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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 28, 2012

The Extinction Protocol has some good, timely earth changes news, but it is consistently blaming anything other than Planet X for the earth changes and the signs in the sky.

The Extinction Protocol seems a contradiction - it presents many fact about the Earth changes, yet consistently refuses to focus on those facts that prove the existence of Planet X nearby. Are not the obvious editing lines on the SOHO and Stereo images, the almost daily capture of Moon Swirls and Winged Globes with drifting tails facts? Is not the twisting of the Earth's magnetosphere, as shown on the Magnetic Simulator, a fact? Is not the regularly timed global shuttering, as presented on the live seismographs, indicative of a fact to be considered? Is not the fact that the sunrise and sunset for Europe are too far to the south a fact noted by many? Why are these facts exempt from examination?

Is it that the Extinction Protocol only reports, and does not speculate or present theories? Hardly, as they are happy to wend off into speculation. The site purports to be intelligent and aware, yet consistently ascribed the Earth changes to something other than the obvious - the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru. That would be too close to the truth, and to pointing the public to ZetaTalk, which brings us to the real reason for the effort put into this website.

Boasting that it features "2012 and Earthchanges News events", the Extinction Protocol hopes to capture the curious public, and hold them there. This site was designed by the establishment, to be an attractive alternative to websites such as the popular ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift ning. If it only reported the news, then it could be considered just another news site, but in that it proposes alternative theories for the Earth changes, it has openly identified itself as an arm of the cover-up, servicing the establishment.

Several large fires have been affecting a few areas in Chile. The fire that ate up thousands of acres at Torres del Paine, down south of Chile, seems to have been proven to have been unwillingly caused by a careless tourist. OK, sorry for that. But then the Chilean government has been pointing at some protesting indigenous peoples, as the cause of the other large fires. Well, these other large fires, affecting many thousands of acres, still in progress in the areas of the Biobio and Talca regios, are located just about where the past big earthquake and later tsunamis hit. I recall that, after these events happened, heat emerging from under the surface of the earth were expelling fumes and strange oders was reported at several spots. My question: could any of these wild fires, in these earthquake prone areas, may be caused by heat emerging from under the surface of the terrain? [and from another] Chile has experienced a rare drought during the current southern summer, with temperatures reaching well into the 80s while strong winds of more than 20mph have also helped whip the flames along. In the Torres del Paine blaze, a 23-year-old Israeli tourist, Rotem Singer, has been arrested for inadvertently starting the fire after lighting toilet paper in a misguided attempt to reduce the environmental impact of a bathroom break. Meanwhile, in Bio Bio, the authorities believe the fire was started in eight different sites simultaneously in the early hours and have opened an arson inquiry. Meanwhile, Israel has offered to help Chile reforest the damaged areas of the park and is sending a team of experts to help evaluate the situation.

Drought of course allows wildfires to start, an ideal time for arson. Why would fires be set in the Bio Bio area. The motive is clear when one examines what quickly followed, an offer by Israel to help "evaluate" the situation. It has recently been noted that Israelis have ambitions in Antarctica and been congregating in southern Argentina and Chile, mostly IDF soldiers on leave. If you are not being embraced, you create a reason for an embrace! The fires are being set by the Israelis, but this will not buy them the affection and welcome they hope.

Accidentally found Indeed humanoid or fake? [and from another] Please watch in HD This incredible footage of an apparent Humanoid like flying object was captured on New Years Day in the city of Beijing, China. Filmed by Li Xiu Ying who noticed something very peculiar looking from his hotel room. States he grabbed his camera as fast as he could but did not think he caught the object clearly because it was not showing on his view finder. However, the camera was HD and the flying object can be clearly seen when the footage is enlarged. He states " It literally looked like a large man floating through the sky ". [and from another] Still frame analysis: Original vid of UFO or Flying Humanoid filmed on New Years Day in China. I enhanced the figure the best I could. The raw footage looks great on a large screen HD TV, but I just can't seem to get that quality on youtube.
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This is indeed a dangling hominoid, but not what is surmised. What is missing from the view is the wire holding this well padded hominoid, a human, doing maintenance on the tower walls, an inspection. His squarish looking frame is a seat, a harness. Did anyone seek to contact the building management to explore this possibility?

I had been thinking about the ways of providing enough food for survivors of the PS in the area where winters are long and cold. Since the gardens will be not very productive after the PS (drizzle, gloom, high winds) it seems to me that preserving of what we will be able to grow is the most important issue. Doing my research on how to preserve harvest I came to the understanding that all ways of drying and curing the harvest (sun, dry days, light breeze, electricity for fans, dry shade) will be not available any where on the earth after the PS. The moisture is the number one killer for long storage. Where in the warmer areas one can eat bugs and insects and plant the seeds over and over that will be not the case in the colder areas. To keep flocks and herds in the winter one will need the grain and hay to be stoked. You said that hunting will not be available for long. So it seems to me that long term survival will be possible only in the altitudes where temperature can support gardening or living near the oceans. If this is the case than starvation in the colder areas of the Earth will be the only option and we need to take this into account and many of us need to make a big changes to their plans after the PS time. Am I correct?

If one applied the logic being used here to the present day inhabitants of Earth, and the climates they live in, there would be few areas that would squeek through as habitable. You would certainly exclude the Eskimos, as their climate is too cold for crops. Yet they have no need for flocks and herds and growing grain, having adapted. You have our Aftertime prediction of gloom and drizzle for most of the world eliminating any kind of preservation means, ignoring that high humidity is an inciter for most crops. In those climates where crops cannot be grown year round due to cold, the cold itself is a preservative. No need for a freezer when the window just needs to be kept open in a room.

The key to survival is to be resourceful, see the glass as half full rather than half empty, and explore new nutrition possibilities. In this it is important to look to the many ways cultures around the world survive today. Putting cabbage and apples in cold cellars, along with squash and pumpkin, provides necessary vitamins and calories aplenty, and these cold cellars are certainly not bone dry. Look back to 100 years ago, for examples, not to the present when electricity and transporting produce is everywhere. You have been led to expect the pantry of today, not the limited pantry of yesteryear. Change your attitude!

The Zetas recently identified the popular website "The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond" as being "an arm of the cover-up, servicing the establishment." Are there many other disinformation spreading sites truthseekers should avoid or would such a list of undeclared, establishment-sponsored sites be prohibitively long? Also, The Extinction Protocol has a highly deceptive and dishonest comment screen. It appears that if a name and email address are provided a comment will immediately post, but only after attempting to post do you learn all comments and replies must first be approved. Is The Extinction Protocol maliciously gathering and sharing data on individuals who try to post the truth about Planet X and the pending pole shift there? The Extinction Protocol's comment and moderation policies are not transparent and upfront; their posting deception must be deliberate, but why?

There have been a number of disinformation schemes that we have identified - the Horizon Project, Project Camelot, NASA emphasis on the Sun and denial of Planet X, all the 2012 authors denying that Planet X is in the vicinity, and recently the Extinction Protocol to name but a few. The problem with fingering them early, when they are first showing their hand and trying to gain popularity, is that at those moments it is not obvious what their nature and agenda is. Thus, this paints the picture that ZetaTalk is paranoid, making unproven claims. Better to let them ripen and flower, showing their agenda, before the accusation is made.

Like all sites run by the establishment, names are collected. It is not just the comments, which clearly are edited to remove any reference to the true cause of the Earth changes or any reference to the ZetaTalk website, but the IP of visitors. This has long been the accusation made against popular websites like GodlikeProduction, which was purchased from the original owner by an individual with clear connections to black ops. But rather than fret about being watched and tracked, we have advised that the public realize that the establishment cannot keep up with the burgeoning curiosity of the public. They simply don't have the resources, and this all will fall to the side as the Earth changes increase.

Likewise sites that speak the truth, well known and popular as ZetaTalk and Gerard's ning are, will not be taken down as this in essence throws gasoline on an already roaring fire. The establishment knows that to do this is to call attention, on the Internet, to these actions, and that the public would conclude that the sites were speaking the truth. They would kill a truthsayer but give birth to a monster, a hydra, and thus the choice is to try to counter the truth of ZetaTalk with disinformation from NASA and the like.

Senator John Kerry 68 years old. Has two black eyes and a broken nose from a friendly game of hockey. Looks like he was in a fight. Is this story true or was this a beating to keep in line. [and from another] Kerry, 68, suffered two black eyes and a broken nose during a "friendly game of hockey" with family and buddies over the Christmas break, according to

Middle aged men who engage in sports as though they were still at their physical peak, age 20 or so, put themselves at risk for sports injuries. When seen by a crowd, amid a game among friends, this is hardly a covert warning of some kind. Covert warnings are never obvious unless there is to be no secret that a warning is being given, then they are obvious. This is neither covert nor obvious.

During the State of the Union Address feed on, the following image was presented. Coincidence? [and from another] George Washington delivered the first regular annual message before a joint session of Congress on January 8, 1790 in New York City, then the provisional U.S. capital. In 1801, Thomas Jefferson discontinued the practice of delivering the address in person, regarding it as too monarchical (similar to the Speech from the Throne). Instead, the address was written and then sent to Congress to be read by a clerk until 1913 when Woodrow Wilson re-established the practice despite some initial controversy.
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There is no reason for the inclusion of Lincoln's picture on the CNN screen other than the speculation about his reincarnation. Lincoln did not set any precedence on his State of the Union speeches, nor is there any similarity to his era and the present. Roosevelt, during the Great Depression, had more similarity vis a vis era, as Obama is in truth struggling with a second Great Depression. Has CNN been reading Gordon Michael Scallion's 2007 pronouncement and the ZetaTalk confirmation, re speculation that Obama is the reincarnation of Lincoln? Is this a subliminal message to the public about the fans of Scallion and ZetaTalk within CNN? The answer to both these questions is in the afirmative!

Please can I ask your and the Zeta's opinion on this news article dated Jan 24, 2012 I presume there's some logic to it but immediately after seeing it I thought straight away "are they covering up what might instead be fragments and debris in the tail of Planet X?" I may be wrong but I can't simply believe at face value what the media reports.
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Poor NASA, reaching into their bag of tricks and finding so few left, and what is there, broken. They had planned for a decade to blame the Sun for all the Earth changes - electromagnetic disturbances, earthquakes from a heated and roiling core, signs in the sky from some type of never-before-seen aurora, and even weather disturbances from atmospheric heating. After all, the solar maximum was approaching, and they had control of the images from the SOHO and Stereo satellites. What could go wrong? What went wrong was that the Sun refused to cooperate!

The entire solar cycle has been so sleepy as to be almost in a coma. Sunspot activity was almost nill, even though electromagnetic disturbances were taking down planes such as Air France 447 and blowing up hydroelectric dams with run-away generators. But they are failing so miserably in their war against public awareness of the Planet X complex that they are milking their old schemes. Thus we have the ridiculous headlines about this anemic sunspot and CME being the "largest in 7 years". Of course it is the largest! That was the solar minimum, and this is supposed to be the solar maximum. What next?

Has there been a change in the relationship between PX and Sun and Earth? It seems as though the MagSph is being compressed more frequently, as the intelligent Howard on the EC/PS Ning recently outlined. Also, we are starting to see more activity from the Sun, as CMEs. Back in 2008, the Zetas said this about solar activity: So, are we seeing a progression in the 270 degree roll of PX, where the S pole of PX is beginning to have a greater effect on the Earth and move away from its quieting effect on the Sun?

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The compressed magnetic field of Earth is due to the Earth attempting to accommodate the hose of magnetic particles from Planet X by going end-to-end with Planet X, the preferred magnetic alignment when two or more magnets are forced together. The twisted field occurs when Planet X has subsumed the magnetosphere of Earth, and is flowing though it from S Pole to N Pole. The twisted field occurs when the planets find it difficult to go end-to-end, though this is the preferred posture, and thus the increase in incidents as a keen eye'd Pole Shift ning member noted.

Indeed, as the Last Weeks approach, the Earth will increase her twisting and turning in her attempts to accommodate both the Sun (the dominant magnetic influence in the solar system) and Planet X, who is coming ever closer. The cup, the crab-like grip that Planet X has on the three planets caught in the cup, will close, forcing these planets to be ever closer to each other and ever closer to Planet X itself. But until the Last Weeks have arrived, the time when the N Pole of Planet X is pointing directly at Earth, consistently and without relenting, has not arrived. In the meantime, thrashing will occur, with the posture of Earth changing not just periodically, but even many times a day. This can already be seen in the patterns shown!

In deference to the invisible hand of the ongoing Pole Shift cover up, are the media networks purposely neglecting and/or deliberately minimizing the appropriate Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale and Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity characterizations of the recent so-called "extreme wind storms" in the UK and other parts of the globe, as well as some of the January, 2012 so-called "severe storms" in the southeastern United States (e.g. Jan_2012_Birmingham_Alabama)? As these storms pick up in frequency, unusual regions, seasonal abnormalities, and intensity, how do the Zetas expect the invisible hand of the cover up to attempt to universally manipulate the public's information flow about these unusual windstorm events given that the NOAA National Weather Service does not have anywhere near the authoritative status and comprehensive clout that the USGS does in America and worldwide regarding earthquakes (i.e. ZT @ USGS earthquake data manipulation), and given that there really is no organization on earth that has universally unchallenged worldwide respect as the "go-to" source for open source data on and verification of hurricane, tornado and extreme wind storm events? Indeed, IFF the world ran openly and honestly, it seems apparent that a new classification "category" is both theoretically and pragmatically needed to deal with worldwide public dissemination of verified scientific characterizations of the mounting extreme windstorm events around the world, since these events are technically not considered hurricanes due to the lack of hurricane atmospheric shape and the lack of rotating dynamics generated by coriolis effects, neither do they exhibit typical rotational tornado dynamics, yet these "wobble-generated" windstorm events (Jan_2012: Ireland, England, etc.) are reportedly exhibiting Category 1 and Category 2 Hurricane wind speeds in the range of 73-112mph and physically obvious F1 to F2 type Tornado damage effects.

Background: ZT has repeatedly alerted the public about intentional USGS data manipulation of earthquakes. Turning to the recent spike in "wobble-generated" severe wind storms, Birmingham, Alabama was hit by a rare January tornado a few dozen hours ago, a tornado which none of the media networks have chosen to characterize in terms of the Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity (e.g. F0 thru F6). Indeed, this tornado seems to have been seemingly downplayed by many networks simply as a so called "Severe Storm" and by other networks as just a tornado of unknown scale. Yet, photos of the damage on scene seem to indicate erratic, but high wind speeds of at least F1 to F2 on the Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity and "Governor Robert Bentley this morning declared a state of emergency for all 67 counties in Alabama." [Source: The Huntsville Times] Yet, January 24, 2012 dated Google searches for the following terms generated zero relevant results for this January, 2012 tornado in Alabama: "F0 tornado in Alabama"; "F1 tornado in Alabama"; "F2 tornado in Alabama". Yet again, elsewhere, January 24, 2012 Google searches for the following terms generated zero relevant results for the early January, 2012 spate of Category 1 to Category 2 Hurricane level mph (mile per hour) wind speeds in Ireland and England: "Category 1 Hurricane in Ireland (and England)"; "Category 2 Hurricane in Ireland (and England)".

Astute members of the public have observed for over a decade that the USGS downgrades quakes and strips the earthquake databases whenever possible. Lately, they have become obvious to even the casual observer, dropping and reducing quake magnitude in populated areas. Resistance to this and resentment in other countries has on occasion produced battles, obvious to the public, where what the USGS pronounces as official is other than what the country affected declares.

Has this practice now moved to a cover-up, or an attempted cover-up, over the Earth wobble effects - the increasing storms equivalent to hurricane winds? This practice has only recently been instituted by the cover-up, as prior to this such storms were occasional and blunting the impact of this news was done by referring to such storms in the past. Now that the incidence of North Atlantic storms assaulting Europe could best be described as "back-to-back hurricanes", the term "hurricane" is removed from the verbiage allowed, as this very observant Pole Shift ning member has noted and demonstrated.

The National Data Buoy Center has posted that effective February 14, 2012, classic map pages will be removed. These pages provide historical data for the wave heights recorded by individual buoys. Additionally, buoys previously in place around Indonesia have vanished from the site. Where did they go? Were they taken offline? Have they become submerged? Ning members have posted valuable charts reflecting the ocean's activity as it relates to the folding plates; information corresponding often to LISS and USGS information allowing us to track earth movement from various perspectives. Might the Zetas graciously offer insight on this disturbing development?. [and from another] When LISS was blank on January 26, I located contact information on the USGS main webpage and sent a message indicating there was no data at all on the heliplots. The message was forwarded to an individual in Menlo Park, who contacted me immediately for more information and a request for a sample heliplot. We exchanged several emails, wherein I was able to provide the visuals to substantiate the blank data. He indicated there was most likely a data feed error or a software problem, and got on it right away. I just received an email stating the problem had been fixed, along with a thanks for bringing it to their attention! [and from another] The heliplots you asked about should all be in place and looking 'normal'. We have recently transitioned these to a different platform and still have a couple of bugs to work out. Thanks for your interest. Harold F Bolton USGS, PO Box 25046 (DFC, MS 966), Denver, CO 80225
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Has the cover-up over the presence of Planet X decided to blind the public? There has been intense discussion over the past few months over what the US government is providing to the public that can prove ZetaTalk accuracy. We predicted, in late 2009, the 7 of 10 scenarios, whereby major plate movements would occur. The buoy data has been used to signal when the Pacific is compressing, when the Indo-Australian Plate is rising on the eastern end or sinking on the Pakistan side. Buoy data shows when there is activity along the spine of the Andes, or in the Caribbean, and it certainly would be used to signal to the people of Europe that a tsunami was heading their way!

Why blind the public? Of course it is because they hope to make it difficult to track the plate movements, identifying where and when they occur. Reducing multiple programs that provide data to the public makes it easier to manipulate the data. The cover-up wants all data sources to be in step, flawlessly. That this is being put into place at the same time that the live seismographs all went blank, to accommodate new software, is not a mere coincidence. It has been noted in the past that the live seismographs have been dialed down, to be less sensitive, else they would be entirely black all the time, these days.

This is all too-little-too-late, of course, as the plate movements are no longer debatable, no longer needing statistics or sensitive instruments presenting graphs as proof. The plate movements are arriving in the homes of the snoozing public as moaning Earth, a Sun rising or setting in the wrong position, earthquakes that rattle their homes but are denied by the USGS. The public in general does not go to these US sites, such as buoy maps or live seismographs. They don't even know they exist. What they do is access the Internet, which the establishment would love to shut down, but as the SOPA disasters shows, cannot.

The Zetas have stated that a WWIII would not happen. They have also stated that an attack on Iran would not happen either, but rather some power demonstrations, sabre rattling and other measures of pressure on Iran . We are now seeing the pressure mounting there, to the point that the whole area is looking like a powder house which might explode by any voluntary or non-voluntary spark. Would the Zetas like to give an update on this matter? [and from another] Israel Senses Bluffing in Iran's Threats of Retaliation [Jan 26] Israeli intelligence estimates, backed by academic studies, have cast doubt on the widespread assumption that a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would set off a catastrophic set of events like a regional conflagration, widespread acts of terrorism and sky-high oil prices. Most Israeli analysts, like most officials and analysts abroad, reject these arguments. Israel has been demanding the new sanctions, including an oil embargo and seizure of Iran's Central Bank assets.

The agenda that Israel set years ago, during the Bush administration, is still in place. Their plan was to force or manipulate the US into fighting a war with Iran, fighting for Israel. If Israel could not induce the US to start the war, they would draw the US into this war by sparking a conflagration that Israel could not escape. Israel would attack Iran. Iran would counter with an attack against Israel, and the US would have to rescue Israel. Now that Obama has pulled out of Iraq, is pulling out of Afghanistan (the other flank of Iran) and has taken steps to reduce the US military presence worldwide, where is Israel on the Iran issue? Still stuck in the same place.

The issue of a nuclear attack, either by Iran against Israel or the other way around, is not the issue here. The issue is oil, control of the oil fields of Iran and Iraq and even Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are deemed to be puppets of the west, not even armed to defend themselves. Iraq is deemed to be mellowed, and certainly not the threat it was under Saddam. Israel has a nuclear arsenal, where none of its neighbors are so armed, and thus sees itself as the bully in the region, thus in possession of all the oil. It could threaten, and get its way.

How will this work out for Israel? They are currently running raids into Iran to assassinate experts and blow up installations, and can certainly keep this pressure up. Embargos and sanctions hurt those imposing them as much if not more than they would hurt Iran, who can export oil via other routes to China. The US has made it clear they are not going to be drawn into a war for Israel ambitions, nor does Obama plan to invade the Middle East as Bush did, for oil. Thus bluster and saber rattling will continue while the Earth changes create so much havoc in the area that all talk of war is drown out by more immediate concerns.