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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 23, 2013

Why did General Allen resign so quickly after being exonerated by the Pentagon? He was slated for for a big promotion, and the Senate was set to approve his nomination by Obama. I note the correlation in dates - he resigned just after Obama's golf weekend, where it seemed ideal for the announcement on Planet X, aka Nibiru, to be made. (Note, Nancy is asking this question, which has been approved.) [and from another] John Allen exit latest fallout from David Petraeus scandal February 20, 2013  John Allen’s decision to retire instead of pursuing the top U.S. command in Europe opens up a vacancy in one of the most coveted military jobs in the world. The four-star Marine general, who until this month was the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, officially retained the support of the White House after President Barack Obama nominated him last year to take the NATO command, even after he’d been ensnared in the adulterous web that forced out Petraeus last year as director of the CIA. But even though a Pentagon investigation cleared Allen of any wrongdoing, he decided to finish his tour in Afghanistan and hang up his uniform rather than go through with a postponed Senate confirmation hearing for the NATO post. Neither Allen nor President Barack Obama alluded to the Petraeus scandal in their statements announcing Allen’s retirement on Tuesday [February 19].

Is there a correlation between Obama’s weekend of golf, away from Michelle and the girls, and General Allen’s resignation? Those watching for the announcement felt the weekend was ideal. Michelle and the girls were in Colorado, as were the Bidens. They were skiing in Colorado, close to the Western White House at Denver. It is customary for the President and Vice President to be separated when chaos might erupt, and rioting in Washington DC could be anticipated after the announcement. Obama was likewise in a safe location away from Washington DC, and isolated, the press kept away, so no one could be sure just what he was up to.

Those watching for the announcement have been puzzled at the long delays since Obama set out to break the cover-up last September, 2012. His first attempt on the Emergency Broadcast System failed because the cover-up crowd cut wires or diverted the flow to radio and TV stations. The second attempt to use an Oval Office Address failed when the cover-up crowd created confusion with injunctions, questioning whether the announcement was a hoax. Focus groups then indicated the public would tend to take the announcement as a hoax, due to the long-running cover-up. By this time the pending presidential elections were being threatened, Obama so distracted that he lost the first debate with Romney. The announcement was put aside until Obama’s second term was firmly in place.  

But the team assigned to arrange the announcement did not rest in the interim. They have conducted dozens of false starts to sweep for the opposition, who often lay in powerful positions within the government. We mentioned when the Petraeus affair forced Petraeus to resign that he and General Allen, as well as other Generals suddenly caught up in scandals, were part of the opposition. But General Allen, who was in line for a plumb NATO promotion, was not forced to resign at that time. He thus was still in a position to throw stones in front of any announcement attempt, due to his stature and influence within the US military.

Obama’s long weekend devoted to golf was a setup to sweep for such opposition, and use this to force a resignation from General Allen. Allen had just been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Pentagon, a move that was part of the setup. Just what the sweep involved, or what prior sweeps might have involved, is not something we will disclose, as the public’s curiosity is not more important than the success of this mission. Suffice it to say that if the opposition thinks the announcement is about to happen, is rolling, is imminent, they will show their hand and make their moves. In successive sweeps, the parties were identified, communicating with each other, and the announcement team can go up the ladder to those at the helm. General Allen was one such leader at the helm.

Lots of sudden interest in dangers from space as a New York Times article reveals, but the cover-up crowd and NASA have a vested interest in the public not learning about the real threat, Planet X/Nibiru.  And the idea of launching a new space telescope that could undeniably find Planet X cannot be what those who control the cover up want to see happen, now or probably ever. Would the Zetas care to comment on what will likely occur with the renewed interest in finding astronomical threats? [and from another] Vindication for Entrepreneurs Watching Sky: Yes, It Can Fall The meteor that rattled Siberia on Friday, injuring hundreds of people and traumatizing thousands, has suddenly brought new life to efforts to deploy adequate detection tools, in particular a space telescope that would scan the solar system for dangers. NASA estimates that fewer than 10 percent of the big dangers have been discovered. Starting in the 1980s and 1990s, astronomers turned their telescopes on the sky with increasing vigor to look for killer rocks. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration took a lead role with what it called the Spaceguard Survey. In 2007, it issued a report estimating that 20,000 asteroids and comets orbited close enough to the planet to deliver blows that could destroy cities or even end all life. Today, with limited financing, NASA supports modest telescopes in the southwestern United States and in Hawaii that make more than 95 percent of the discoveries of the objects coming near the Earth. The plan is to launch a large telescope known as Sentinel that can find 90 percent of the asteroids larger than 460 feet in diameter that pass through the Earth’s part of the solar system. They also want to discover smaller asteroids down to a diameter of 100 feet. Such asteroids are much bigger than the meteor that hit the atmosphere over Russia, and the telescope would thus be blind to those kinds of smaller threats.

Surely NASA’s Spaceguard Survey is aware of the moons of Planet X, aka Nibiru, which are far larger than the asteroids they claim to be documenting. NASA and their cronies, all of whom have been involved in the cover-up, have retained control over the entire asteroid search effort. Note that the serious effort to map asteroids started “in the late 1980’s and 1990’s” after the inbound Planet X was located by the IRAS team in 1983. Spaceguard Survey is NASA’s, as are the telescopes in the US and Hawaii that are tracking asteroids. All are manned by astronomers who are restrained by a National Security oath so they cannot mention the presence of Planet X, nor can they refer to the vast tail with its many moons.

Now that the world has been frightened by the recent spate of bolides, and is demanding an early warning system, what is NASA to do? The announcement confessing the truth about Planet X, aka Nibiru, will relieve this need for secrecy, but the larger problem remains. How to detect, and how to deflect, large debris in the tail of Planet X when it slings toward the Earth. The proposed Sentinel system would locate large rocks, which NASA is terming “asteroids” at present, but the detection system would not cover smaller debris such as the recent bolide blitz.  It should be noted that the Russian missile defense system did a fair job exploding the bolide descending over Chelyabinsk, showing this as a potential defense against debris slinging into the Earth’s atmosphere.