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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 24, 2015

Finally a swarm in an area that can't be hushed up. It’s very frustrating watching the swarms happen in Oklahoma, etc, no one cares about Oklahoma!  (You know it’s serious when Michio Kaku is dragged out to babble some nonsense). [and from another] Michio Kaku on the swarm of quakes in Connecticut. Towards the end he says that soon without warning the New Madrid Fault will have a huge quake like it did in 1812 when it made the Mississippi River run backward!  This is another misleading pseudo-scientific frontline cover-up guy saying raising plates as a reason of recent quakes, that plates that formerly were covered with ice (notably during the ice ages, so tens of thousands of years ago) NOW are raising because of the disappearance of the weight of this ice. And nobody in the studio asking him why this should happen right now and not 10 thousand years ago when the ice melted. He also propagates the fracking quake theories again. It’s all sand in the eyes of the public and a lot of physical and geological nonsense and misinformation. [and from another]  Officials in Connecticut are moving to calm residents rattled by a recent surge in seismic activity, with the eastern part of the state being hit by a dozen earthquakes in a week. CBS News contributor and City University of New York physics professor Michio Kaku joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the swarm of earthquakes. [and from another] Connecticut experiences 12th earthquake in one week  The U.S. Geological Survey said a 2.2 magnitude earthquake struck around 4:40 a.m. near the Rhode Island border. Earthquakes have rattled Eastern Connecticut every day for the last four days and has hit 12 times since Jan. 8.

The quakes in Connecticut are minor in the scheme of things but gained a spot on CBS for several reasons. First, this is a populous area, thus affecting a lot of TV viewers, and TV stations are always looking to increase their market share. Second, the establishment expects such quake swarms to increase and even precursor New Madrid quakes to start, and wanted to get their puppet spokesperson Kaku out there as a familiar face for such matters. And third, the establishment wants their excuses for increased quakes in the public mind. It will be anything but the passing of Nibiru, even after the announcement.

We warned that the increasing Earth changes would continue to be blamed on Global Warming or the quiescent Sun, that the debris in the tail of Planet X would be claimed to be an asteroid swarm, that fracking causes earthquakes, and that in addition to false prophets trying to grab the stage there would be government spokespersons spouting nonsense.  Michio Kaku is certainly among them. On CBS Kaku threw out yet another theory, that the weight of an ice age from 10,000 years ago was somehow only now lifting so that the plate can twitch about. He did at least throw out a warning about the New Madrid.

As is known, there is a fault line that runs along the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains, called the East Coast fault line. During the big 1811-1812 New Madrid quake, it was reported that church bells rang in Boston, as this is where that fault line terminates. The East Coast fault line connects to the New Madrid, and when there is slight movement it is where the jolt stops at the end of the line that often registers most strongly. The Connecticut swarm was thus indeed due to the restless New Madrid fault line, which Kaku knew. All this is just the start as the 7 of 10 plate movements have picked up the pace.

This is interesting. Both Richard Branson & Elon Musk plan on creating satellite internet, in their own separate ventures. I'm wondering what the angle of the elites (represented by Elon & Richard) are. Provide internet in underserved areas like Africa perhaps? Where the elite plan on escaping to? Meanwhile Obama is promoting through executive action to allow for communities to build up to fibre optic cables.   [and from another]  January 15, 2015. OneWeb Ltd will build, launch and operate the world’s largest ever satellite network. Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne programme will help make it possible with frequent satellite launches at a much lower cost and with greater reliability. We are creating a new constellation of satellites to make high speed internet and telephony available to billions of people who don’t currently have access. [and from another]  January 17, 2015. Musk wants to build a second Internet in space and one day use it to connect people on Mars to the Web. Hundreds of satellites would orbit much closer than traditional communications satellites. The lower satellites would make for a speedier Internet service. Musk’s service would, in theory, rival fiber optic cables on land while also making the Internet available to remote and poor regions that don’t have access.  [and from another]  February 5, 2014. An ambitious project known as Outernet is aiming to launch hundreds of miniature satellites into low Earth orbit by June 2015. The Outernet team claim that only 60% of the world's population currently have access to the wealth of knowledge that can be found on the Internet.

We have stated that all satellites will be torn from the skies during the Pole Shift, and this has increasingly been their fate at the hands of the wafting debris ridden tail of Planet X for some years. In addition to the debris, there is the electro-magnetic damage done to electronics in space, also increasing as crashing planes show. A year ago Google announced their plans for a low orbit Outernet version of Internet to reach parts of the globe currently without Internet service, and now Brandon and Musk have jumped into the game. In addition we have repeatedly stated that the Council of Worlds will not allow the elite to escape the Earth during the hour of the Pole Shift, yet both Brandon and Musk continue to talk about an escape into space and life on Mars.
Did they not get the memo? The governing boards of MJ12 disbanded MJ12 prior to Bush taking office in 2001 because in their view the electoral fraud committed via Diebold voting machines was in essence an illegal takeover of the US government. Prior to that, the 2,000 or so members of MJ12 included various members of the Department of Defense, the CIA, certain civilian intellectuals and specialists, and the very wealthy. We have mentioned that aliens in the Service-to-Self lied to members of MJ12, promising to take them off-world during the Pole Shift. Even though these promises have not been honored, various members of the now-disbanded MJ12 still prefer their story line to our honesty.

Members of MJ12 were allowed conscious contact with aliens when MJ12 was formed shortly after Roswell. Even though MJ12 has disbanded, this rule still stands so these elite, former members of MJ12, are still having discussions with Service-to-Self aliens. Thus entranced by the lies, they treat ZetaTalk like a lie and the lies they are told by Service-to-Self aliens as truth. They assume assistance to escape the Earth during the Pole Shift, and their return as kings in the Aftertime. They are posturing before the populace of Earth so that they will be recognized and properly honored when that time comes. They have a hard fall awaiting them.

It appears that NASA is inching slowly towards disclosure. I found the following on the Discovery channel news site. The article is tiny and has little in the way of detail. It makes me wonder if the main purpose is not so much to help directly in the disclosure but also so to show the elite NASA's determination to play a role in the disclosure. Is there more to this release than just a gradual approach to disclosure itself? [and from another]  At Least Two More Planets May Exist Beyond Pluto. January 16, 2015. A new study suggests that at least two more planets are circling the sun far beyond Pluto’s orbit. The analysis is based on calculations of bodies located well past Neptune, regions of space that include the Kuiper Belt, the scattered disk and the Oort cloud. Instead of randomly flying through space, 12 of these so-called “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” (ETNO) show some unexpected symmetry. The study was based on calculations of the gravitational influences a large object would have on smaller, distant bodies. The research is published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. [and from another]  Has Science Just Admitted Planet X/Nibiru Exists? Believers Say Full ‘Nibiru Disclosure’ Is Coming. Astronomers may have inadvertently revived the Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm conspiracy theory that dominated the internet a few years ago. Following the latest announcement by scientists of evidence that there are at least two planets larger than Earth lurking in our solar system beyond Pluto, Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm believers have been saying that governments are finally preparing to disclose the truth about Nibiru to the masses as doomsday nears. At about the time scientists gave up the search for Planet X in the early 1990s, Nancy Lieder, who founded a website called ZetaTalk and claimed she was in contact with extraterrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system, proclaimed that she had been instructed to warn mankind that a large planetary body she called Planet X would pass into the inner solar system and cause the Earth to undergo a pole shift that will destroy human civilization. She claimed that Planet X, about four times the size of Earth, would arrive in May 27, 2003 with catastrophic consequences. When her prediction failed, others who had adopted her ideas associated the cataclysm with the December 21, 2012 Mayan apocalypse. They adopted the term “Nibiru,” originally a technical term in ancient Babylonian astronomy, but derived by internet doomsday cults from the work of the Soviet-born American writer Zecharia Sitchin, who claimed that human civilization was originated by the Anunnaki, a race of extraterrestrials from planet Nibiru beyond Neptune, on the outer edge of our solar system. [and from another]   Inquisitr is an internationally recognized news web site with a strong presence in the USA. Currently, Inquisitr is one of the top 2500 web sites globally and one of the top 1000 web sites in the USA. More than 10 million people visit and read Inquisitr every month. With 1,200,000 followers on Facebook and 38,000 followers on Twitter. [and from another]  Every month, 456,657unique visitors visit

By publishing the latest Spanish data on perturbations from objects out beyond Pluto, the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society has reopened the discussion on why the outer planets perturb in the direction of Orion.  Periodically these arguments appear in the media, and then are suppressed or ridiculed. With the advent of Obama’s decision to reverse Reagan’s Executive Order forcing this issue into secrecy for National Security reason, more honest reporting began. Roving or traveling planets, some of them potentially life-bearing, were admitted.

The visibility of Nibiru, aka Planet X in the skies, seen naked eye by the public and with clarity when a filter for light in the red spectrum is used, and even appearing on SOHO images, should leave no doubt.  But the matter is still denied in official circles. Even the high drama and undeniable proof of Nibiru’s arrival into the inner solar system in 2003 has been suppressed. Is this not news? Since the advent of the Council of Worlds going to war with the cover-up, this issue has returned and those in the establishment are concerned about how to ease the public into the subject. New data, dredging up old arguments, is an obvious route.

This will inevitably land the public new on this subject at the ZetaTalk website. ZetaTalk became internationally known and famous even before the 2003 arrival of Nibiru right on time and at the location promised by ourselves. ZetaTalk had the ring of truth, was able to predict with accuracy, and was unique in giving people the ability to interact with ourselves via conversations with Nancy. Thus Obama saw this as an opportunity to not only break the cover-up over the pending passage of Nibiru, but to also break the cover-up over the alien presence. Or was it Nancy who provided those coordinates on where to sight the inbound Nibiru?

It seems the Russians are being very serious about preparing for things to come.  I think this is much better than later having to handle tenths of millions of homeless people. I suggested this type of measures to our government some time ago, but nothing has happened in this sense to date. Would the Zetas like to comment? [and from another] Our friends were describing the elite, which plans to go into bunkers and to live separately, and ordinary people too better to live from them separately. Here everything is simple. But in the case of the development of the Russian Far East people will have to interact with the elite. What approach would be better to use by ordinary people, which may fall in the trap? [and from another]  Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Putin supports free land handout. January 19, 2015. The Russian president has approved the idea to offer large land plots for free to anyone who resettles to the Russian Far East to start a farm or other business. Similar programs had been successfully implemented in Siberia historically. Free allocation of a 1 hectare (2.5 acres) plot of land to every resident of the Far East and to anyone who is willing to come and live in the region so that they could start a private business in farming, forestry, game hunting or some other enterprise.  The agreement could be signed for five years, and then it should either enter full force if the new landlord follows the plan, or be declared void if the land is not used. The scheme has been designed to limit the possible selling of the land plots to foreign companies and individuals. [and from another]  Far East Advanced Development Zones to Open in 2015. 18 investment projects, worth 2.5 trillion rubles ($69 billion), have been already chosen out of 340 projects submitted. Those projects would form the basis of the Far East’s new economy. A special committee in charge of the development project had drawn up a list of the region’s 4,400 largest companies that export $10 trillion worth of products to the Asia-Pacific region. [and from another]  Seven large foreign investors are to come to Russian Far East. As part of a project to create advanced economic development zones, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East has managed to sign memorandums with seven major international investors. A mere 20-25 years ago, it was Kamchatka that supplied cabbage, potatoes and carrots to northern parts of Russia. Now the task is to revive this business. The regional government has interesting development projects in the agro-industrial sector, envisaging not only vegetable but also poultry farming. [and from another]  Special Economic Zone in Magadan Region extended. The Federal Law establishes the main goals of creating the Special Economic Zone: attracting investment, setting up and developing production facilities, energy and transportation infrastructure, developing production forces, financial and commodity markets of Magadan Region. The law sets forth the requirements to individuals seeking to become a SEZ participant and regulations for executing agreements to conduct activities on the SEZ territory.

It should be obvious to all that both Russia and China take ZetaTalk seriously. Several years ago, in early 2011, China’s Ghost Cities were in the news, already built and sufficient to house an estimated 64 million. These were, as we pointed out at the time, arranged inland and in the northern regions of China, away from India which will become the new S Pole. Russia began going public with their intent to move their populace to their Far East only recently, with Medvedev moving the headquarters of state-owned corporations to the Far East in early 2014 and the announced plans for the development of a new naval base on the New Siberian Islands.

Both Russia and China have the advantage of being in control of large swaths of land that will be in good climate in the Aftertime, and with a populace accustomed to forceful proclamations by their leaders. But it is also obvious that their leadership is taking steps to help the common man, unlike the UK where the Queen is only trying to find a safe nitch for the royal family. In the US Obama can only prepare to rescue those who will be in collapsed cities via Executive Order as the 1% continue to gain strength with the preponderance of the world’s billionaires living in the US and with the Republican Congress only focused on giving the 1% more wealth.

What type of challenges face Heads of State as the Earth changes increase and it becomes obvious that Nibiru is going to make a devastating passage in the near future? Those countries that will be devastated, like India and Indonesia, can offer their citizens no comfort, so will resort to offering denial while the wealthy make arrangements for themselves elsewhere. Those countries that possess both safe inland regions and dangerous coastlines will likely wait until the Earth changes make their citizens amenable to being relocated.

Controlled moves such as China and Russia are instituting allow the target infrastructure to be ready to absorb more citizens, and this requires experienced hands at the helm. Most often, these hands will have earned their credentials in the corporate environment. Simply moving huge numbers of citizens, most of whom live paycheck to paycheck, will only result in starvation or death from exposure. It takes time to grow crops, to build housing, and to accomplish the physical move itself. What Russia and China are doing is highly commendable, and shows the basic Service-to-Other orientation of the top leadership. 

The Davos yearly World Economic Forum has been taking place during current week up in the Swiss Alps. 2500+ attendants including Heads of State, corporate CEO´s and a constellation of ministers, top advisors, strategy analysts, planners, most trusted assistants and most probably a few top brass. Representatives of the royal families.  For sure the Church will be there too. A meeting for the elite, the cream of the cream. In the public view they will probably discuss the Ukraine issue, the new Russia-China partnership, the presently weakened Russian Ruble, the growing alliances of Russia with India, Iran and several other countries, the low price of oil and future projections, the future of the BRICS and its newly formed Development Bank, the situation in the Middle East, the menace of terrorism, the future of NATO, carbon signature and the global warming, etc. But, behind closed doors and away from the public stage, they will also be discussing the possible date of the Passage, the progress of the measures already taken and future action, the immigration issues, the pulse of the Earth changes, safe locations and enclaves for themselves, the war the COW has started against them, a new strategy to face this war, if/when/how to eventually allow the Announcement to be complied by Obama, and the strategy they will apply when the Announcement is out for the public to know the truth, and martial law. Of course, they should have learned by now that the COW is aware of whatever is in their minds at any instant, and that the COW just cannot be fooled. Do the Zetas foresee any change of attitude in front of the common man? Any change in their strategy as facing the Passage and the PS? Any new developments? Would the Zetas like to comment? [and from another]  There is panic in the air at Davos as the shocking Swiss move has bolstered record attendance at a time when the bank runs in Europe are accelerating and the global financial system is beginning to implode. There is a massive fleet of 1,700 private jets flying into Davos, Switzerland right now.  [and from another]  The World Economic Forum is a membership organization. Our Members comprise 1,000 of the world’s top corporations, global enterprises usually with more than US$ 5 billion in turnover. [and from another]  Over 40 heads of state and government, as well as 2,500 other leaders from business and society will convene at the 45th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, from 21 to 24 January 2015 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, to discuss The New Global Context. This context consists of 10 global challenges affecting the world today: environment and resource scarcity; employment skills and human capital; gender parity; long-term investing, infrastructure and development; food security and agriculture; international trade and investment; future of the internet; global crime and anti-corruption; social inclusion; and future of financial systems. [and from another]  A U.S. billionaire who made his fortune betting against sub-prime mortgage securities has told Americans to lower their expectations so they have 'less things' in life. Jeff Greene made his remarks after flying into Switzerland on a private jet with his wife, children and two nannies. The real estate entrepreneur, who is worth around $3billion, said: 'America's lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence’.

Davos is particularly well attended this year, and not for the stated reasons. The elite, those who are wealthy and politically powerful, have been shaken by investment losses, sudden and unexpected market reversals such as the Swiss Franc debacle, scandals revealed via new witnesses and evidence, and a surprising lack of cooperation from those they formerly considered their partners. Almost all of these elite understand the source of their troubles, as ZetaTalk is well read among the elite and taken seriously. What is shocking them is that they are actually experiencing setbacks, when they were so sure they controlled their world.

The public sees nothing but the outcome, not the contorted path required to arrive at the outcome. Scandalous information is easy to arrange, as there are disgruntled individuals, victims, who need little encouragement and if put in contact with the right lawyers or prosecutors are suddenly in motion. Stock markets are under electronic control, especially in this age when computers are programmed to buy or sell and do so rapidly. Electronic communication can be deflected or erased, and someone expecting to take advantage of insider information can not only find they have lost out, but have accomplished the opposite of what they expected. Instead of a huge gain by a maneuver at the right moment, they have a huge loss as their timing is unexpectedly off.

As might be expected, the elite in general are not Service-to-Other but the opposite. Making this pack nervous, resentful, and suspicious of each other is thus easy to do as there is no loyalty among thieves. Internecine warfare begins, one of the goals of the Council of Worlds who fully anticipated this outcome. Thus the reluctant elite now find themselves with secrets revealed, wealth diminished, and back stabbing former partners. They are circling each other at Dovos, whispering in the shadows, and trying to form new alliances. Meanwhile, those among the elite who feel allowing Obama to make his announcement the lesser of evils are attacking those they feel are the holdouts.