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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 28, 2012

There is what is being billed as a "giant" conference to be held in Montreal about changes in the Arctic which is due to commence next week. The article says that 2,000 scientists are expected to attend. It sounds like the situation in the Arctic is continuing to deteriorate into an even greater crisis with changes that are being called "extremely dramatic." I mainly wanted to bring this conference to your attention and to see what you might have to say about it. It is likely that this conference is being held in part so that scientists can meet face to face so that they may weave their next cover-up story about what they want the populace to believe. Your comments are appreciated. [and from another] Giant Conference to Discuss Dramatic Arctic Changes [Apr 19] Aboriginal communities along the coast are being wiped out by the increasing pace of shoreline erosion. Temperatures are increasing so quickly that Barber has changed his estimate of when the summer ice pack will disappear from 2100 to as early as next year. Sea ice loss – together with the loss of winter snow cover – is also causing rapid declines in animals such as gulls and walruses. Seals, which depend on a reliable snowpack to build dens to protect newly born pups, are also hurting. The population cycles of small rodents such as lemmings appear to have collapsed. The trees and shrubs of the boreal forest are moving into the tundra, bringing with them new animals such as the red fox that are replacing the native Arctic fox. The winter moth is defoliating trees in Arctic Scandinavia. Moose ticks are troubling previously tick-free herds in the Yukon. Northern aboriginals, whose food security depends on their ability to get out on the land to hunt and fish, find themselves stranded when conditions change unexpectedly.

The Arctic ice is vulnerable because it does not sit on land, and thus washed from below can melt faster than glaciers on land. The Earth wobble pushes water from both the Pacific and Atlantic into the Arctic, speeding this process. The wobble does more than melt ice, it also stirs the atmosphere, so that, as we have long predicted, the seasons worldwide will begin to blend. Cold weather may range further south than formerly, but likewise warm weather will range further north. The melting of the Arctic has occurred quite outside of Global Warming predictions.

What does this mean for scientists and government authorities cautioned to maintain the cover-up over the presence of Planet X? With real data firmly in hand to prove that the Arctic is warming more rapidly than expected, scientists can at least move forward with more realistic forecasts and government agencies can schedule relocation of communities more aggressively. Of course, behind closed doors, the why of the rapid melting is being discussed, in hushed tones. The attendees at the Montreal conference will take the opportunity to discuss what comes next, given the ZetaTalk track record on predictions, which the vast majority follow closely.

Early this morning, along the Sierra Nevada mountain range, a large boom was heard. It rattled windows and shook the walls, and has quickly been blamed on last night's meteor shower.  Is there truth to this explanation? Or is there something else occurring in the Sierras? [and from another] NorCal Sonic Boom Possible Meteor Impact [Apr 22] People in Northern California and Nevada reported hearing a loud boom in the sky above the Sierra. The Tuolumne County sheriff's department said they are investigating the possibility that it might have been the physical impact of an overnight meteor shower. Some people in the Tahoe area said they saw what they believed to be a meteor just prior to the sound. Others said they saw a fireball streak across the sky at the same time. The Associated Press reported the explosion rattled windows and shook houses from Reno to Winnemucca in Nevada, and from the Sacramento to Bakersfield. [and from another] This event will undoubtedly raise more speculation as to the possible theories that have been circulating over the last few years regarding a possible approach of Comet Elenin or Planet X/Niburu coming into a close orbit to earth by the end of the year.  If that scenario were to be true, it would certainly carry a large debris field of meteors with it.  While it is factual that this approach only happens every 3600 years.

Where it is tempting to assign large booms that rattle windows to a meteor shower, this is coincidental. Did such showers accompany the booms elsewhere around the world, in Wisconsin or Costa Rico or Belova? Frantic to dismiss the increasing evidence of plate and ground movement, the establishment blames fracking (which has never caused earthquakes) or sonic booms or underground mining explosions or meteor showers – whatever might be handy at the time. Booms accompanied by rattling windows are common, because both the ground and air participate.

If the California-Nevada booms were not caused by those tiny meteors zipping into – the Lyrid showers  – then what happened? During the bowing of the N American continent, we have frequently pointed out that incidents of ground movement happen in a lateral line  along a line drawn from West Coast to East Coast. This is because a bow being bent to the breaking point will break in the center. Analyze a map of the California-Nevada booms, with an eye on this lateral line and the rock strata that was snapping.

With the exception of populous Sacramento, which participated due to being central to the snapping rock drama, the booms where heard and felt in areas that were not salt lake beds. We have mentioned that salt lake beds will and have in the past resisted snapping. In Nevada the booms and rattling occurred to the north and west of Lake Lahontan and other sites known to be salt lake beds. In California the inland valley is basically a salt lake bed, formed during prior pole shifts when flooded by the Pacific and slow to drain. The authorities will of course lie about all of this.

Underground water in eastern Shasta County mysteriously disappears. I understand that the N American continent is being pulled into a bow.  Is this an early sign of tearing rocks and hence ground water follows new paths through the fractures into the underground lava tubes? [and from another] Something strange is happening underground in eastern Shasta County and it is draining water wells and maybe even causing sinkholes and subsiding pavement. Officials at the USGS said they are hesitant to draw a correlation between the quakes and the drop in the water level. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. spokesman Paul Moreno said a sinkhole 3 feet wide and 4 feet deep developed at Hat 1 Forebay this month, so they drained the pond. PG&E hired a soil scientist to investigate the cause of the sinkhole, but they have reached no conclusions.

The location of Shasta County is a clue to its dropping water levels. The recent rock snapping  booms in California and Arizona, due to the bowing of the N American continent, avoided salt lake rock due to its hardness. The crumbling of rock in the lower rock strata in Shasta County likewise has avoided salt lake rock. Shasta County lies just above the large inland valley of California, which has been formed in the past by flooding from the Pacific during prior Pole Shifts. The rock to the north of the inland valley is taking the shock of the bow stress.

We explained at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that mountain building, the crumbling and snapping of rock in a subduction zone, will bypass the hard slab of a salt lake bed but will affect all the rock in the surrounding regions. Thus the Crandall Canyon mining accident in Utah occurred in the mountains just to the east of the Great Salt Lake. We have stated that the salt lake beds in the southwestern US will provide protection from mountain building, which can involve snapping rock suddenly jutting into the air. The booms from snapping rock in California and Nevada, and the dropping water table in Shasta County prove our words to be true.

Even they have tried everything obviously, they unable to revive Europe's Envisat satellite since April 8. Is this due to the charged tail of Planet X and the debris in this tail again? [and from another] Things are not looking good for Europe's flagship Earth observation satellite Envisat. Ground controllers lost contact with the craft on 8 April and so far have been unable to re-establish contact. Envisat, the largest ever civilian Earth observing satellite, carries a battery of sensors for scanning land, sea, and atmosphere, and has been the mainstay of European environmental researchers for the past 10 years. Following the loss of contact, controllers have aimed a laser at retroreflectors on the craft and found that it is still in a stable orbit and not spinning; that rules out a collision. Images from a ground-based radar show that the craft's own radar antenna and solar array are both intact. On 15 April, the French Space Agency spun round its recently-launched Pleiades Earth observation satellite to point upward and snap an even more detailed picture of Envisat from just 100 kilometers away. This again showed no sign of damage and gave no clues to what is wrong. The European Space Agency (ESA) had hoped that Envisat would last another couple of years until it launches its next-generation Sentinel satellites, starting next year.

Why did the giant Evisat satellite fall silent? The satellite has been viewed by other satellites, and no sign of damage from collision, nor is a spin (which would also indicate a collision) apparent. Evisat is unresponsive to all attempts at communication, and all attempts to restart it, a type of rebooting of the computer programs, have failed. When we predicted, early in the ZetaTalk saga, that there would be increasing satellite failure, we alluded to debris in the tail of Planet X but also to the charged nature of the tail and magnetic confusion swamping satellites which use magnets for alignment of their internal mechanisms.

Man is used to relying upon electricity and magnetism, and has built his technology around these particle flows which in the main are stable because the Earth is stable. Then comes Nibiru, aka Planet X, with its immense magnetic field many times stronger than Earth and its vast charged tail. There is no question that Planet X has been interfering with Earth’s magnetic field, as anyone following the Magnetic Simulator (as the folks on the Pole Shift ning have been doing) can see. What does this do to sensitive satellite mechanisms? Ruined, and unlikely to be recovered, and only just the start of such premature death in satellites.

The United States Senate has passed legislation making “event data recorders” (black boxes) mandatory in all new passenger vehicles beginning with 2015 models, which is not that far off.  This is about passenger vehicles, not multi-engine, multi-passenger jet aircraft with black box recorders used in incident and crash investigations. Is this another attempt by the elites to control the common man without microchipping human beings?  Would the Zetas care to comment on this development? [and from another] If you thought having EZ Pass in your car would make it too easy for the government to track you, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Senate passed a bill in March that calls for “mandatory event data recorders” (or black boxes) to be installed in all new passenger motor vehicles, starting with the 2015 models, and which would record data before, during or after a crash. The bill gives the government the authority to access the black box in a number of circumstances, including court order, consent of the owner, an investigation or inspection, or to determine the need for emergency responses. The same bill would allow the IRS to revoke passports of citizens accused of owing more than $50,000 in
back taxes.

Event Data Recorders may be headed for mandatory status but they are certainly being installed in cars in some fashion already, and have been for some time. GPS devices, which are billed as an assist to the driver to find their way to an address, also allow the authorities to locate the car in an emergency. This is likewise true of cell phones with GPS installed. Protection services extend their coverage from the home to the car, by such locating devices. At present, in the US, a court order is required before law enforcement can attach a tracking device to a car, considered in the realm of wiring a home or apartment to record and snoop on conversations therein.

Why would the US Senate consider such tracking devices so imperative that they would put this into law, forcing its use? Is the use of smoke detectors so covered by law? The use of seat belts, installed in cars universally, is covered by local traffic violation laws, but this has an immediate application to survival in a crash. A Locating device does not have this automatic relationship. It has a relationship to tracking migration, and that is its true purpose in the eyes of the Senators pushing this through. They know what is coming. They are almost to a one aware of the pending Pole Shift crisis, and certainly are aware of the pending New Madrid crisis.

We have warned that travel restrictions will be in place, often well before a catastrophe, limiting migration. The goal is to prevent unwanted segments of the population from overrunning wealthy neighborhoods, the poor residents of inner cities from invading suburbs of the upper middle class, and if additional death and injury happen to those trapped in cities, so be it. Prior tests, done during the Bush administration, on whether the populace would “shelter in place” if instructed to do so during a crisis showed that preventing migration would be as difficult as keeping water in place in a leaky sieve. The public flowed around any blockade, taking back roads, and certainly did not listen to instructions they felt were contrary to their safety.

These type of laws, set at this late date, will not have much effect, as new car ownership is not an option for many at present during this, the second Great Depression.  But for those with tracking devices, including the popular GPS mapping devices, it would be easy for law enforcement tasked with preventing mass migration to determine what routes frantic escapees were taking. The routes would show up on a map like lava flows from a volcano – distinct and obvious. This would tend to force those trying to escape from a city to go on foot, an especially egregious situation for those with young children and elderly to consider.

Is under ocean vulcanism in the Arctic and Antarctic regions likely a large reason why the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic has been melting even faster than scientists could have imagined? My question to you is; is this true? Is the increased activity of under ocean volcanoes and heat vents in these regions why the water is warmer and thus why the melting has been so much more rapid? It makes sense to me that if Planet X is increasing earthquake and volcanic activity above ground, then it must be going crazy down under the water where no one can see, especially in light of the fact that the majority of volcanoes on Earth (as much as 90% as I understand) are underwater. [and from another] Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have discovered previously unknown volcanoes in the ocean waters around the remote South Sandwich Islands. [and from another] The vents, one of which towers four stories high, are located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between Greenland and Norway, more than 120 miles farther north than other known vents. [and from another] Warm ocean currents cause majority of ice loss from Antarctica

The primary cause of the melting ice in both Antartica and the Arctic is the wobble, which pushes the Earth back and forth under her blanket of air and water. When the globe turns to face her magnetic N Pole toward Planet X, which is hosing magnetons from its N Pole toward Earth, the Earth gets a violent push away. This moves the globe such that the land of Antarctica is moved northwards under the warm water of the South Seas. This explains why a recent surprisingly honest study done by the British Antarctic Survey cited greater melting on the west side of Antarctica than elsewhere.  The wobble later allows the globe to bounce back, as the Earth is basically trying to stay in magnetic alignment with the Sun. When this happens, when it is night over the Pacific, the Arctic is pulled toward the warmer Pacific water, which rushes through the Bearing Straits into the Arctic. Algae has been found floating in the Arctic due to this surge. This pushing and pushing likewise occurs on the Atlantic side of the Arctic and Antarctic.

What role do undersea volcanoes have in the melting of the polar ice? We have often mentioned the role of the roiling core in warming the oceans and the land so that the ground is warming from the bottom up, melting glaciers and permafrost and the poles alike. The cover-up over the presence of Planet X was of course desperate to explain all this in terms that fit in with warmer air and until recently the cover-up advocates prevented alternate explanations for the melting. If they cannot grasp at warmer air, what to do? The cover-up has thus grasped at undersea volcanism as an explanation, but this theory falters on several fronts.  Where the Arctic has a plate border running directly through it, from Japan to Iceland, Antarctica sits in the middle of a plate and has no volcanism beneath the ice. Volcanism may warm the water that the wobble sloshes to and fro, but other than this has slight relationship to the melting poles. It will, however, be grasped by the desperate cover-up and loudly touted as the cause of the melting poles.