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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 15, 2012

In trying to fit all known ZetaTalk together on a chart, showing where the planets are at various dates, there is a conflict. The Zetas say that the Point of Passage will have Planet X and Earth forming a triangle with the Sun, but this triangle puts Planet X inside the orbit of Venus. Yet in the most recent ZetaTalk on December 1, 2012 the Zetas said that Planet X would proceed outside the orbit of Venus at some point before the passage.  Can you explain?

Does Planet X continue to take a straight path outbound from the Sun, pushing the Earth about during this process? At present, there is a virtual standoff, with 3 planets in front of Planet X - Earth, the Dark Twin, and Venus. The Dark Twin and Venus are not expected to escape this squeeze until the Last Weeks, but as Planet X comes closer, the magnetic clash between the Earth and Planet X intensifies. This is always assumed to be a drama for the Earth, though we have dropped hints along the way that some of this drama affects Planet X. We have stated that Planet X comes close, then retreats, then comes close again as the Last Weeks approach.

Planet X undergoes its second 270° roll prior to the Last Weeks, as when it pierces the Ecliptic it is forced to throw its S Pole upward, going into opposition along the Sun's magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic. When Planet X itself goes into opposition, it is snapped back closer to the Sun, as it is now not resisting the N Pole of the Sun, and can tolerate the stronger flow of magnetons in the field closer to the Sun. Magnetic fields both push away and draw bodies closer, so this should not be an astonishing fact. The sequence of events is thus:

  1. Planet X continues in its straight line path, creating a more violent wobble in the Earth and appearing more visible in the skies, also squeezing Venus toward the Earth to loom large, as Planet X will be coming outside the orbit of Venus at that time and press the Earth far to the left of the August location.
  2. Planet X is close enough to the Ecliptic that it suddenly flips into opposition, pointing its N Pole to the South and its S Pole upward, drawn closer in toward the Sun. Here it is in position to form the ZetaTalk Triangle, though the Earth has not yet been drawn toward Planet X.
  3. During the jump in toward the Sun for the second 270° roll, Planet X has given the crowded planets around Earth a chance to escape. The Dark Twin, which has fallen behind the Earth, moves forward in their shared orbit. Venus is almost thrown forward in her orbit by the Repulsion Force, having been pushed too close to the Earth during the squeeze.
  4. The Earth now has fewer barriers between herself and Planet X, and is drawn closer by magnetic attraction. She travels 30 million miles closer to Planet X. Rotation slowing to a stop occurs.
  5. Planet X continues its outbound path, and finding the distance from the Sun allowing it to begin to form a side-by-side alignment again, starts to pull its N Pole up and this is the process that causes the Pole Shift for Earth, grabbing the S Pole of Earth and jerking it upwards by 90°.

Last week in Texas, USA, there has been a strange conflagration, of power poles. Reportedly across at least five counties in that state, at last count, the tops of possibly over 100 poles have burst into flame, mysteriously. Local residents in the counties of Hill, Falls, Bell, Williamson and McLennan have witnessed this phenomenon, aghast. Ridiculous theories such as "dust", and "salt cakes" (even in an area where there is no salt in the air) are being blindly offered up. Revealingly, it was admitted by local DPS Trooper D. L. Wilson that "I can't even say career - not in my lifetime have I heard of this". The fiery poles story has been pretty much kept out of the big mainstream media outlets, though is trickling out here and there: and  It would appear that the only way Joe Public will get the truth re this is through a QFZT. Would the Z please hose down the Lies? [and from another]  One power company technician said that the fires likely were caused by a build up of dust on transformers that shorted out due to low-lying fog. The phenomenon that caused the fires, known as “tracking,” can occur when dust accumulated on the insulators of utility poles comes into contact with heavy fog conditions. The moisture, combined with caked-on elements, can act as a conductor of sorts, causing electricity in the power lines to arc and the poles to catch fire, several experts said. A similar incident occurred just last month in South Texas.  18,000 customers in Hidalgo, Starr, Cameron and Willacy counties lost power after numerous poles caught fire during foggy conditions on Nov. 16. [and from another] Also seen over Texas, around the same time, a large fireball:  [and from another] I have just received a message from a trusted person in Beaumont, TX.  She is seeing many FEMA personnel trucks and what seem to be FEMA refrigerated type trucks coming into the Port of Beaumont area.  There are also military type troop trucks being seen.  She has said that the large number of these vehicles is alarming.  The general public is very aware of it.  This is also happening at the same time of the "fireball" sightings.  She is un-nerved!  Does anyone know what is going on!?

What is the nexus between FEMA activity in the Beaumont, TX port (which is the nearest port to the petrol sinkhole at Byou Corne, LA), fireballs over nearby Houston, TX (just to the West of Byou Corne along the Gulf), and power line poles in counties to the north and south of Houston bursting into flames? It is certainly not the fog! If the moisture in fog could cause an arc on pole tops, what happens in Texas during the rain? Electric lines can cause an arc, and heat from meteors can likewise spark an explosion, but what would the fuel be? The collapsing and leaking salt dome cavern near Byou Corne is doing more than putting an oil slick on the surface of the sinkhole.

The petrol on the surface is vaporizing into the air, and being blown about by the winds, and though oil and water do not mix, oil can settle on the surface of water and this includes the surface of water droplets in the air, i.e. fog! Why are the meteor showers in the area turning into fireballs, appearing aflame in the skies? The winds are blowing fuel, and there are explosions in abundance! Is FEMA concerned about a possible conflagration at Byou Corne, with a sudden need to evacuate residents in the area? It is more than just that sinkhole, as numerous salt dome caverns used to store petrol products are in use in the region.

My question is regarding this latest NASA video that was designed to be released the day after 12/21/12 but was "leaked" today.  Is this one of the future announcements that the Zetas told us to watch out for?  They repeat many of the same topics in this video and seem to be reinforcing their previous statements. and  [and from another] In a video published on YouTube, the space agency sought to calm fears. The film was scheduled to be published on 22 December 2012, explaining why the world didn’t end the previous day. As astrobiologist David Morrison puts it in the Nasa video: “If there were anything out there like a planet headed for earth it would already be one of the brightest objects in the sky. Everybody on earth could see it. You don’t need to ask the government. Just go out and look. It’s not there.”

Since there is virtually no difference between this most recent video on December 13, 2012 and the earlier videos encapsulating NASA’s November 28, 2012 event, why issue it a week early, prior to December 21, 2012? The obvious reason is one the public does not yet realize. It is very likely that NASA will be forced to admit that one of the issues they debunked is true, rather than false, prior to the December 21, 2012 date. If they are pushed to admit that Nibiru has been in the vicinity for years, and that Nancy Lieder has been correct all along, then this newest video cannot logically be published as it carries the old message. Quick, publish the video, before it becomes irrelevant! What you are seeing here is the conflict within NASA, where many do not want the cover-up to break and have been resisting the planned announcement.