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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 18, 2015

Strange warm blob off the West Coast.  Tectonic or vulcanic activity under the sea, product of the subduction process - displacement of the North American Plate? Or radiation from Fukushima? Or disturbed ocean currents? Or all of the above? [and from another]  In the fall of 2013 and early 2014 we started to notice a big, almost circular mass of water that just didn’t cool off as much as it usually did. The new study by Bond and his colleagues explores the blob’s origins. It finds that it relates to a persistent high-pressure ridge that caused a calmer ocean during the past two winters, so less heat was lost to cold air above. The warmer temperatures we see now aren’t due to more heating, but less winter cooling. As air passes over warmer water and reaches the coast it brings more heat and less snow, which the paper shows helped cause current drought conditions in California, Oregon and Washington.

We predicted the current drought and deluge afflicting the globe at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, as we knew the effect Nibiru would have on the Earth as it marched toward the hour of its passage. We knew the Earth wobble would ensue, which it did in 2004 after Nibiru arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. Thus we confidently predicted snow in Summer and the seasons eventually blending into one another. Over the past decade, phenomena such as a melting Arctic with algae blobs floating through the Bearing Straits as warm Pacific water pushed northward during the wobble appeared. It should be no surprise that other anomalies appear, but since the Earth wobble is currently a forbidden subject, these scientists must act surprised.

Would the Zetas be able to comment on the recent Walmart closures mentioned in these articles? [and from another]  At least five Walmart stores throughout the country have announced that they are closing for up to six months due to plumbing issues. Are the nationwide Walmart closures connected to detention centers for American citizens? Stores in California, Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma closed Tuesday with little to no warning, in some cases without even letting the city know, leaving thousands of people without jobs (Walmart claims employees can move to another store) and sparking widespread theories as to the real reason for the abrupt closures. [and from another]  Walmart Stores from Texas to Florida Close Today for 6 Months without Notice What is going on? I just heard that numerous Wal-Mart stores from Texas to Florida are closing immediately for 6 month period due to “plumbing problems.” There was no pre-announcement and the store shelves were fully stocked. They even had to discount frozen goods 50% to get rid of the stock. They have given all employees a 2 month severance pay. Does this have anything to do with Jade Helm? I have heard that Wal-Mart has a contract with DHS to act as a command and logistics center for FEMA in case of a national emergency. [and from another]  The Internet has come alive with speculation about the real reason that Walmart has closed down stores from coast-to-coast all at 7 pm Monday night and all for plumbing problems, which the company will not discuss. No one is buying the official Walmart explanation that shutting down stores with no advance warning in Florida, Texas, California, and Oklahoma is due to unfixable plumbing issues. Store employees were given only a few hours notice that their stores were being closed. [and from another]  The US military has quietly added more states to its eight-week Jade Helm joint training drill, originally designated to take place in seven southwestern states. The drill, which will run from July 15 to September 15, will now include the states Mississippi and Florida. The exercise is actually an eight-week exercise taking place across seven states. It spans the whole southwest of the United States. Two states – Texas and Utah – appear highlighted as “hostile” territory, according to the slideshow, leading to fears that traditionally conservative areas may be a simulated target for future domestic operations.

If operation Jade Helm is preparations for an illegal immigrant hoard in the event of Earth changes such as a sinking Caribbean Plate, how do the Wal-Mart closures relate? Wal-Mart is suddenly and oddly closing stores across many of the same states where operation Jade Helm will operate – California, Texas, and Florida.  Operation Jade Helm will be in operation across the southwest, and has recently expanded to include the Gulf states.  The nexus seems obvious to conspiracy theorists, who imagine that martial law and the imprisonment of citizens is being planned.

The Wal-Mart stores are being closed to be fitted as temporary FEMA centers in the event of a New Madrid disaster. The New Madrid adjustments would occur first, per our predictions, along the soft rock from Memphis to the Gulf, and thus Texas and Oklahoma are seen as safe refugee camps for that area. We, the Zetas have also predicted that a West Coast adjustment will follows the New Madrid adjustments, and California would logically be the first to adjust along the San Andreas. The US government has been monitoring the rock tension and earthquake patterns, though they do not share this with their public.

Is there some reason that Jade Helm and the Wal-Mart retrofit overlap each other? Indeed there is, in that the 7 of 10 plate movements anticipated to adjust the New Madrid will not occur unless the 7 of 10 plate movements causing the Caribbean to sink also occur. In fact, per the schedule we have provided, the Caribbean disasters would occur before the New Madrid disasters, triggering the New Madrid disasters by a movement to the west by Mexico. These disasters overlap, and thus Wal-Mart is being asked by FEMA to expedite their readiness at this time.   

This was mentioned this evening on the local Colorado news and although data goes back to 2003 - 2009 in this report. It sounds like they are going to hold meetings and take another look to see how current levels compare to those previously measured. Are the methane levels in this reason going to reach deadly proportions for those who live in this area? Is this somehow tied to the increased movement of the S. American continent as well? [and from another] Scientists are working to pinpoint the source of a giant mass of methane hanging over the southwestern U.S., which a study found to be the country's largest concentration of the greenhouse gas. The report that revealed the methane hot spot over the Four Corners region — where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet — was released last year. Last year's study by NASA and the University of Michigan was based on images from a European satellite captured between 2003 and 2009.  [and from another] Scientists will fly two Twin Otter aircraft over the Four Corners area, where the borders of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet. These planes will carry two instruments: the Next-Generation Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRISng), which can detect and map methane in great detail, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory; and the Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES).  [and from another] The researchers postulate that the discrepancy stems from methane escaping from underground coalmines in the area, which added to the levels that had been expected from two nearby coal-fired power plants. The research team believes the methane hotspot has existed over the region for nearly a decade.

The noted methane “hot spot” lies on the Continental Divide, and is caused by cracking rock under the surface. The steady press of mountain building is one factor, but the cause is two-fold, as that spot also lies along the center of the bow in the N American continent. Draw a line from the central California hot spot through to the methane hot spot in the four-corners region. The line runs dead East, along the most intense bowing stress. Rock is cracking open to release methane from vegetation trapped when the Continental Divide pushed over land in the past.

Did the bowing stress on N American begin in 2003? It began when Planet X entered the inner solar system in 2003 and began to put the globe into its daily Figure 8 wobble. NASA knows this. They are not trying to determine why the methane hot spot exists, but to monitor its progress. They are looking for an increase in these signs. The US government is already alarmed at the many signs that the New Madrid adjustment, long predicted by ourselves, is about to begin. Excuses given, such as coal seams or man-made emissions out in the desert, are absurd.