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ZetaTalk for June 11, 2011

When I first visited the site ZetaTalk I already thought it all true. Everything seemed true even without proof, I can not even imagine that Planet X can be seen at all. I did not know that there is real evidence that global warming can not explain. What is the secret of such credulity? Now the evidence is complete! But in the past people believed in the Pole Shift because not all of these contactees? How Nancy managed to convince the public of the existence of Planet X? Again, there were an Element of Doubt puts people do not believe in ZetaTalk. As people became convinced of the existence of the Zetas and Planet X?

ZetaTalk has never asked people to take what they say on faith. It is not a religion. It points, quite deliberately, in two directions - the ZetaTalk accuracy track record and past and present pole shift evidence. From the start in 1995 ZetaTalk pointed to the Earth's geological history and mythology. In 1995 the current Earth changes were only beginning, so that a slight increase in earthquakes and vulcanism, a restless core and increasing magnetic interference, would only be taken as proof by those with firm soul knowledge from living through prior pole shifts or information gleaned from aliens during contact. These were the early ZetaTalk fans.

As ZetaTalk gradually built up its track record of accuracy on predictions, there were other parallel tracks that convinced those who encountered it that ZetaTalk was a source of truth from non-humans. Many who read the site were gripped by what they termed the "ring of truth". Puzzles that mankind had struggled with for eons and never adequately explained were answered, often with explanations that soon were admitted as true by NASA and other scientists. This included our explanations for gravity flow, the Repulsion Force and its basis in gravity particle crowding, and our description of Planet X as a wandering planet, now openly admitted by NASA as not only possible but prevalent.

ZetaTalk was logical, did not sink into the morass of loyalty to religions or scientific theories of the past, and stuck to the facts. It was also amazingly comprehensive, covering all scientific disciplines as well as displaying an understanding of human nature and various cultures. At the start of ZetaTalk, those witnessing this phenomena concluded that Nancy was either a team of experts or telling the truth about the source of her information. After 1995, when ZetaTalk began, our predictions on many fronts began proving true, and this has since been the primary thrust behind the fame of the ZetaTalk phenomena.

I was re-reading some of the govt section of ZT, and had a question regarding Zeta comments on the coverup. They had said back in 2004 that the Puppet Master was instructing the media to begin presenting PX effects as a debate, where PX was a true possibility. I think my only example of seeing this was the Taiwan coverage of the second sun phenomena, and this was only months ago. So did the PM change his mind on this? Were his dictates ignored? Why so little evidence of this 7 yrs later?

The Puppet Master anticipates a time when the near presence of Planet X, and its influence on the Earth, cannot be denied. This would include, but not be limited to:

That time has not arrived, but the Puppet Master anticipated it would arrive with the 7 of 10 because we used the phrase "shock the world". The 7 of 10 scenarios will shock the world but just when that threshold arrives seems uncertain.

Meanwhile, the sinking in Indonesia is deliberately kept out of the press by the governments in the region, who have a brutal hand. Coverage of those regions that have permanently flooded, per our predictions, would have to come from an investigative journalist outside of the region, and they would have to deal with vehement denial from the governments in the region. In that the monsoon season has arrived, this presents at best a confused situation. The sinking in the Caribbean will be bundled with the large quakes expected during the S American roll, and be claimed to be a result of these earthquakes, and once again no reference to ZetaTalk. Those with an investment in the cover-up, who fear the public's panic and the revelation of their participation in keeping the truth from the public's eye, will not ease their grip on the media readily.

It will be a combination of factors that propels ZetaTalk and Nancy into the media. Certainly there are many exposes and documentaries that have been prepared for this time. When the fact that the continent of Africa has moved so that Gibraltar is 125 miles wider and Sinai 50 feet wider is in the news, as it could hardly be kept out, this is a plate movement that cannot be denied. S America moving 250 miles further to the west can be disguised, and blamed on malfunctioning GPS units and the like. A severe wobble to the extent that the Sun is so far out of place that it cannot be denied, or some sign in the sky visible worldwide and remaining for days or weeks are likewise factors that would cross the threshold. When this point is reached, a campaign directed by the Puppet Master will begin!

Can you tell what is in these pictures? Doesn't look like a flare.
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With reduced glare due to filters, these photos are showing not only Planet X itself at the 4 o'clock position but various Moon Swirl orbs clustered around the Sun. The appearance of Planet X, where there is a shadow below the orb, is due to the angle of reflection off the dust cloud on the top of Planet X, thus the shadow. The smooth shape of this presentation of Planet X is because the light reflections are illuminating the dust cloud as in the Monster Sun category, light rays scattering out and then bending back, giving a large, or monster, appearance.

Considering California's obvious water resource problems as a desert climate, Lake Tahoe offers a deep abundance of clean water and many surrounding flat valley areas and meadows that may represent geologically tested, relatively flat, hard rock land plates suitable for establishing some survival communities. It is near a precious water resource that presumably will not be flooded away since Lake Tahoe has no damn to be destroyed during the Pole Shift, as it is one of earth's deepest natural lakes. Mt. Pluto not likely to erupt this time given that it last erupted 2 million years ago whence its lava sealed off Lake Tahoe essentially as it is now. [and from another] Although it is commonly believed that Lake Tahoe is of volcanic origin, the Lake Tahoe Basin was actually formed by faulting-fractures in the earth's crust allowing blocks of land to rise and sink. This occurred over several million years as the Sierra Nevada mountains were rising from a shallow sea. Two principal steep faults evolved, the eastern margin created the Carson Range while the Sierra Nevada mountains rose on the western side. Several active volcanoes poured lava into the basin, eventually damming the outlet. [and from another] The Lake Tahoe Basin was formed by a geologic block (normal) faulting. A geologic block fault is a fracture in the Earth's crust causing blocks of land to move up or down. Uplifted blocks created the Carson Range on the east and the Sierra Nevada on the west. Down-dropped blocks (a graben) created the Lake Tahoe Basin in between. Eruptions from the extinct volcano Mount Pluto formed a dam on the north side.

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Tahoe lies at the juncture of the hard rock under the Sierras, which will fracture during the pole shift, and rock to the north and east which operate independently of the rock in the Sierras. The rock structures holding Tahoe as a lake are not expected to change during the coming upheaval, though rock and roll will certainly take place in the area. Due to the thickness of the rock built up under the Tahoe area over the econs, the Mount Pluto volcano, extinct for what mankind estimates to be 2 million years, will not erupt. This would be an area to return to after the pole shift, however, due to the possibility of tumbling rock at Tahoe during the pole shift itself, with the flat former lake beds in the California valley floor or the Lahontan former salt lake beds in Nevada offering more safety. .

Any country with thermal springs (central and southern Italy, eastern Austria, southern Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland, Israel, Bulgaria, Hungary, US/California, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho etc, Chile, Peru, Canada/BC etc) and their potential danger during the PS. According to Zetas, areas with hotsprings/thermal springs and a radios of 100 miles around them should be avoided during the PS as they might become intensely active (not sure if it´s due to mega-geysers, toxic gas leaks, overheating of the terrain or outright volcanic explosion). If one marks in a map the 100-mile hotspring radius around each of those areas (which become huge), then together with the lowland and coastal areas which will be flooded after the PS, it means that nearly all of the heretofore considered "safe" areas in the US, Canada and Central Europe (i.e. more than 800 ft high, more than 200 miles inland, non-volcanic) are not safe at all. Or are they only safe depending on the thermal/hotspring geological type (volcanic/nonvolcanic; hot/mineral but not hot)? Could the Zetas please clarify?
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In analyzing an area for relative safety during the coming pole shift, and for habitability in the Aftertime, there are several steps that should be taken. In all of these cautions, there are of course exceptions.

  1. The first to consider is whether the area will be viable at all for a ride through the pole shift. India will go under the waves, as will western Australia. Indonesia, except for the high mountains in Borneo, will be iffy for survival at all, as will be true in Central America and the Caribbean and Florida. But it is theoretically possible for someone to survive the rough water and disappearing land, to stay afloat or be on a high peak that remains above the waves.
  2. Next is to consider where the new poles will be located, and the distance of the safe location from a new pole. Considering northern Siberia, northern Canada, Iceland and the northern reaches of Norway, Sweden and Finland as representative lands near a pole, consider whether a survival community could sustain itself in such a place. But it would be possible to survive in Tibet and then migrate toward Alaska after the pole shift, for instance, or survive the pole shift in the Bulge of Brazil and migrate toward the new Equator off the Andes.
  3. Next is whether the area is a mountain building zone. The Andes, the West Coast of the US and Canada, the Aleutian Islands, Kamchatka in Russia and Japan - all will sustain subduction with consequent mountain building. But in such areas there are hard rock plateaus that have withstood pressure in the past that could be considered safe for a ride through the pole shift. We have also stated that the mountains in the eastern US, the Alps, and in eastern Russia and Mongolia and China are not in a mountain building state, but in a stretch zone. These are safe zones.
  4. Then there is the issue of volcanic zones, which most often are located in mountain building areas. Volcanoes edge the Ring of Fire, and for the same reason that mountain building can be expected in these areas, volcanic eruptions from any volcano which has erupted in the past 10,000 years should be expected. But not all volcanoes expected to erupt will do so violently. Yellowstone or the Hawaii volcanoes where rock layers are folding under them will be less explosive than assumed.
  5. Then there is the issue of tidal waves, which will roll inland in some areas for hundreds of miles and at great height. Texas will be scoured to the Escarpment, and the southern coast of Brazil flooded over the coastal mountains. The general guide is to be 100 miles inland and 200 feet high. But survival along coastlines is possible if above 600 feet and tidal bore or special circumstances are taken into consideration.
  6. Then there is the issue of hot or melting Earth, where subduction in river valleys is so rapid and aggressive that the heat melts the ground, as has been recorded by the West Coast Indians in the past. The eastern Mediterranean coastline also recorded this during the Exodus. But being on high ground is a guard against hot or melting Earth, as the rock only melts when it is close to the point of friction between rock layers.
  7. Then there is the matter of hot springs or places where the Earth is so thin that magma is near the surface. These have the potential during the pole shift of releasing gasses and ash, in the worst case being the equivalent of a volcanic eruption. This is more likely in a subduction zone such as the West Coast of the US. But hot springs will only be a danger in areas where violent subduction or violent stretching occurs, such as in the Rift Valley in Africa. Danger in the Alps or in Mongolia is virtually nil.
  8. Next is proximity to flooding rivers, which will all top their banks. Such floods can spread in the interior of a continent for vast areas, melting the soil under buildings and toppling them and leaving survivors floating in an inland sea. But interior flooding from rivers overtopping their banks can be survived if one is in high ground well above the flood level of nearby rivers. Double the worst flood on record as a guide and be on rock, not soil that can melt.

From "Norway was considered an option until very recently, which explains the odd visit by Bush to this country in the past months." My question: What happened so that Norway is not longer considered as an option for the elite? This huge seed-storage at Spitsbergen/Svalbard has already been built, still they have abandonned Norway as an option? Could the Zetas clarify why? Or is Norway still considered as an option or only Spitsbergen/Svalbard?

Norway was attractive to those in the Bush crowd, the New World Order crowd, because it will be above the waves, will have a warm and even inviting climate, and controls the oil fields in the north. But the Bush crowd was not welcome there, and having the local politicians open doors and look the other way when legal infractions occur is also of importance in these matters. This crowd requires control of an area, and too much resistance makes an area unattractive. Norway did not welcome them.

This past week, Singapore has been experiencing numerous reports of flooding due to rain and poor drainage. A cursory search of twitter on flooding in Singapore reveals numerous people questioning the severity and strangeness of the flooding. ie:
July 7/2011 18:44 PST
· Flooding inside the line. First time wow. Now Singapore is to flood everywhere. Even on 4th floor inside production line haha.
· I kinda hate the flooding now
· Singapore is flooding again. WTF!
· 2012 heard tht we are gonna die by flood , that's why now Singapore keep flooding la!
· Do you see Singapore flooding like this in the past? No. Catch up with the news and see what is happening to Gaia.
· And it's flooding in Singapore.
· Singapore's flooding at Orchard Road (again) is surprising
· Don't let everything done go down the drain, especially when Singapore flooding. Ok, I'm lame
· Singapore is flooding again. Sigh.
· Why is Singapore flooding? Find it so weird!
Has a sinking process begun in Singapore and if so what can the area expect to unfold as the 7/10 process continues?

Despite the presence of the monsoon rains, Singapore is sinking. The sinking process is first that the tides appear higher, and roll inland further.

The second sign is that lowlands drain more slowly. The increasingly slow drainage is due to the sogginess of the soil, which is pulling water up into the soil from the rising water table. Floods that are well above the water table, i.e the sea level, will drain faster than floods just above sea level, as there is no hindrance. Water flow in the case of draining floods is being pulled by gravity, and if from a high location does not have water in front of the flow, blocking the flow. But the water flow from a soggy location often has a backwash, or slow moving drainage, and thus becomes almost stagnant or accumulates during rainstorms. Thus increasing flooding during rainstorms with the establishment blaming clogged drains is the second sign that sinking is occurring.

The third sign is that those areas that are at or below the new sea level will refuse to drain unless pumping is done and dykes are in place. This is happening extensively to Jakarta and Java, where dykes are built and any accumulation of water is pumped out. Certainly the airports in Jakarta and in Singapore are both protected by dykes. In Jakarta, the streets are rivers often, even in front of tall buildings in the business districts. Then the pumps are moved in and it is all blamed on rains in the highlands swelling the rivers until they overflow the dykes. Those areas that are below the new sea level will become inland seas, or an encroachment of the sea. This is often blamed on erosion, the tides eating the land, another establishment excuse during the sinking process.

The fourth sign is that despite dykes and pumping action, basements or below ground parking will become permanently flooded, beyond what any type of pumping can overcome. This will be blamed on recent rains for as long as the public can tolerate such excuses. By this time the ground is so soggy that structures begin to tilt and mold is prevalent. Still, the establishment will continue to talk about improved drainage systems, stronger dykes, and silting of river bottoms. It is when the dykes are overtopped by the sea that the truth is out, but even then the establishment will blame the flooding on a broken dyke, not a sinking process.

The proof that sinking has occurred will only be in hand when the sea is washing inland along roads not protected by dykes. Or the sea is washing over bridges connecting islands, such as in Singapore or Hong Kong where the bridge itself is at a known elevation and this is supposed to be well above sea level. Or where the dykes are broken, and the sea has flooded the protected area so the new sea level can be clearly determined. Jakarta is expected to lose 80 feet, Singapore closer to 60 feet, Bangkok 40 feet, and Hong Kong 20 feet in elevation.

I find this footage incredible. The "Mermaid" legends abound in Man's history, and I could find scant reference in the ZetaTalk archive. Nancy, could the Zetas please comment on the subject? Origins of these reports? [and from another] Same YouTube poster, who is apparently into animation, on false mermaids in the past.

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Numerous frauds abound showing creatures reportedly dredged from the deep that look like the mythological mermaids. These are often debunked as manufactured, though most of these claims merely drift into obscurity without an analysis. A hoax is rated on how many people believe it, and for what length of time, so any attention is considered a success. This latest fraud was manufactured by an animation specialist, as a quick check of his YouTube home page confirms.

The fascination of course is due to mythology. The myths have a basis in fact as when someone is drowning in the water, many fish can appear to have the appearance of a face, and the fins the appearance of arms and hands. Fish are attracted to motion in the water, which might be a swarm of small fish or food stuffs stirred up from the bottom, so come close to check. Recovering, the sailors would either report being rescued or dragged toward the bottom, and attribute all this to the mermaid's intervention. Do such creatures exist? Hardly, as should be clear from the differing biology of the halves. Humans are not designed to breath under water, nor would a land creature have use of such a tail.

I came across this story yesterday, and immediately thought of The Ghost Cities, complete with infrastructure in northern China that have been discussed, here on the Ning. Would the Zetas care to comment on this? [and from another] One thing that they have decided to do is to buy up pieces of the United States and set up "special economic zones" inside our country from which they can continue to extend their economic domination. China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach for short) plans to construct a "technology zone" south of Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size. The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre "self-sustaining city" that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned "self-sustaining city" in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers. Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States.

Since China could manufacture in China, with their abundant workforce, why would they need to insert manufacturing facilities inside the US? Trade barriers are one reason, the fear that import restrictions will increase or taxes levied so that a "made in USA" sticker on their products would be insurance for the future. But are the Chinese trying to plant sleeper cells within the US so they can take over the country in the event of the global catastrophe's we have predicted. Both agendas are in play here. But given the disasters that will befall all of man's technology and infrastructure during and after the pole shift, neither agenda will succeed. .