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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 27, 2012

Would the Zetas be able to let us know what the circle in the photograph is of a UFO or methane, since there were dead birds found in the vicinity? [and from another] A UFO-like object floating in the clouds was caught on camera on the same day ten dead birds were found in a nearby garden. The area, which is close to Sellafield nuclear power plant, was a hotspot for unusual activity. They were sparrows and blackbirds. It could just be a co-incidence but the discovery of dead birds is associated with sightings of UFOs.

Clues to the reason for the halo cloud above Sellafield lie in the dead birds, of more than one species. Methane kills birds readily, the reason coal miners took canaries into the mine shafts with them. When they stopped singing, there was danger of an explosion. The methane poof over Sellafield created the pretty halo outline in the clouds, as methane is lighter than air and thus rises. Why is Sellafield a UFO hotspot? There are a number of reasons why UFO's monitor nuclear power plants, among them a commitment to intervene to prevent another Chernobyl from happening.

I have a question about  Google Earth pictures on these links:  and  What are they? They look like bunkers or tunnels, but they look hardly man made. There were soviet expeditions to Bunger Hills in 1956-1959, station was situated less than 100 kilometres away from these structures. Explanations from Zetas would be much appreciated!

What is the clearly manufactured entrance into Antarctica rock, in the shape of a space ship? It is what it seems to be, an entrance for space ships. This port is not currently in use, nor would curious man find anything laying about that might be useful or educational. As Nancy has explained in her report on a trip to the Gobi Desert to one of our current space ship ports, such entrances are carved into solid granite and positioned so as not to be seen from an Earthly view. The Gobi Desert port took into consideration mankind’s current use of satellites, the entrance being at the side of a deep ravine, whereas the Antarctic port did not have this worry.

Who lived there? We have explained the plethora of alien life forms currently visiting Earth, and the myriad worlds they come from. It matters not what alien group found Antarctica convenient, as the history of visitations as explained by ourselves has covered the basics. Genetic engineering projects, early counseling by ambassadors from the Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self, and simple exploration by the Earthly equivalent of biologists and sociologists have visited the Earth in the past. Antarctica has never been inhabited by early man, so the space ports there were never under threat of discovery. This port nor any underground facility in Antartica was not, at any time, utilized by mankind, despite myths about Admiral Byrd or the Nazis to the contrary.

Tsunami-alert buoy 53046 has evented several times over the past two months, data showing that there has been a huge drop in the water column over that time, of somewhere in the region of 700 meters or nearly 2300 feet, said column plunge occurring mostly over three separate events. Of course the only rational explanation for this being a concomitant and equal rise of the sea-floor. Waxing hypothetical, as Human will, and ever-inquisitive, some ZT fans have speculated as to why the sea-floor would rise in a region where the plate is diving. The buoy reporting does appear to be floating atop the column above sea-floor comprising, or covering, the edge of the Indo- Aussie plate curve, and above where the Euro plate tongue is subducting. And the plot thickens. A member of a Malaysian Meteorological Dept maintainance crew, sent out to "service" (i.e. smash its transmitter with a hammer) the annoyingly eventing device, was killed in a "mysterious" accident, presumably on board the "servicing" vessel.
[and from another] The maintenance of a tsunami buoy at Sipadan Island on Sabah’s east coast has been halted due to a fatal accident while the buoy was being serviced on board MV Pendamar, said the Malaysian Meteorological Department. The department said Lyng, 53, a specialist working with the buoy system for more than 30 years was one of the most experienced engineers in this field and had been involved with SAATNM programme since its implementation in 2005.

This buoy is owned and maintained by a Malaysian company, and Malaysia is situated on lands on the Sunda Plate, which is sinking. They are quite sensitive that their populace not realize their situation, and panic. Since the start of the 7 of 10 plate movements the flooding of low lying lands has been explained as rain, or ground water extraction causing a collapse, or rising seas that somehow only seem to affect SE Asia. Evidence that the Indo-Australian Plate is rising dramatically just at the border of the Sunda Plate that houses Malaysia did create panic, but not in the general populace. The panic was among the elite in this country.  

Plate borders are not smooth, but rough, and when pressed against each other much crumbling occurs on all sides. The pressure of the compressing Pacific against the great Eurasian Plate can be seen in the number of small platelets above Australia, where that portion of the Sunda Plate, itself a tongue of the Eurasian Plate, has shattered into platelets. The fact that the sea floor rose suddenly and dramatically under buoy 53046 is because a portion of this plate border began jutting UP toward the surface. The 30 year veteran of buoy maintenance was an honest man, and was expected to simply tell the truth to the public, and for this he lost his life, murdered by the elite in Malaysia. It seems the Sting of Pearls we were seeing last week ( ), in Alberto's photos and those from Spain, have disappeared and now we are seeing a singular clump! This while reports of red rain from Sweden  ( and the Sahara are reported, or anticipated red rain. I wonder if the tail is pointing so directly at the Earth at present that is appears to us as a clump?

What is happening with the vast tail of Planet X when at one point it forms Moon Swirl orbs around the Sun, at another is slung to the side so the Moon Swirls look like tubes, at another tossed above or below the Sun so the Moon Swirl orbs are seen as a String of Pearls, and at yet another blown so directly at the Earth that the Moon Swirls are lost in the clutter of debris so that no sunlight can funnel through them toward Earth. Clearly, the direction of the tail is key.

Brilliant, large Moon Swirl orbs close to the Sun occur when the tail is blown toward the Earth, with the dominant, large moons in the swirl being most affected by the magnetic push while the lesser moons, surprisingly, line up behind the dominant moons seeking shelter from the magnetic push on the Earth side of the swirl. The minor moons are hiding behind the dominant moons.

The String of Pearls, which are Moon Swirl orbs slung to the side rather than directly at the Earth, occur rarely when the tail in general is blown to the side by a dither in Planet X but the Sun’s magnetic field affects the charged tail so that they again line up so that sunlight can funnel through them to the Earth. This is a dual action on the Moon Swirls, both Planet X and the Sun’s magnetism affecting them.

At other times Planet X points the hose of magnetic particles coming from its N Pole so directly at the Earth that the vast charged tail, which normally spreads out over a vast area, condenses, clumping so any sunlight that would funnel through the Moon Swirl tubes is lost in the dust cloud and debris. One could correlate these times with the magnetic compression of the Earth’s magnetic field.

My question is not intended to be political, but rather is about the likelihood of fraud in the coming Presidential Election. It seems that despite Romney taking many extreme positions on social issues, and lagging behind in the polls, he has not moved from those extreme positions. He has not made attempts to moderate (but has clouded his positions a few times). Mr. Romney has added many of the same advisors from the Bush Administration, under which vote fraud occurred in 2004. Is Romney's campaign relying solely on vote fraud again, as a vehicle for victory? And if so, can the Zetas tell us if this will be countered? [and from another] Moreover, Rasmussen’s polls were quite biased, overestimating the standing of the Republican candidate by almost 4 points on average. In just 12 cases, Rasmussen’s polls overestimated the margin for the Democrat by 3 or more points. But it did so for the Republican candidate in 55 cases — that is, in more than half of the polls that it issued.

Given the well documented history of Republican attempt to manipulate the Presidential election, how will the 2012 election fare? During the 2000 election, it was abundantly clear that massive numbers of votes for Gore were dumped. Jed Bush was the Governor of Florida, and had promised the state to his brother. And when the State Supreme Court ruled that a recount should occur, the Republican leaning US Supreme Court stepped in to stop the recount. Gore lost the Presidency by a count of some 537 votes, though had won the popular vote by 300,000. By 2004 the Republicans won due to manipulation of the totals by the Diebold voting machines. Since recounts were impossible without paper trails, the election of Bush once again stood.

The enraged Puppet Master, who wanted Bush out of office for any number of reasons, stepped into the fray in 2006, with the assistance of ourselves and Nancy interpreting our words, to ensure that the will of the people prevailed. This procedure, so very successful, was repeated in 2006 and 2008, else the popular Obama would never have won, and in 2010. We predicted in July that Obama would win in 2012, and this prediction still stands, despite Republicans in state government positions attempting to suppress votes and the hiring of firms that destroy voter registration forms. Voter suppression has been countered by injunctions from federal judges, in the main, and the criminal destruction of registration forms likewise countered with exposure and arrests.

But by appearances, Romney is getting the popular vote, so why would he not win? The polls are not accurate, heavily skewed by Rasmussen and other deliberately right leaning polling firms. This is deliberate so that if the Republicans manage to manipulate the vote counts the public will not be surprised. Remove these errant counts from the polling averages and you see the true leaning of the public. Despite these attempts, the electoral map, based on polling averages, shows that Obama will win handily and the odds makers have never said otherwise. Any plans to manipulate the outcome is known by us, and we and Nancy are working with the Puppet Master to ensure a valid election.