressure to close ALL power plants, and without delay. The debate will rage, but primarily the public will become engaged to a degree not seen before. Iran’s new posture is simply acknowledging this fact.

Is there something more to this attempt by the wealthy to have a real time live cam monitoring of whats happening on Earth from above?  [and from another]  For free, Internet users will log on to anytime to see the beauty of the big blue ball we live on, as the cameras make the 90-minute revolution around Earth, 16 times a day. The cameras will orbit for a few days before docking at the Russian portion of the International Space Station (ISS). The crisp resolution will let them see not only the Earth -- with all the accompanying weather patterns and seasonal changes -- but moving vehicles, large crowds, boats and buildings. To pay the bills, UrtheCast went public last July and raised $45 million in private funding. The company is striking numerous deals through partnerships too, including media companies like the Discovery Channel, which will have access to distribution once the cameras are up and running. UrtheCast is also marketing the images to private companies. UrtheCast will share the data with their Russian partners, who in the meantime get a payload of positive publicity for their space program. Larson, who is Canadian, said it was the Russians that approached him several years back. They wanted to put cameras into space.

Will this Russian sponsored satellite be allowed to ascend into space without alien interference? Twice in recent years the Council of Worlds has authorized sabotage, as the intent was to track drowning migrants when they approached Russian territory during the Last Weeks and in the Aftertime, the better to bomb them before they could make trouble for Mother Russia. In 2011 the Telekom-3 communication satellite aborted at liftoff and in 2013 the Glonass GPS satellite flamed out dramatically at liftoff.

Having been warned that access for the elite, and the elite only, would not be allowed to succeed, the Russians had a backup plan. They would install a view of Earth on the ISS, paid for by Mother Russia, to be made available to all of mankind free of charge. For every benefit to the elite, who wish to block migrants to their enclaves or government operations, there is equal benefit to the common man, who would be able to assess the flooding in their paths, assess the weather to gauge any violent storms that would capsize their boats, and determine volcanic activity that would bury them in ash. Thus, this time, the Russians have a winner!

Go Thailand go! This is just impressive. The Thai protestors seized the agriculture, transport, foreign, finance, interior and sports and tourism ministries, and even did so relatively peacefully. I remember when the Zetas gave us the map of revolution, if you will, stating that it would start in the Middle East, then move to Southeast Asia. Another prediction scored! My question is even though the Thai PM invoked a special emergency (martial?) law, it seemed to have zero effect on the protests. And dare I say the government allowed these protesters to take the ministries? We have all seen how most of the gov'ts around the world feel about strong protests, they (try) to squash them. Is going to be a trend? Is the Thai government just playing along, fully ready to bust out the live fire and tanks if things get too severe, or are power in numbers forcing.the rats to run? Even though the drama of the 7/10 and 9/10 stages has been well laid out (albeit a few surprises waiting) it is the 8/10 that I feel is going to be remarkable. If the Announcement is so close and Thailand is already revolting, what's going to happen when they hear the ZetaTalk predictions about their beloved country?  [and from another]  The nationwide demonstrations come as Shinawatra has faced a vote of no-confidence in the parliament.  The public protests erupted last month over a government-backed bill that could have granted amnesty to the current premier’s brother, ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawat. The former Thai premier was overthrown following a military coup in 2006, during a battle for power between his supporters and opponents. Since then, Thaksin has lived in self-imposed exile to avoid a prison sentence.  [and from another]  The Revolution of 1932 brought an end to absolute monarchy and replaced it with a system of constitutional monarchy. However from then on the democratic system has been weak and the country was ruled by a succession of military leaders installed after coups d’etat, the most recent in 2006. The Government of Thailand is made up of three branches: the executive, the legislative and the judiciary, the system of government is modeled after the Westminster system. All branches of the government are located within Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The Prime Minister is, in accordance with the constitution, selected; first by an election in the lower house then officially appointed by the King.

Thailand has had riots, and a replacement of the Prime Minister, before, most recently in 2006. Their system of government merges a kingship with a constitutional government modeled after many western nations – executive, legislative, and judicial. The King, however, has his hand in on appointments and the approval process. The Prime Minister is selected, not elected, and can be easily replaced. On the face of it, the riots look like a shutdown or takeover of the capitol – Bangkok. But in actuality, it is all bluster with little substance.

Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya were ruled by tyrants, but Asia will be put into chaos by sinking land masses. The Arab Spring tumbled tyrants because the oppressed refused to back down, and those in the military sided with the people. What will happen in Asia? India considers itself a stable government, but when running from flooding lands the desperate will riot as they have no other option. Pakistan and Bangladesh are experiencing the perpetually displaced already, and many countries on the Sunda Plate have these populations, though they are not yet acknowledged.

China  will be stable, as will Japan and all former Russian territories. Nor will Iran, Iraq, or the Middle East have rioting from flooding issues. But southeast Asia will find the common man impatient to get the same rescue as the elite, when pushed out of their homes and livelihood by the rising seas. In times of plenty, where life does not seem to change from one generation to another, acceptance of the status quo prevails. But when the elite are being protected by the military and are compensated for their losses, rage will develop.

The private meeting on Monday between Pope Francis and President Putin is especially noteworthy given the imminent timing of the announcement.  It is also interesting that the Pope issued a new Papal "exhortation" on the following day (Tuesday) that clearly states his preference for a Church "which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a Church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security".  Clearly his short meeting with Putin had to have been on his mind as this was being issued.  Can the Zetas provide any insight into what was discussed between the two in the short time that they were able to speak privately?  In particular, what does Francis himself see as his role during and after the announcement? Clearly a STO soul, he must be savvy enough to understand that certain conservative elements within the Church hierarchy would want to manipulate him to their own advantage.  Given his popularity with the people and apparent good standing with the announcement partners, will Francis be in a good position to help promote the self-sufficiency of communities around the world? [and from another] The discussions between Putin and the pope, and then Putin and the Vatican's top diplomats, focused on Syria and the role of Christianity in society. Long-running tensions in Russia between Orthodox faithful and Catholics in Russia prevented Pope Benedict XVI and before him Pope John Paul II from achieving their long-sought dreams of a Russian pilgrimage and meeting with the Russian patriarch. Putin didn't invite Francis, making the Russian president one of the few world leaders who have visited the popular pope and not extended an invitation in exchange.  [and from another] Pope Francis called for renewal of the Roman Catholic Church and attacked unfettered capitalism as "a new tyranny," urging global leaders to fight poverty and growing inequality in the first major work he has authored alone as pontiff. The 84-page document, known as an apostolic exhortation, amounted to an official platform for his papacy, building on views he has aired in sermons and remarks since he became the first non-European pontiff in 1,300 years.

Pope Francis is astonishing the world by adhering to the teachings of Jesus, to love the least among you, practice the Golden Rule, and to discard rather than acquire wealth. He goes beyond preaching to practicing these ideals, in person, embracing the afflicted and walking among the poor on the streets. Now he has gotten specific in his lectures, citing corporations and their love of profit as having the wrong attitude. At a time when the world is experiencing increasing disasters, homelessness, and starvation, what impact will this have? Hopefully, many will respond with outreach and sharing, recognizing, as we have stated, that love is the only thing that lasts, and therefore the only thing that matters.

Given the timing between Pope Francis’s lecture on corporate greed and Putin’s visit, are they related? Since this opinion is 84 pages long, it was hardly dashed off as a result of Putin’s visit, but Putin received a different and very private lecture. Pope Francis has publically admonished Russia on their support of Assad in Syria, in that this support seemed to have no caveats. The meeting dealt with the coming migration of those drowning in India, Bangladesh, the many countries in Indonesia, and those in lowlands in eastern Europe. Russia’s plans to block migration into their territories are well known. Has Putin been swayed by the lecture? Apparently not!