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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 30, 2012

Can rain and flood cause all these damages in Duluth or this is part of the various seaway adjustments, in this case ripping at the weak point of Duluth? [and from another] National Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Kraujalis says it's the wettest two-day period in Duluth history.

Duluth, MN is at the ripping end of Lake Superior, as one can see from the sharp point the lake assumes as it rips open toward the west. This area is solid granite, in the main, and thus does not rip readily. Wisconsin may be booming, and Detroit humming, but Duluth has been quiet. Flooding rainwater does erode soil, undermining bridge abutments and washing away roadways, but does not create the buckling pavement seen in the photos from Duluth. This is caused by the rush of water underground, unseen on the surface, through natural crevasses in the granite. The pressure from the bowing of the N American continent in fact causes many of these crevasses to close or tighten up. When this water flow then backs up, and cannot drain, it causes the soil to become mush, a type of liquefaction.  The damage in Duluth, thus, is caused not by the ripping Seaway but by the resistance of the rock to tearing! 

Already few years I watch circles on fields and usually they started to appear in May. Now the end of June, and the real circles isn't present. Can tell, what happened? Why them ceased to draw?

Hoaxes, or deliberate crop circle frauds as they should be called as the motive is quite malicious, have improved in recent years. The motive behind well-funded frauds is to counter the growing evidence of the alien presence, as the cover-up crowd wants to claim all evidence is man-made, including amazing UFO displays. The motive is also to confuse the very real message given to the subconscious by valid crop circles, so that awareness of the approach of Planet X and the pending passage is diluted with nonsense. The 2012 field today (as of early June 25, 2012) contains not one valid design. They are all small, sloppy, and without the signature of a legitimate design which is crop bent at the node by rapid growth, rather than mashed or broken as the frauds are.

Why have legitimate circle designs apparently ceased in 2012? This is a game changer, as the frauds are so poorly done, so obviously sloppy and flawed and without the signature proof of an alien hand at the helm, that interest in circle designs will fall off. The frauds are only significant with a backdrop of legitimate circles, as it is the legitimate circle designs that bring attention. Then the frauds jump into the arena, into the spotlight, hoping to get attention. If crop circles are going to be ignored, then what? UFO displays, mass sightings over cities and with various devices other than mere dashing lights, will be on the increase. Surprises await in this area, which we will not divulge.

With the existence of the mainstream information funnels upheld by the 1% PTB, is it even possible for the common man to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start their own promotional campaign about the PS and the ZT message?  How long will the common man have to wait while they watch the common man suffer such as the Rohingya boat people in Bangladesh recently? To see their faces suffering is very revealing of the cover-up, given that they could easily have prepared themselves for what was in process and pending with ZT accuracy predictions.  Is there not much difference the common man can make at this point in terms of promotion of the ZT message to the world?  Is it even realistic for the common man to start an aggressive promotional campaign of the PS and ZT given the forces of the cover-up in place around the world?  What are the chances of the 99% making even a small slight difference to help the worlds populations prepare?  By the common man promoting the message to the world, could this be a way to sow peace among nations?

When asked to estimate the number of genuine contactees in 1998, we cited 12,000 (though the number is not fixed but constantly on the move). When asked recently in 2012, we gave the surprising answer of over a billion contactees. This number does not include Star Children, who likewise number about a billion, but covers almost all Earth born reincarnating souls and a number of human who have not yet sparked!  If the cover-up is attempting to blind the populace to the presence of Planet X and withhold information on the pending passage until the last possible minute, how can they control this invisible information river?

The Internet is considered a thorn in the sides of the cover-up, as information goes viral on message boards, via email, with a key blog examined by millions before the establishment is even aware of its impact. The establishment suppresses the media and issues disinformation to counter the facts the common man is discussing on the Internet, and think they are winning this battle. After all, NASA is the expert on things in space, and NASA says so! The establishment in fact is complacent in the matter of the cover-up, as they have all visible means of communication under control, or so they think.

It is the invisible river of communication between contactee and visitor, among contactees during group meetings, and thence discussed soul-to-soul among family and friends that the establishment should fear. Those in the establishment are not invited to group contactee meetings, as their motives are to deny the common man the information which would empower them. There is a groundswell of knowledge passing among contactees, electrifying them in purpose and determination. This is not visible on the surface. It is an internal flame, lit and burning ever brighter, that will emerge as a blaze of light one day soon, shocking the complacent establishment.

Although this falls in the realm of politics, this question is about a conspiracy theory appearing all over the internet that could affect the presidential election in November. If there is something to House Speaker Boehner's allegations that the White House is involved in a cover up of the "Fast and Furious" gun program, then why is House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa sometimes saying differently?  Would the Zetas care to comment on this situation? [and from another] Boehner said that the Obama administration's decision to invoke executive privilege to prevent the release of some documents about the program Issa had requested was "an admission that White House officials were involved in the decision that misled the Congress and covered up the truth." In February 2011, DOJ sent a letter to Congress denying such sales, but retracted that claim in December. It is not clear if either Attorney General Eric Holder or President Barack Obama were aware of the program, and Issa acknowledged Sunday that he has not found evidence Holder was involved. But the investigation has devolved into a bizarre, complex conspiracy theory, which Issa and other congressional Republicans have suggested the Obama administration hatched in order to impose new gun control regulations. By inciting gun violence in Mexico, the theory goes, the administration hoped to spark a controversy that would build public support for gun control. President George W. Bush's administration opposed gun control, and it used similar programs to track criminal groups.

Were Obama, and even Holder, aware of the Fast and Furious program in its early days? They were not, and Holder’s initial report to Congress, wherein he denied that such a program even existed, reflects that. Federal agencies, and the federal government, are not structured such that the men and women at the top are aware of every operation. Is Obama aware of every FBI operation, of which there are thousands at any given time? He is certainly not aware of every CIA operation as intense secrecy to protect under cover agents is considered a necessity. A “need to know” classification normally excludes those at the top, as invariably secretaries and administrators would likewise become aware and the possibility of a leak explodes, exponentially, because of this. Is every secretary to be given a top security clearance?

Sloppy work at the lower levels of federal agencies is nothing new, but normally this does not come to light and is covered up by those responsible. In Fast and Furious a border agent was killed, and thus the flap. That and the fact that there will be a presidential election this year. In an election year, any and everything is used to skew the public mind. Whether the charge is factual is not important, as those making the charges hope the electorate will pull to this or that side based on the unproven allegations, the extra baggage, and the wild theories.

Why did Obama declare Executive Privilege? So as not to fan the flames, as the word “gun” does appear in early memos informing the President of the operation and its unintended consequences. Double meanings would be claimed, talking in code would be claimed. Thus the burden of proof will be on the accusers, as it is today, their words hollow.

New CC at Milk Hill, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 25th June. Seems this shows the Planet X and looks truely?

This is another fraud, as astonishing as this may seem to some. Compare the mashed manner in how the grain is laid down, compared to crop circles in 2004-2005 which were legit. The 2012 Milk Hill design has grain mashed over crudely, rather than bent at the node by a growth stimulant as in legitimate circles. The earlier circles, such as Silbury Hill in 2005, have the grain in large circles laid over in a circular pattern, whereas the 2012 fraud has the grain mashed laterally, in quarters, which can be readily seen. Silbury Hill even has the grain woven, such that a superimposed circle on top of a larger circle has the grain going perfectly in a circular manner. The 2012 Milk Hill gives evidence that it is a fraud in other ways too. All parts of the design are accessible, so that foot steps are not evident. Even the small circles at the tail are reachable with a machine arm.

2 refugee boat accidents, with both taking place near migration-unfriendly Australia. I feel sabotage. Are these accidents related to earth changes, or is this a preview of how serious some countries will be about keeping those unwanted out? [and from another] A boat carrying around 150 people has capsized 107 nautical miles (200 km) north of Australia's Christmas Island, Australia's Customs and Border Protection said, the second such incident in less than a week. Last week, a boat carrying around 200 suspected aslyum seekers capsized between Indonesia and Australia, claiming around 90 lives. [and from another]
Though they come in relatively small numbers by global standards, asylum-seekers are a sensitive political issue in Australia, dominating 2010 elections due to a record 6,555 arrivals. Direct asylum-seeker journeys from Sri Lanka have historically been rare but navy sources in Colombo have reported a marked increase in Australia-bound people-smuggling operations, with about 200 arrests in recent weeks. In December, a boat carrying around 250 mostly Afghan and Iranian asylum-seekers sank in Indonesian waters on its way to Christmas Island, with only 47 surviving. Some 50 refugees were killed in a horror shipwreck on the island's cliffs in December 2010. Fifteen were children aged 10 years or younger, with one a baby just three months old. The worst known refugee boat disaster off Australia in recent years was the sinking of the SIEV X in 2001, which killed 353 of the more than 400 asylum-seekers on board.

Are disasters being assisted so refuges don’t reach Australian shores? Yes, but not in the manner one would assume. The boats are not being shot out of the water, or sabotaged with explosives on the underside, nor deliberately tinkered with in a manner that would make them capsize or start to sink. But given the quality of the boats used to smuggle refugees, and the integrity of the smugglers, sabotage is easy to arrange. Money for the trip is collected up front, so the smugglers make their money regardless. They are paid additional funds to overload the boats and head them into storms. The boats used are disposable, barely afloat, and not owned by the smugglers in any case. Australia hopes to frighten would-be asylum seekers in this manner, or in any case reduce the numbers reaching their shores.

A new Crop Circle appeared at Fabbrico in Italy in June 25. This Crop Circle looks different from other Crop Circles which appeared in the past few days. So if it's a true Crop Circle, what message is present?

This is a genuine crop circle, as one can see from simply examining the weaving of the grain. There are intricacies such as thin line circles that end at the edge of another thin line circle, with no overlap. There is a deliberate break in the swath of circles also, where the field has broken grain, arranged so that the intent of the design uses the landscape, rather than fights against it. But it is the weaving of the grain, within the central circle, that shows this is a legitimate design and not a fraud. In the very center there are multiple tuffs each with a circle swirl around it, but the grain also continues to swirl in the larger circle, not something a fraud would accomplish.

What is the meaning of this design? Planet X has a retrograde orbit and this design shows this clockwise progression. When viewed from Earth, as is shown on the Path diagram Nancy developed from the details we provided at the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, Planet X appeared first to sling left, then up, then right, then down before arriving at where it could be seen naked eye in the sky in March, 2003. Then the break in the circles where thin line circles begin. This break indicates a break in time, from 2003 until the passage. Going into the passage, Planet X will grow in size, looming as large as the Moon or the Sun in the sky, while also continuing in its retrograde orbit so it will align in front of the Sun, rather than to the right of the Sun in the view from the Northern Hemisphere as it does today.