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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 19, 2012

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced plans to create nanochips for monitoring troops.  They claimed that the purpose is for monitoring their health on the battlefield.  In my opinion, it sounds more like an evil plan of enslaving their troops.  Would zetas like to comment on this? [and from another] The US Military Wants To 'Microchip' Troops

It is rare that a solider gets lost, even on recon. A team is usually involved, in communication via radio. In case of capture, the point where prisoners are being held is seldom a secret. So what would justify chipping the troops? This is clearly a plan whereby those at the helm of the US military can keep track of soldiers gone AWOL in the Aftertime. We have stated that almost all soldiers will attempt to go AWOL, most well prior to the Pole Shift. The military life for most is but a job, and once it is obvious that retirement benefits and taking care of dependents will no longer be part of the package, life outside of the barracks looks more promising.

Those worried about loved ones wish to join and protect them. Those simply looking for a party will want to join the survivors who are looting and raping. Few will be so deluded that they think the Aftertime military actually intends to serve the common good. How will this work out for those at the helm of the US military and the wealthy and politically powerful they have committed to protect? It does not take much imagination to paint the picture. Just who will be chasing soldiers gone AWOL when the guards themselves have gone missing? Are the robots and drones to hunt them down and bring them in? Angry generals will be barking orders, but no one will be listening.

Since the Zetas explained the reason for the strange boxes sometimes discovered by people when they are not cloaked properly ( as being one to slow plate movements to allow people more time to address their orientation issues, that they would otherwise be denied due to the continuing strength of the cover-up, it follows logically that the timeline of the 7/10 events as depicted by the Zetas previously has also changed. Are the Zetas able to give an updated timeline of the 7/10 events and their effects now that we know that the Council of Worlds has allowed for the process to be slowed down?

The effect of the thousands of humming boxes placed along fault lines and plate borders can be seen in several incidents that have occurred since the start of the 7 of 10 plate movements. The lack of tsunami during the 7 of 10 sinking of the Sunda Plate is one such example. We predicted at the start of the 7 of 10 scenarios in late 2010 that the Sunda Plate sinking would occur within 2-3 weeks, yet it dragged on through 2011. At the time we had predicted tsunami on the Sunda Plate, in general equivalent in height to the loss of elevation for a coastline. None of this occurred due to the slower pace. 

The pace of mountain building in S America, where slowed, has still resulted in rumpling up and down the Andes, and stretch zone accidents likewise in lands to the east of the Andes. The shape of S America has clearly changed. Will the islands in the Caribbean be spared? At some point, as with the magnitude 7.9 quake in Acapulco on March 2, 2012 a significant adjustment will need to occur, and this will include depressing the Caribbean Plate so it tilts, sinking the islands and lands on that portion of the plate to the degree predicted. But the S American roll will likely continue to avoid the magnitude 8 quakes we originally predicted in deference to slow rumpling mountain building. The African roll was anticipated to be a silent roll in any case, so the slowed pace would not affect the outcome.

Will the slowed pace prevent the 7 of 10 scenarios for the Northern Hemisphere? Bowing of the N American continent has reached the point of pain, with breaking rock booming from coast to coast, but still there have been no significant quakes in the New Madrid area. Yet this is past due, and cannot be held back indefinitely. What has and will continue to occur for the Northern Hemisphere scenarios are silent quakes for Japan, which has already experienced drastic subduction under the north island of Hokkaido where mountain building is occurring as a rumple rather than a jolt. However, the anticipated New Madrid adjustment cannot be achieved without trauma. But this could potentially occur in steps and stages such that any European tsunami would be significantly lessened.

As per zetas, within the eddy flow cup in front of Planet X, Venus is currently outside of it's normal orbit, being caught in the cup along with dark twin, earth and the sun.  Venus is now being pushed to the centre of the cup, quite close to both sun and the passing Planet X.  However, it is not ready to pass the sun possibly not until the last weeks. Astronomers are now talking about a possible transit of Venus across the Sun's disc on June 5-6.  Is this another disinformation and/or are they trying to get the common man ready for surprises in the sky even though they don't know what they could be? [and from another] UFO suspicions mistaken identity [May 13] The planet Venus has been fascinating some Nebo residents, who've mistaken it for a UFO.  It was not the first time people had thought the planet was a UFO. Watch for the Transit of Venus across the sun on June 2.

Will the forthcoming transit of Venus across the Sun take place as expected, or will the Council of Worlds allow an exception to the Element of Doubt rule? As usual, we will not tip the hand of the Council of Worlds, though we have hinted that surprises are likely to occur. To date, eclipses and transits have been supported, the planets forced into a position to simulate what the public expects. At times, as leading into the April 8, 2005 solar eclipse, this pushing about has even been noted, the Moon out of position leading into and just after the eclipse. It was too far north on April 5, 2005 then too far south on April 25, 2005 then suddenly too far north again.

During the June 8, 2004 transit of Venus the glare of the Sun blinded visibility of Planet X components, though odd dark orbs were noted on the face of the Sun. During the July 22, 2009 solar eclipse in China,  a giant UFO made an appearance.  During the solar eclipse of July 11, 2010 the establishment shut down all televised cameras the instant Planet X was to become visible. They clearly feared an appearance, unhindered by the glare of the Sun, though a brief glimpse of Planet X did indeed occur.  

Yet on all occasions, the planets were pushed into the expected position so that the Element of Doubt could be maintained. To date, this has been the pattern – allow the expected alignments to occur, but provide some evidence to break the cover-up over the presence of Planet X or the alien presence.  Since the last transit or eclipse, the Council of Worlds has gone to war with the cover-up, promising surprises. During a transit, visible from a large swath of the world, many will be peering toward the Sun, watching closely. Will the establishment blind them all? Will they invent an asteroid swarm to explain any moons and debris in the tail of Planet X? Or will the transit fail to occur at all? All this remains to be seen.

Is the stated absence of Vladimir Putin to the upcoming G8 summit a political statement against  the continued cover up of PX?  Or, is it that he is concerned about the possibility of being involved in a New Madrid type scenario? Around the date of his upcoming G8 absence remark, documents where supposedly "leaked" showing the military's plans for controlling the populous during a disaster, well as evacuations plans for Chicago (the original location for the summit ), shortly after these documents surfaced, Putin's denial was made public and the G8 location was supposedly moved from Chicago to Camp David. It seems that Putin wants nothing to do with the US at this time possibly due to fear of some sort. [and from another] Putin took power this week, returning after six years to a post he had previously held for two terms. Medvedev, who changed places with his mentor Putin as Russia's prime minister, will fill in for Putin at the G-8 meeting. Russian opposition to U.S. and NATO plans for a missile defense shield in Europe was the subtext of a surprise announcement earlier this spring of a change in venue for the G-8 meeting. [and from another] A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States. Once the detainees have been processed into the internment camp, the manual explains how they will be “indoctrinated,” with a particular focus on targeting political dissidents, into expressing support for U.S. policies. Identifies malcontents, trained agitators, and political leaders within the facility who may try to organize resistance or create disturbances. [and from another] Red Cross volunteers in the Milwaukee area were sent an email instructing them that, “The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago.”

Is Putin avoiding a trip to the US? Is there something he fears or rather distrusts? On the face of it, avoidance of the G8 conference in Chicago is ascribed to avoidance by Putin of the NATO conference taking place at the same time. There are tensions over the missile defense shield issue, wherein he is adamantly opposed to missiles in Europe pointing in the direction of Russia.  But now that the G8 has been moved to Camp David, Putin is still declining, sending in the outgoing Russian President, Medvedev, instead. What gives? These conferences are taking place at a time when Putin is still transitioning into power. He does not want to be locked into any agreements, and is using his absence as an excuse to renegotiate later.  

I`m Mexican, and it seems that there is a huge politic and media battle for winning the elections and power for the next 6 years. I hope you could comment about the present level of awareness of the elite, the government and the politician class of Mexico about Planet X and the poleshift? And what type of actions are being taken by them, and if they will affect the Mexican people in the last days?

The Bush administration was forced to inform heads of state around the world that a large planetary body had entered the solar system, because a dramatic Second Sun was seen on occasion during sunrise or sunset. This occurred in the Fall of 2003 at a meeting in France, ostensibly to mend fences over the rush into Iraq ahead of May 15, 2003. The buzz among many was “why the rush” and “what’s causing these Second Sun sighting?” At the helm of the cover-up at that time, the Bush administration wanted to squelch any discussion in the media before it started.  Bribery and coercion were used liberally.

Heads of state were expected to control their media, supervise any scientific body operating within their borders that might be inclined to openly discuss this new planetary body in the solar system, and prepare for any martial law steps that might be necessary in the event of riot or disclosure. Are secrets such as this kept close, and only shared with those with a need to know? Hardly, and soon confidants, lovers, co-workers, and relatives were getting the word, if only via hints and broad body language. All this supposedly secret knowledge does more than give one sleepless nights, it also alters plans for the future. Agendas change among those running for political office or vying for leadership within a dictatorship or royal family.

The first thought of course is personal safety. Most who vie for political control or a leadership position are heavily influenced by self interest, as it true of control over corporate entities and the desire to accumulate great wealth. Thus, for these individuals in the Service-to-Self, getting elected meant being able to arrange for an Aftertime kingship. The maneuvers of Dick Cheney in Wyoming is an example of such raw lust for power. The Queen’s plans to desert her subjects in the UK and seek a firmer grip on her subjects in lands that will fare better after the Pole Shift is another example. The desire to gain political control thus becomes more ruthless.

If this type of behavior is not a clue to the motivation of candidates, then examine their life styles and past actions. Not all politicians are self focused and grasping. The world will be rapidly changing, not only due to the pending Earth changes that will deliver floods to fields and submerge hapless cities, or the broken infrastructure and imploding buildings, or exploding refineries and gas mains, or desperate citizens seeking shelter and a meal. The political realm, around the world, is fast becoming polarized. There are those like Obama who have quietly been putting a structure in place to help the newly homeless when the US suffers from its pending New Madrid adjustment. And there likewise are those within the US who seek to ruthlessly impose martial law as quickly as possible. Each country has such polarizing opposites. One has only to look to see them showing their colors.

It would appear that the Establishment, and the ubiquitous minions under its auspices which are sent forth to Coverup the truth of that incoming magnetic Planet X, are growing ever more desperate in their search, casting about for a scapegoat on which to lump the undeniable and ongoing changes apparent in and on this Planet Earth as a result of the near presence of that aforesaid PX. Every week there seems to be a new Lie forthcoming. Below an excerpt from a piece posted recently at Yale 360 online. This just smacks of desperation:  “in a troubling new book, Waking The Giant: How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes. There is, McGuire argues, growing evidence to incriminate changing climate in the planet’s most destructive geological events. Melting ice sheets and changes in sea level can, he maintains, set off the largest earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.”  Nancy, the Common Man must be ever more discombobulated by the rain of disinfo precipitating from that omnipresent Establishment Coverup of the PX presence. Luckily, he has ZetaTalk. Would the Zetas please enlighten us re this? [and from another] Could a Changing Climate Set Off Volcanoes and Quakes? [May 7] A British scientist argues that global warming could lead to a future of more intense volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. And while some dismiss his views as preposterous, he points to a body of recent research that shows a troubling link between climate change and the Earth’s most destructive geological events. The most solid evidence for climatic influence on geology comes from the end of the last ice age, around 12,000 years ago.  McGuire makes the case that during the long preceding glaciation, the weight of ice some two kilometers thick over Iceland maintained high pressures underground that kept magma at the root of volcanoes solid and suppressed eruptions. But as the ice melted, the huge weight was released and the land surface lifted, sometimes by hundreds of meters. This reduced the pressure below. . Analysis of volcanic deposits, published in the past decade by several authors, has found that this period of rapid climate change, when ice sheets retreated from much of the planet, coincided with a sudden outburst of geological activity. The incidence of volcanic eruptions in Iceland increased around 50-fold for about 1,500 years, before settling back to previous levels. According to Oxford University geologists Ben Mason and David Pyle the planet has volcanic seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, eruptions happen most frequently between November and April. The reason, they say, is shifts in water round the globe. This movement of water slightly squashes or releasing the land beneath, at times pushing magma to the surface rather like toothpaste in a tube.

The attempts to explain the Earth changes in the context of anything but Planet X in the vicinity have gotten absurd. The rise in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have paralleled the approach and entry of Planet X into the inner solar system in 2003 and the increasingly violent Earth wobble that has been evident since early 2004. There is a direct correlation, with an exponential increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to this obvious gravitational and magnetic influence. Beyond the correlation, there is the obvious appearance of the Planet X complex on SOHO images and the prior Magnetic Simulator images. Clearly, there is a body in the inner solar system causing the current Earth changes.

Where did the Global Warming theory come from, and why has it and similar theories been pushed so hard? It has long been noted by scientists that the Earth’s crust gives evidence of periodic cataclysmic changes – wandering poles, volcanic explosions, melting of the old poles with consequent temporary sea level rise, and great tidal waves washing inland in various places around the world. Velikovsky laid out the periodic nature of these cataclysms and related them to the possibility of a passing planetary body, but even then the truth was considered too frightening for the common man to contemplate. Velikovsky was vilified and his books banned, in many cases.

But it was not the Earth’s history that caused the UN body, the IPCC, to come forth aggressively in 1990 pushing the Global Warming theory, which has subsequently itself been vilified when the IPCC was found to be deliberately publishing fraudulent data. The melting poles and glaciers were proceeding faster than the Global Warming models, the permafrost was melting from the bottom up, and the theory explained none of the erratic weather changes and certainly did not address why the Sun and Moon were appearing in the wrong places. Ridicule of those observing this was being used to damp discussion of this, the same technique that was being used to discredit those who sighted the Planet X complex in the skies or questioned the twisting magnetosphere of Earth.

But what was most troubling to the cover-up was the obvious rise in earthquake frequency and magnitude, along with the number of newly awakened volcanoes around the world. Inactive volcanoes, not active for thousands of years, were regularly awakening. The cover-up has gotten more desperate, and is willing to float almost any theory that they hope will connect, logically, in the public mind. Thus the newest establishment lie was invented. The supposed proof that this new theory is correct is that it correlates in history with evidence of periodic cataclysms on Earth. Well of course this all correlates! The passage of Planet X causes all of these phenomena!

This new theory attempts to place the end of the last Ice Age at 12,000 years prior, when historians have always agreed it was either 10,800 or approximately 11,000 years ago, three passages back. This new theory makes the claim that earthquakes and exploding volcanoes are caused by the shifting weight from melting ice and the increased weight of water in the oceans! Once again, a symptom of the presence of Planet X is being claimed as the cause. Melting poles and rising seas are regularly present during a passage, as are huge earthquakes during plate movements and volcanic explosion from sloshing magma! But the cause of this is not a mysterious warming, but the passing Planet X body itself. It is the lurching Earth wobble that is sloshing the magma about and smashing plates into one another. Once again, the elephant in the room is being ignored.

NASA is preparing to visit an asteroid in 2035, but the United States itself currently has no way to get people into orbit much less reach an asteroid, and mega-wealthy individuals are behind plans to attempt to escape the earth's surface during the pole shift using craft allegedly designed for asteroid mining.  Is this just more propaganda, a way to get American taxpayers to pay for wealthy/power elites' plans to somehow save their own skins, and/or wishful thinking?  Would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another] NASA Astronauts Begin Training For Asteroid Mission to happen in 2035 NASA astronauts are getting ready to start to prepare for what could be one of the most challenging mission to date, a trip to an asteroid. Next month they will begin a training programme that will teach them how to operate vehicles, conduct spacewalks and gather samples on the surface of an asteroid.   The mission is hoping to use the Orion spacecraft that sits atop the Space Launch System. Once there, the astronauts would live in a Deep Space Habitat and traverse the landscape using a Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV). 

This is clearly not for 2035, but for the present, for now. They are training astronauts now for a manned mission in 2035? These individuals will be old or at least in retirement age, and certainly not suitable for arduous space missions in 2035. So why train them? The lies are not even clever anymore.  We explained last month that the Planetary Resources venture was not about mining asteroids but about deflecting debris in the tail of Planet X. They want to prevent the destruction of mankind’s infrastructure on Earth. They wish their kingdoms to be whole, and their control and enslavement of mankind to continue. The scientific think tanks at NASA are going to go with their best options, when the time comes, but in the meantime they will get all the pieces ready. Because, as they can clearly see, ready or not, here comes Planet X!

It have been stated by the Zetas that the Puppet-master is very attuned as to what is going to happen and that he is both; posturing for the after-time and helping people by proxy, since it benefits him that the survival communities prosper and keep him in the game. A savvy man by the Zetas own words. The Puppet-master knows that in about one hundred year’s time there will be nothing close to what he envisions it to be: himself on top of the pile and in charge of assets and people. The Earth is going to be transported to the fourth density and there will be very few humans left according to the Zetas. Could the Zetas elaborate on why he still not on-board and fully on the STO wagon when he knows how these cards will be played and that his power will be gone, along with the civilization that supports his wealth, in the blink of an eye?

We have described the Puppet Master as someone who is the current trustee of a massive family trust, and as such he has a responsibility to husband and shelter this great wealth, increasing and protecting its worth. The Puppet Master and Nancy know each other well, as she has met he and his family on many occasions. We have stated that where he is not highly Service-to-Other, he leans in this direction, and his choices on how he manages the assets under his control are not responsible for wars or genocide or oppressive practices around the world. He is not in a command and control position in the world, except for how the assets under his control are managed. He can sell stock, ally with this or that corporate interest, or loan funds. But he does not direct how politicians operate. He has influence only, due to the vast wealth he controls.

How do people in his position - the very wealthy or those with power because they have gained a political office or risen to the top on a corporate ladder – view the future? Most who grabble their way to power lean toward the Service-to-Self, which is why they desire control and the comforts and security that great wealth provide. Control is the driving motive, as great wealth likewise brings control of one’s environment and control over others. This is one of the hallmarks of those in the Service-to-Self – desire for control over others. Inherited wealth brings a mixed bag, of course, as it is possible for a highly Service-to-Other individual to inherit wealth, and it is not unusual for these individuals to disburse this wealth to help others when this occurs.

Do those who have attained great wealth or are in a management position over such wealth debate the future wherein they hope to have access to our technology? Do they hope to enjoy the benefits we have stated will conditionally be available to those who are highly Service-to-Other in the Aftertime? Of course they do, and there have been many instances where the very wealthy have shown this intention.  Some have announced they are giving away 50% of their wealth, for instance, on the mistaken assumption that this puts them in the category of someone who is concerned about others 50% of the time – the Service-to-Other criteria. But those who are not highly Service-to-Other are not planning to give away all their wealth or relinquish the control position this wealth provides. As we have often stated, operating in the Service-to-Other mode is not merely an intellectual decision.

What is the plan, then, of those who hear our warnings but cling to the status and security and perks that their current position allows? Those who are highly Service-to-Other have lived their life accordingly, and it would be exceedingly rare to find someone who has just been waiting until the last minute to make a dramatic gesture with hoarded wealth. Those who are leaning in the direction of Service-to-Other are in an endless battle with themselves and their dependents over how to manage this wealth and power. This one wants to back a green company, but the profits will be less than from another company that could be backed. Endless haggling and family arguments commence, and threats of legal action if the wealth is jointly owned.

The Puppet Master, as we have frequently mentioned, is an extremely savvy individual. In our opinion, he has no rival in this regard in either politics or the financial realm. In offering to give him privileged information, which he seeks from us in exchange for help in getting our message out to the world, we do not consider at all that we have made a compact with the devil. The benefits outweigh any negatives by a factor of at least a billion to one. From his personal vantage, his attitude is that he must first husband the assets under his control. As the trustee, he has this commitment. Second, he is hedging his bets by helping the world establish strong survival communities, as he knows he can step in after the Pole Shift and re-establish his position, whether the world is operating via barter or via some currency that requires a banking empire. He will again end up on top.

Is the latest untimely Kennedy death also related to the Alien/Planet X cover-up as well? [and from another] Mary Kennedy's family blasts stories on her death May 18, 2012 Kennedy was found dead Wednesday in Bedford, New York, north of New York City. She died of asphyxiation due to hanging, the Westchester County medical examiner. Her troubled marriage to the son of the onetime New York senator, who was assassinated in 1968, and the details of their private lives were exposed when he filed for divorce in May 2010. Mary Kennedy was arrested for driving while intoxicated. A second arrest occurred in August of the same year in the town of Pleasant Valley, in which she was charged with driving while impaired by prescription drugs. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent environmental lawyer who is a professor at Pace Law School in White Plains, New York, is the third of 11 children born to Ethel and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. His father was gunned down in California while making a run for the White House, nearly five years after his brother, President John F. Kennedy, also died at the hands of an assassin. More than three decades later, in 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, died when a plane he was piloting crashed in the waters off Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. David Kennedy died of a drug overdose and Michael Kennedy was killed in a skiing accident.

Was Mary Kennedy’s death an “assisted suicide”? Yes, because as a member of the Kennedy family she had been privy to many discussions among family members about prior Kennedy deaths. We stated  that Ted Kennedy grieved over his nephew John’s death in a small plane crash, as Ted had informed John why and by whom his father had been killed. JFK was as we have stated killed because he intended to inform the public about the alien presence.  Over the years, various members of the Kennedy family would learn bits and pieces of the truth, and were invariably warned to keep this information close. In such matters secrets are invariably and eventually shared.

Mary had developed a drinking and prescription drug abuse problem, and loose lips follow. She was killed for this reason. Many secrets are about to be revealed – the truth about the alien presence and Roswell, the truth about the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system, and thus the long standing lie about why and by whom JFK was killed is likely to be re-examined by the public and an eager media. Those with blood on their hands fear for their careers, their retirement pensions, their freedom from incarceration, and their public persona. Dead men, and this case a dead woman, tell no tales.