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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 30, 2016

Is Hillary having seizures on top of heart failure and MS and blood clotting disorders? [and from another] Bizarre Hillary Behavior Caught on Camera. Hillary looks like her inner demons are trying to escape. [and from another] Did Hillary Clinton Have Epileptic Seizure On Camera? Rumors swirl about Hillary's heath after video appears to show her having an epileptic seizure. The video in question was recorded by NBC News in June. It's worth noting Hillary Clinton's health has been on voter's minds for awhile now. Hillary is frequently seen suffering from violent coughing fits on the campaign trail. Sometimes the violent coughing fits leave her unable to speak for minutes at a time. Watch the two videos below showing both angles and decided for yourself. Did Hillary Clinton have a seizure? What do you think? Is Hillary Clinton healthy enough to be Commander-in-chief?  [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Clonic seizures. During a clonic seizure, the individual’s muscles begin to spasm and jerk.  The elbows, legs and head will flex, and then relax rapidly at first, but the frequency of the spasms will gradually subside until they cease altogether. As the jerking stops, it is common for the person to let out a deep sigh, after which normal breathing resumes.

As we have mentioned, Hillary has multiple health problems she denies and tries to keep from the public. The claim that she had a concussion in 2012 due to dehydration causing her to faint at home was a complete lie. She had a stroke at work. She takes blood thinners but had neglected to take them. The larger lie is that she is healthy enough to be Commander in Chief. Hillary, as we have reported, has MS, thus the use of Frensel lens to control double vision. She also has heart failure from decades of almost continuous rage.

The stress of the campaign for the Oval Office Hillary assumes to be her birth right are hardly the stress free environment Hillary’s doctors recommend. Her MS is controlled by steroids, else weakness in her legs causing her to stumble and double vision causing her to walk off the stage would become obvious to the public.  Steroids aggravate her heart failure, causing water retention so the cough returns along with an obvious edema bloat. It’s a constant balancing act. MS can include seizures but in Hillary’s case, seizures are caused by the steroids used to control the MS.

The FBI’s conclusions, broadcast to the world on July 5, contradicted Hillary’s many lies. This has been compounded by Trump’s steady rise in the polls, so that in those polls that take into account cell phone users, he is in a tie. Hillary showed the stress of anticipation on June 22 when, as we reported, she went missing in DC for most of the day, and photos after her June 28 meeting with the FBI at their office also show her distress. No surprise that NBC cameras caught her in an MS steroid induced seizure in June, or that she was caught wearing her Frensel lens again on July 9 in New York City.    

Would the Zeta's care to comment on this latest and very interesting crop circle that Howard posted just a while ago? “Interesting crop circle at Mammendorf, Bavaria Germany - reported on July 23.” [and from another] [and from another]

This design is huge and with crisp outlines and grain bent at the node throughout the complicated design. It is thus unquestionably legitimate. The message from the circle makers is clear – pay attention to this design, and grasp its meaning! In our recent ZetaTalk on the heat waves afflicting parts of the Northern Hemisphere, we emphasized the role of the daily Figure 8 wobble. Temperate regions are being pulled sideways into more tropical sunlight, thus the heat over the western side of the N American continent and from Persia up through Europe.  

The July 23 Bavaria design has a wobble message. We have in the past mentioned a wobble within a wobble that would emerge, but did not detail the effect of such a redundant wobble. As this is about to emerge, we will detail the effect now. The Figure 8 does not stop merely because the globe has had its N Pole pushed away into a temporary period of darkness for the Northern Hemisphere. Even while dealing with unusual darkness, the population affected will note the Figure 8 swings to the left and right. Likewise for any temporary leans into opposition or leans to the left or right.

Would the Zeta want to comment on this crop circle that appeared at  Roydon, Essex, UK  on 24 July 2016! It seems that is along a line, is a new clue for the time line? I did not find a good picture of the grain, somebody alter the original design? [and from another]

This sloppy design, laid in a field of rough grain chosen to disguise the design flaws, is doing nothing to guide mankind but rather to confuse. The circles are not crisp, the lines not straight. When a circle is to be fully filled in with crushed gain, the fraudsters can walk into the center of the circle and swing around to complete the circle. But even at this, they failed [1]. They repeatedly fail to align design components [2] [3] [4] with the overall end-to-end line. So are notably ragged [5] as though an attempt to cover footprints.  

Without detailing matters still in play behind the scenes, would the Zetas care to comment on the conduct of the Democratic National Convention? Was a different outcome ever possible? [and from another] Hillary Clinton accepts Democratic presidential nomination

The ruthlessly ambitious Hillary has been in a race to reach the White House before justice can snatch this from her. The Clinton family has been a criminal enterprise for decades, always managing to buffer themselves from prosecution by sacrificing an underling or a handy assassination. We have repeatedly stated that Dunford, in charge of the US federal government, will not allow Hillary to gain the power of the presidency, but just what moves are being planned by Dunford is not something we will reveal. We have reported that on June 22 Hillary was offered, and accepted, a plea deal to drop out or have the Clinton Foundation and herself indicted for corruption. Once again she lied and went on to grab the brass ring.

What will stop the Clinton power grab? The possibilities in the past included indicting Hillary so her polls would fall, but it was known that Hillary would continue her campaign despite an indictment so this was not pursued. Calling martial law due to terrorism threats or race riots was another possibility, but unless a real and sufficient threat were present, martial law would not prevail for long. Given that the Clinton crime family planned for the 2016 power grab years ago, and was superbly well funded and connected, there was no chance that Sanders, despite his popularity, could counter this. This leaves Earth changes of some sort as a possible reason to cancel or defer the 2016 election

Dunford is not without support. There are dozens of teams of humans on Earth working during the Earth’s spiritual Transformation that are righting wrongs and blocking fraud and abuse. This includes Anonymous and the groups that work with Fulford, as well as ZetaTalk. The Earth may be in the hands of man, but the Council of Worlds does step in on occasion, and the Council wants the people of Earth to be informed about Nibiru’s pending passage. Hillary in the White House is not seen in a positive light by the Council. What are the possibilities, then, for accomplishing both goals – a de facto announcement about Nibiru and preventing Hillary from reaching the White House?  

Hillary’s health could falter, with Hillary falling to the floor with a fibrillating heart or double vision or another seizure, this time too well documented to be discounted. But this is likely to be covered up by the media, as usual, and one cannot wait for this to happen. The Council of Worlds also does not strike people down. Then there is the possibility of either Hillary or Bill or both being murdered because this would halt the Clinton Foundation prosecution. This has a strong likelihood of happening because the FBI investigation into Public Corruption is moving aggressively, was the threat if Hillary did not withdraw, and the threat was not idly made.

Then there is severely falling support for Hillary due to more Wikileaks releases and more public awareness of the now free movie, Clinton Cash. But even with Trump on the ascendance, allowing an election is risky. Then there is the possibility of Earth changes allowing Dunford to halt the 2016 election. Mere earthquakes or volcanic eruptions would not be enough, nor could a major New Madrid rupture occur in time. Nor is the public reading about the exoplanets enough to alarm them re a Nibiru passage pending. But violent wobbles would be noted by the world, and would make the fact of the End Times undeniable. This could easily be accomplished by the Council, and is a distinct possibility.