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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 12, 2011

Over the past decade, China has built several new, state-of-the-art cities, but huge sectors of these cities, and in some cases, whole cities, remain unoccupied. Could it be that Chinese leaders are planning to evacuate China's coastal cities in the event of disastrous earth changes? Is China planning to emerge from the pole shift as the only intact civilization on the planet?
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The ghost towns of China: [Dec 18] These amazing satellite images show sprawling cities built in remote parts of China that have been left completely abandoned, sometimes years after their construction. Elaborate public buildings and open spaces are completely unused, with the exception of a few government vehicles near communist authority offices. Some estimates put the number of empty homes at as many as 64 million, with up to 20 new cities being built every year in the country's vast swathes of free land. The photographs have emerged as a Chinese government think tank warns that the country's real estate bubble is getting worse, with property prices in major cities overvalued by as much as 70 per cent.
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Cities built within China are not a corporate effort, they are a state effort, as it is a communist government. These ghost cities would not be a mystery if they were corporate developments, as the corporation would be advertising residences for sale. Corporate developments also do not include government buildings, highways, and attention to infrastructure. Corporate developments build up around existing infrastructure, building subdivisions or resorts. Given that this is a state enterprise, why is China doing this? Note that these ghost cities have been constructed north of what we might call the sinkhole belt, a swath of land from the northern Himalayas east to the coast.

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The sinkhole belt is caused by the plate bending as the plate tongue holding Indonesia is pushed down, sinking. The ghost cities are also inland, not coastal, and high enough that they would be land even after the 675 foot rise in sea level we have predicted after the pole shift. India is expected to be the new S Pole, and thus provinces in China near India will freeze and struggle, as northern Canada and Siberia do today. Thus the ghost cities are to the north of China, in lands that will be temperate. Do the governments of the world take ZetaTalk seriously? China certainly has, for the past decade. China is preparing to relocate its citizens to its new ghost cities from the coast and from the southern and western provinces near India.

With all the face-to-face meetings that Obama is having regarding the upcoming 7/10 events, I was wondering if the Zetas could comment on whether the UK's prime minister having a 'Norweigian Summit' recently with the heads of state of many Baltic countries had a similar purpose. As with Obama's face-to-face meetings, do these also result in discussion of the poleshift and dealing with the possibilty of a European tsunami? A meeting of this kind is certainly not the norm and if to discuss trade as stated then why cannot trade ministers deal with it? [and from another] Cameron calls for northern European alliance [Jan 20] The PMs of Iceland, Norway, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia are at the London summit.
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What do these countries have in common? Except for Norway and Sweden, they will be devastated by the pending European tsunami. The UK will take the brunt of the tsunami, striking its western coast at 200 foot high, rising to 300 foot high in the Bristol Chanel due to tidal bore. Denmark will be scoured clean, being lowland. Lithuania, Finland, and Estonia are, as is known, lowland expected to disappear during the pole shift tides and rising sea level to follow. This hastily called conference, called an "alliance" and hosted in London, has one central issue - where will the people in the UK go when they are drowning? Conspicuously absent from the conference are countries in Europe that have highlands or are bordering countries with highlands. Those countries are expected to have their populace scamper into the hills following or in anticipation of the European tsunami, or following or in anticipation of the pole shift.

Thus, we have the odd group attending the conference, which are included strictly due to their geography. Norway and Sweden will be affected only lightly during the European tsunami, and in particular will survive the pole shift well above the waves and with a good climate. They are the target countries, in Britain's eyes. What characterizes Finland, Lithuania, and Estonia? The majority of Finland will disappear during the pole shift. Lithuania and Estonia will disappear entirely. Only tiny Latvia has highlands which will survive the pole shift, and Latvia is notable absent from the conference. This swath of countries along the Baltic Sea has one thing in common - they would be unlikely to go east into what was or is Russian territory, so will be appealing to Norway and Sweden. Britain is attempting to work out a plan whereby immigrants from the UK will be given priority treatment.

Could I please ask our Zetas to comment on the CNN reports and repeated hints of perceived threats about the Internet possibly being shut down in the US, even before the Pole Shift? What is going on behind the scenes and why this very public headline and "cut to/from the chase" language by this network following the Egyptian debacle? My first impression was that this is something that is being planned by the elite, and someone is using CNN to warn them: "you can try, but you won't succeed" in reference to the "kill switch" law push. [and from another] Could the U.S. shut down the internet? [and from another] Internet is easy prey for governments [and from another] "It could happen here..." [and from another] Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet "Kill Switch" A controversial bill handing President Obama power over privately owned computer systems during a "national cyberemergency," and prohibiting any review by the court system, will return this year.

The Internet was designed to avoid outages by having multiple routes from one point to another. If one server was down, or one city were experiencing earthquakes or electrical outages, traffic would simply be sent on a different route. Thus, if the undersea cables between Europe and N America were severed in the Atlantic, traffic would be routed via Asia and across the Pacific or satellite bounce would be used. It is not just blocked traffic that is treated this way, but any slowdown in service. This is by design. What goes into or out from a particular household or business is a different matter, as this is usually routed through a particular ISP (Internet Service Provider). Thus, if someone wanted to restrict you from the Internet, they could either haul away your PC, or kill your account at your ISP, or close down your ISP completely.

When a country such as Egypt closed the Internet within their borders, this required two things - a single ISP serving the entire country, and a willingness to shut down all commerce and industry within their borders, temporarily. The tourist industry collapsed. Money in their banks fled the country. Even assuming a pole shift was not in their future, these aspects of Egyptian society would not recover for years. Despite Mubarac's attempt to murder the truth and blind the public, the protesters simply used dial-up modems to communicate to ISP's outside Egypt's control. Put this scenario into a theoretical worldwide shutdown. Every ISP would have to be closed and every country would have to participate and even the phone services prohibited in order for this plan to succeed.

What scenario would justify trying to shut down the Internet in this manner? First, commerce and industry such as banking and internet sales, the military's use of the internet to monitor all manner of things, email supporting government operations and communications between governments around the world - all would have to be stopped. What would justify this? A truth so horrible it cannot be spoken? Are we talking about the presence of Planet X in the skies? A gigantic rip in the N Atlantic sending a tsunami toward the UK? Sumatra and Java sinking 80 feet? Be aware that the establishment has all of these scenarios covered with various ridiculous excuses, just as they have excused the Earth changes and Second Sun sightings to date.

Those who contemplate an Internet kill switch, whereby the US and their allies would agree to close down the Internet within their reach, are of a particular mindset. These are individuals who themselves have a place in the well stocked bunkers, and envision a situation where the truth about Planet X would suddenly burst on the scene, causing panic in the streets and demands that heads roll, specifically their heads. In this setting, while they escaped to their bunkers, they would want martial law imposed so that the public could not come after them or clog the roads and airways.

Would this succeed? First, the truth about Planet X is dawning on the public steadily, due to the Earth changes and Earth wobble and will be increasingly obvious soon due to signs in the skies. Next, escape to the bunkers is not officially planed until the last minute, as the establishment hopes that excuses and disinformation will prevail while the world continues to chug along, on the chance that our predictions are wrong and the passage will be slight. Thus, those inclined to kill the Internet would be prevented from this move. Next, any "truth" about Planet X that might be announced is already being countered by lies from officials such as NASA, and any supposed leaks would be countered by an assassination or a quick trip to an insane asylum. Thus we will all arrive at the last weeks, with the Internet only affected by the Earth changes, and not by the hands of man!

align="right" hspace="0" width=228 height=240>Safe locs state: "The bluffs and highlands of southern Brazil will remain above sea level after the polar melt, and will not be subject to mountain building during the shift. As with the Salt Flats in Utah, old and highly stabile rock such as found in the Parana province will likewise resist shattering during the quakes." My question is : The Guarani Aquifer, located beneath the surface of Southern Brazil is one of the world's largest aquifer systems and is an important source of fresh water will still be reliable after the 7 of 10 ? Will it collapse during the south america roll? Millions of people depends on this source for its everyday lifehood .. [and from another] Arguably the largest single body of groundwater in the world, although the overall volume of the constituent parts of the Great Artesian Basin is much larger, with a total recharge rate of about 166 km³/year from precipitation. It is said that this vast underground reservoir could supply fresh drinking water to the world for 200 years. With over 90% of the total area overlaid with basalt of a low-permeability, deposited during the Cretacous period, acting as an aquitard and providing a high degree of containment.

As with the Australian aquifer, this aquifer will survive intact. The S American Plate does not shatter or split, and the rock strata creating the aquifer in the first place will remain intact. S America will rip at Buenos Aires, which is beneath the aquifer boundary. Mountain building occurs in S America along the Andes, which are also outside the aquifer boundary. Situated under what will be a temperate region in the Aftertime, this aquifer, replenished by rainfall in the region, will be an important source of fresh water for survivors.

Natural gas service was disrupted for some 30,000 homes across New Mexico beginning February 3rd as the state endured record cold temperatures. While it was reported that natural gas suppliers in West Texas curtailed production because of rolling electrical blackouts resulting from the harsh weather, it seems a more plausible explanation would be the fracturing of gas lines from the tearing of land rifts along the Rio Grande and Pecos Rivers. My questions are: 1. Was this widespread gas service disruption the result of further tearing of these land rifts? 2. Should the residents along these rifts (the Rio Grande and Pecos Rivers) expect more severe tearing before the diagonal stress on N. America is relieved by the New Madrid adjustment? [and from another] Thousands in NM without Natural Gas Service [Feb 3] Demand has soared because of extremely cold weather across the state. New Mexico Gas Company said rolling blackouts in West Texas also impeded the delivery of natural gas into New Mexico. Martinez declared a state of emergency for all of New Mexico, urging residents to turn down their thermostats, bundle up and shut off appliances they don't need for the next 24 hours. [and from another] The state's largest electrical utility, Public Service Company of New Mexico, asked customers in the southern New Mexico communities of Alamogordo, Tularosa and Ruidoso to reduce their use of electricity because a transmission line serving the area was over capacity. The overload occurred because a second line into the area was out of service, but PNM said crews were repairing that line. [and from another] Temperatures have dropped to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 13 Celsius) in the area, the coldest weather in 60 years.

This was not a matter of line breakage. Line breakage does not occur due to cold except in rare cases when pipelines not expected to have to endure sub-zero temperatures are stressed, causing metal fractures due to the compression that metal undergoes in low temperatures. This was a usage issue, due to the sub-zero temperatures descending from the Arctic all the way into Mexico. Everyone had their heaters on, including electric heaters. Pipeline pressure was reduced past the point where it could sustain pilot lights, so automatic shutdowns occurred. Will more of this occur as the weather becomes more erratic? Absolutely. And it should be anticipated.

align="right" hspace="0" width=240 height=180>Can the Zetas comment on the recent push to at least start to question the Chemtrail coverup in the MSM recently? The Paper in Atlanta openly published a chemtrail story this week. [and from another] Chemtrails: Is The Government Poisoning Us From Planes? [Feb 2] Conspiracy theorists believe the U.S. government is spreading toxic chemicals from planes. They call them chemtrails and there believe the toxins are damaging the environment and our health. The U.S. government has said it isn't spreading chemicals from planes.

One of the major so-called conspiracy theories on the Internet has been chemtrails - who, what, and why. Chemtrails are well documented by photos and chemical analysis of the air. All of this is discounted by those involved as merely the contrails from airplanes and the byproduct of air traffic. Chemtrails have eased and then resumed recently. By late August, 2010 it seemed the chemtrail operation had closed shop, due to an attempt to infiltrate the operation and expose it. Frightened, the wealthy elite running the operation temporarily closed shop while they disposed of the suspected saboteurs, but resumed a month later, by late September, 2010. If the group fogging up the skies is so intent upon continuing their operation that they would assassinate any insiders suspected of leaking evidence to the public, then why would they allow an article on CBS to be published?

We are talking about the elite here, those wealthy enough to fund a huge operation running 24*7, virtually worldwide. Would this organization not have enough clout to silence a major news article focusing attention on the evidence that proves that those making claims were correct? What's going on here? The perpetrators are trying to get ahead of any leaks that may be pending. The message is: "we have nothing to hide". The article is designed to invite discussion and debate, in an online forum where agents of disinformation are just lurking and waiting. Pointed suppression of discussion and information flow invites the suspicion that a cover-up is in process. By being open, the perpetrators hope to clothe themselves in the presumption of innocence.

There is a district in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, called Anantpur where residents of that district observed the earth developing deep cracks, almos like the scene in the movie, "Tremors." From those cracks, smoke is emanating with lava like material oozing out. In other places, (in the same district) upon digging the earth, people found hardened, black stone or earth crust charred to a cinder but firm to the touch. There is no volcano in and around the area so it is pretty strange that lava like substance can be found. A few days later as on Feb/6/2011, in Krishna district, also in Andhra Pradesh, a man was getting a bore well dug up and found to his surprise hot water like a geyser, bubbling on the surface. Geologists dismiss this in their usual brusque manner as something that happens when there is an earthquake and that the place experienced some tremors some time ago, which is not true. Is there a cover up? Why is the Government not going deep into the matter? These are some of the questions that crop up in one's mind when one takes the overall scene of what is going on in the rest of the world. [and from another] Black substance spews from earth, creates panic in Kurnool [Feb 8] In a strange phenomenon, a black chemical substance gushed out from the earth, creating panic in Maddikera village in Kurnool district. Huge cavities also formed. The nearby grass caught fire when the black substance spread like lava from a volcano. A cement electric pole in the vicinity collapsed.
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What would cause tar beds to rupture and be forced to the surface in cental India? If the plate tongue holding Indonesia is being squeezed, so that it folds like an accordion and pushes down under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate, what would be the pressure on the plates to the west of this squeeze? It would be intense. The Burma Plate will pop up, eventually, during this squeeze. India is being forced to tip, so that the western side at Pakistan has lost elevation while Sri Lanka is being flooded with sea water rushing in along its eastern coastline. Certainly, the rock strata beneath India is feeling the squeeze, and in such cases the weak point breaks. Up comes something long buried. Oil comes in many forms - gaseous, liquid, or tar. In this case, a tar bed has been breached, and is bubbling to the surface during the squeeze.

Natural Gas Explosion Kills 5 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, AP News, February 10, 2011. Would the Zetas like to comment on this? Plate stretching? [and from another] A pair of homes were flattened and burning after the initial explosion, and six more were consumed by the resulting fire. In September, a natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California, killed eight people. The explosion and the resulting fire injured 52 people and destroyed 37 homes. The blast sent a 28-foot section of the gas pipeline 100 feet into the air and blew in the doors of a grocery story a quarter-mile away. Last month, a gas main explosion in Philadelphia killed a utilities worker and injured five other people.

As is known, Pennsylvania has an inordinate number of sinkholes. As we have explained this is because Pennsylvania lies at a point where the stress on the N American continent is such that as the New England region rises, and the southeast US is pulled down, Pennsylvania must bend. The State of Maryland has a large number of breaking water mains and booms, due to this. Gas mains are not exempt! This does not mean that Pennsylvania is in the stretch zone, it is in the bending zone. And as the rock strata bends and snaps, so do the gas and water mains!