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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 15, 2017

Are such structures present almost everywhere in all large countries? And this is one of the reasons why we do not have disclosure (about earth changes and etc)? Is this one of the methods of how the Bush clique retains its influence? The CIA has very high powers. It is clear that in reality everything is more complicated. Could the Zetas comment? [and from another] Don't worry: Bush's CIA & NSA chief Michael Hayden tells CNN there's no such thing as a Deep State in the US - just a "permanent government" [and from another] 7 March, 2017.  HAYDEN: So, let me address that. So, I've heard deep state, all right? I generally heard it referred to Turkey or Moldova or Russia, not to the American republic. So, I kind of reject it. Let me use the term, "the permanent government", all right? Let me take my old agency, CIA, and let's just take a really quick look at recent history, all right? We've had three transitions since 2000 and the transition to President George W. Bush, no one changed at CIA. He kept George Tenet on. Eight years later, President Obama became president. Only one person changed at CIA. Me. In fact, President Obama called my deputy Steve Kappes to convince Steve and the rest of the staff to stay on. And then eight years later, with President Trump, two people changed at the CIA, Director Pompeo and his deputy. The rest of the workforce, Anderson, are intelligence career professionals. They work for Republicans, they work for Democrats. They vote, they have views, but as professionals, they know what they have to do.
[and from another] Civil servants might want to start sending out their resumes to the private sector. President Donald Trump’s budget proposal could lead to between 100,000 and 200,000 cuts to federal civilian jobs.

Deep State is another term for the bureaucrat agenda. At the start of the ZetaTalk agenda we warned about the bureaucrat agenda turning into a virtual war as the threat of their removal from their comfortable government jobs increased during the approaching passage. Trump is doing just that, by cutting government employees from the budget. Before Trump took office, Obama appointees packed every available job opening with their friends. These jobs are normally recession proof, as the paychecks come from being attached to the taxpayer teat, paid out of tax revenues or dollars printed to cover a deficit. This is one source of resentment against Trump, and efforts to block his moves.

What lies within the bureaucrat’s heart is more than just the desire for job security, as there are invariably sleeper cells firmly implanted by the exiting administration. This was true for Obama when he took over from Bush, and is likewise certainly true for Trump when he took over from Obama. Many agencies such as the State Department are aggressively being cleansed. There are civil service laws that prevent a civil servant from being dismissed for trivial reasons, so reasons are invented. The particular function is no longer needed. If it is a budget cutback, senior employees are retrained over the newly hired. It is difficult to clean house, thus.

Even where sleeper cells are suspected, it is often hard to kill those jobs because a skill set must be retained. The CIA is an example, where deep knowledge of foreign states and their players are not so much written down as retained by field agents. To record this knowledge is to make it available to be hacked, and thus the field agents are put at risk. FBI agents likewise are often involved in long-running sting operations where particular agents are under cover, which would be impacted by terminating the agents.  

It is the mid-level managers who may have an agenda, a loyalty to another political cause, who are thus targeted when trying to strip out Deep State players. The lost memo, the failure to explain a directive, the slacker assigned to a job – all of these maneuvers are known in the corporate world too where civil service laws do not apply.  Political agendas are also hard to discern by actions alone, cleverly disguised by a false smile and glowing words. Trump is being assisted by the Transformation Team in these matters, by ourselves among others, as there is no hiding from the telepathic Zetas.

I was curious about an event that transpired in Dallas, Texas on Friday where all 156 tornado sirens went off in the middle of the night. Officials say it was a hack, but haven't given much detail on it outside of it being "centered in the Dallas area" could the Zetas clarify if it was a hack or maybe something bigger? (If it was a hack who would've done it and for what purpose?) [and from another] Last year, someone kept hacking into traffic signs in Dallas — corrupting bland electronic messages into jokey missives such as: “Work is Canceled — Go Back Home” and “Donald Trump Is A Shapeshifting Lizard!!” The sirens, whose purpose is to be heard by anyone caught outdoors in a tornado or dangerous storm, screamed from the southern reaches of Oak Cliff to the north. They blared for an hour and a half, to the annoyance, terror or amusement of 1.3 million residents. The city said it was trying to fix the problem, which it initially called a malfunction. [and from another] [and from another] Dallas' 156 sirens, normally used to warn of tornadoes and other dangerous weather, were triggered at 11:42 p.m. CDT on Friday. The wailing did not end until 1:17 a.m. CDT on Saturday when engineers manually shut down the sirens' radio system and repeaters. The breach in the city of 1.6 million people was believed to have originated in the area. The hack was among the largest ever to affect emergency sirens, with most breaches triggering one or two. The hack is being investigated by system engineers and the Federal Communications Commission has been contacted, but police have not been involved. The sirens went through 15 cycles of a 90-second activation before they were shut down. [and from another] The sirens began blaring shortly before midnight on Friday and were shut off and reactivated "more than a dozen times" before emergency workers shut the system down entirely at around 1:20am on Saturday morning. They aren't disclosing how the system was compromised or who may be responsible. [and from another] Officials have ruled out a remote hack - telling reporters someone gained physical access to a hub connecting all the sirens, which may not be turned on again until Monday as the city tries to figure out who, how and why. [and from another] Siren installations themselves have many ways of being activated. Commonly used are DTMF broadcasts over phone lines (direct connection or standard PSTN) or over radio broadcast. This does leave room for exploitation, but there are protections from false alarms. [and from another] Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) is an in-band telecommunication signaling system using the voice-frequency band over telephone lines between telephone equipment and other communications devices and switching centers. DTMF was first developed in the Bell System in the United States, and became known under the trademark Touch-Tone for use in push-button telephones supplied to telephone customers.

Clues that this was an EMP event are that Dallas could not shut the sirens down without it starting up again. A hack would have been stopped at the first shut-down, and not recur. Attempts to shut down the system were repeatedly tried. A second clue is that Dallas reports someone had to be able to “physically access” a central hub to have all the sirens activated. Thus the theory that the perp was a local Dallas person. Yet the police have not been called in. No fingerprint checks at the central hub, the physical location that had to be involved?

Civil defense sirens are normally wired so as to be controlled by and communicate via multiple routes. One does not just physically push a button, though this option is available too, the going theory. If a tornado swarm is approaching, all sirens should go off, as would be the case for an air raid attack. The setup requires that individual sirens can also be tested, a scheduled and well announced action. This is all done via electronic connections, yet Dallas cannot find any electronic evidence of a hack or even any evidence that the sirens were activated. An EMP at the central hub, with a surge of electricity, simulated activation of the sirens, could occur, just as electric trains pick up speed due to such a surge.