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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 6, 2014

This article is getting huge coverage online and even in the MSN. A former NASA employee claims to have seen men walking on Mars in 1979. This seems to have caught the attention of many and to make the MSN is unusual. Would the Zetas care to comment on why that would be and any other insights pertinent please. [and from another]  Vikings 1 and 2 landed in 1975 and 1976, and sent back the first data about the Martian surface - including a distinct lack of extraterrestrial life. [and from another]  Conspiracy forums have been set ablaze this week after a lady claiming to be a former NASA employee claimed she has seen humans on Mars. The woman called into Coast to Coast AM with a 'confession' that she had witnessed suited men running on the red planet in 1979. Jackie said she was working as part of a 'downstairs' team downloading telemetry from a Viking Lander when she saw the humans via live feed. ‘That old Viking rover was running around. Then I saw two men in space suits – not the bulky suits we normally used, but they looked protective. They came over the horizon walking to the Viking Explorer.’ NASA has not corroborated the story. Six other NASA workers saw the two humans walking on the red planet's surface. The Viking landing craft did not send a live TV feed back to Earth, and as its name suggests it simply landed on the Martian surface, it did not have wheels like the latest Curiosity craft. [and from another]  [and from another]  The Viking 1 Lander sampling arm created a number of deep trenches as part of the surface composition and biology experiments on Mars. The digging tool on the sampling arm could scoop up samples of material and deposit them into the appropriate experiment.

During the 1950-1970’s the US government , at the direction of MJ12, instituted Alternatives 1, 2, and 3. Having been warned about the pending passage of Nibiru from Service-to-Self aliens around the time of Roswell, the secret government went about building underground bunkers such as Mt Weather and devising means of pruning the Earth’s population. The AIDS virus was collected and spread to the target population – blacks in Africa and homosexuals elsewhere – via their promiscuous sexual practices.

Alternative 3 - off-world safety on Mars, the Moon, and the Dark Twin – was also implemented. Though taken to the Moon and Mars by Service-to-Self aliens, the US government, at the direction of MJ12, initiated very public programs to go to the Moon and Mars, to act as a cover. How else to explain the eventual settlement and return of humans unless the population was aware of the Apollo and Viking programs. Alternative 3 fell apart because humans could not live with their Service-to-Self hosts, developing psychosomatic illnesses. But now that the elite desire to populate Mars, and are planning to fly themselves there, the fact that Mars can sustain life and has an atmosphere is no longer held to be a secret.

Is this supposed 27 year secret, a leak from a former NASA telemetry technician, genuine? As with most CIA directed leaks, there is partial truth along with a lot of disinformation. There was no connection between the Alternative 3 operations and the Apollo and Viking efforts, for obvious reasons. The public was not to know about the alien presence, was not to know about MJ12, the secret government, and certainly was not to know about the pending passage of Nibiru. The humans that resided on Mars for a time were exterminated when the program closed down, to ensure secrecy. Nor did they walk about where they could be seen.

Would you like to comment on the hologram that's been captured now by 3 people. What could be the purpose?

These videos, taken by different amateur astronomers in different countries and at different times, confirm the phenomena. This is not a camera defect, not a hoax. Something is pushing the light rays coming from the direction of the Moon, such that it appears a wave is passing over the Moon. What is this wave? Light rays bend easily, but this wave is not a bending of the light, it is a curving of the light. It eventually paints a picture of the Moon that is correct. In the meantime, the camera is seeing light that has been curved, bent away and then returned. Light that has been bent would show the Moon in a different place, as light diffraction does when one looks at one’s feet in the water.

Gravity bends light. This is why the Auroras are seen at the poles where the Sun’s glare is diminished by the curvature of the Earth. The light is bending toward the Earth, bent by gravity. Planet X is a gravity draw, and pulls light rays coming toward the Earth from the Moon toward it. But then, as these light rays proceed on, they come closer to the Earth and are bent back toward the Earth. Thus, the appearance of a wave. This curve is not steady state, as the gravity storm caused by the near presence of Planet X waxes and wanes. Thus the Moon’s appearance seems to return to normal between waves. 

I'm assuming this is Zeta protecting us. This has certainly stumped scientists. [and from another] Researchers using NASA’s Van Allen Probes have discovered a nearly impenetrable barrier that prevents the most energetic electrons from reaching Earth and protects both astronauts and satellites from potential harm. A team of experts from MIT, the University of Colorado and elsewhere discovered the invisible shield approximately 7,200 miles above the Earth. The newly discovered invisible barrier prevents that from happening, keeping the high-energy radiation at bay thanks to a phenomenon known as “plasmaspheric hiss,” which the researchers identify has extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves in the upper atmosphere that resembles static when played through a speaker. The barrier appeared to be extremely rigid. If you parked a satellite or an orbiting space station with humans just inside this impenetrable barrier, you would expect them to have much longer lifetimes.

That mankind has discovered a facet of the Earth’s magnetic field, previously unknown, should not be surprising. Only a few centuries ago, the Flat Earth theory was popular and enforced by the Church. To counter this with facts was to encounter torture and death. Currently creationism is a point of confusion, though it is obvious to a thinking man that both evolution over millions of years and genetic engineering at the hands of angels was involved in mankind’s development of conscious intelligence. Mankind learns new facts and pronounces “we now know” while correcting their former pronouncements.

What is being touted as a force field around Earth, protecting the Earth from solar radiation, is just a facet of a magnetic field. It is not new, and is not something that aliens have constructed to protect mankind. Despite NASA et al planning to use solar eruptions as an excuse for the Earth changes caused by Planet X, the Sun has not cooperated this past decade, being virtually asleep with few sunspots and a relatively calm surface. Does the Earth’s magnetic field protect the Earth from solar radiation? The collision at the “plasma hiss” point would occur closer to the surface without the Earth’s magnetic field, as more than electro-magnetic particles are involved. Humans have auras. Planets have a “plasma hiss”.

It would have to be quite the adjustment in the north Atlantic rift to be heard on both sides of the ocean.  Is this the case, or is there something else at play.  Perhaps a sonic boom due to a meteorite?  Would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another]  One possible explanation is that the it could have been a meteorite breaking up in the atmosphere - which would result in a sonic boom. A geophysicist with the USGS in Colorado, told WGRZ that it would be impossible to attribute the reported noises to the Lockport earthquake hours later. Some people in Great Britain have suggested that unusual weather conditions might be the source. Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists took to social media to claim that aliens were to blame. Within minutes Twitter users had started spreading hashtags from the straightforward (#loudbangs) to the slightly melodramatic (#omgwereallgoingtodie). Twitter user Virtual Astronomer said space debris re-entering the earth's atmosphere could have been responsible.

Simultaneous booms heard 3,000 miles apart, along the Seaway in New York State and in the UK, can only mean one thing – the Atlantic is pulling part, and as it does the Seaway is pulling apart and the UK is being pulled down. All of this creating fracturing rock, thus the booms. The Earth changes, as expected, are on the uptick and this will only increase.  The plates are on the move! While the establishment is still not admitting the presence of Nibiru (which is the cause of the increasing Earth wobble and plate movement) they are still issuing amusing excuses. A meteor over the Atlantic, only heard in certain places along the East Coast of the US, and only heard in certain places in Britain. Yeah sure.

Kuril Islands dispute. This question came up just recently in this decade, but the dispute has existed for several centuries. Especially in the future, Japan is actually not suitable for life (due to the volcanoes and nuclear power plants). Does Putin, open borders for the Japanese (on the islands)? [and from another]  Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (L) speaks with Russia's President Vladimir Putin (R) during their meeting in Moscow on April 29, 2013. (Credit: AFP) [and from another]  Last May, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was sincerely interested in settlement of the dispute, but it was unclear how to “reach a draw”. Russia and Japan have no peace treaty signed after World War II. Settlement of the problem inherited by Russia’s diplomacy from the Soviet Union is hampered by the years-long dispute over the four islands of Russia’s Southern Kuriles — Shikotan, Khabomai, Iturup and Kunashir, which Japan calls its northern territories. After World War II, in September 1945, Japan signed the capitulation, and in February 1946, the Kuril Islands were declared territories of the Soviet Union. During the cold war, Moscow did not recognize the territorial problem, but in October 1993, when Russian president Boris Yeltsin was on an official visit in Japan, the existence of the problem was confirmed officially. However, the two countries have reached no compromise over the dispute yet.  [and from another]  The Kuril Islands dispute also known as the Northern Territories dispute is a dispute between Japan and Russia and also some individuals of the Ainu people over sovereignty of the South Kuril Islands. The disputed islands, which were annexed by Soviet forces during the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation at the end of World War II, are currently under the Russian administration as South Kuril District of the Sakhalin Oblast. The San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan from 1951 states that Japan must give up all claims to the Kuril islands, but it also does not recognize the Soviet Union's sovereignty over the Kuril Islands. Furthermore, Japan currently claims that at least some of the disputed islands are not a part of the Kuril Islands, and thus are not covered by the treaty. On July 7, 2005, the European Parliament issued an official statement recommending the return of the territories in dispute, which Russia immediately protested. The dispute over the Kuril Islands was further exacerbated on July 16, 2008, when the Japanese government published new school textbook guidelines directing teachers to say that Japan has sovereignty over the Kuril Islands.

Despite what the European Parliament (2005) and Japan text books (2008) might say, Russia will not release any of the Kuril Islands. Why should they? They have been officially Russian territory since 1945. Those who lose territory as a result of losing a war do not get it back simply because they ask nicely, especially when they were the aggressor at the start. Europe has no say in the matter, either, nor any business there. Why has this become an issue just since 2003? Because our prediction that Nibiru would arrive in the inner solar system in 2003 were proven correct, and thus our predictions on the result of the pending Pole Shift are taken seriously too.

Russia plans to move its heavily populated western regions, including Moscow, to its Far East, which will be an ideal climate in the Aftertime. This is high land, and will be stretched out along the new Equator. Russia plans to tap new oil reserves in the Arctic. They are tight with China, each country having the other’s back, both looking to block eager immigrants coming from SE Asia, India, and Japan. Both Russia and Japan know that the Kuril Islands would be used as stepping stones to reach Russia’s Far East. Where Japan will have survivors and land not afflicted by volcanic ash, their populace is greater than the available land, and thus their press for possession of the Kuril Islands is likely only to increase.

Is there something underlying with President Obama's Executive Order? Is this possibly announcement-related? [and from another]  President Barack Obama, responding to concerns over the use of military-style equipment during protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the summer, is asking aides to prepare an executive order that would better track the weapons and gear flowing from the federal government to local police departments around the nation. 4% of the Pentagon's output to police departments is military grade, including 92,442 small arms, 5,235 Humvees, 617 mine resistant vehicles and 616 aircraft. It is the conclusion of a review process Obama launched in August following the heavily armed response to protesters in Ferguson. Images of tear-gassed filled streets patrolled by police in tanks sparked concern that local departments were treating citizens like enemy combatants. [and from another]  “The 1033 program has provided the necessary equipment to protect our brave officers and provide security and effective response to our communities," said Mark Lomax, executive director of the National Tactical Officers Association. Though the Pentagon requires police departments to demonstrate eligibility for transfers and to maintain control of inventory, the program does not include local oversight, and the Defense Department does not dictate the ways in which they are used by local police.

Where the US has been bracing for rioting among its citizens, and arming its federal agents accordingly, they never intended to have local law enforcement rise to the level of the US Military. The sequester, where the US Military was forced by finances to reduce its forces, and Obama’s closure of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars brought troops home and reduced the need for equipment. Rather than trash or recycle or sell older or excess equipment, the Pentagon sought to place it where it could be used within the US. Images of military grade gear in Ferguson raised the issue, but more than Ferguson is behind Obama’s concerns.

The press during the Bush administration to have an excuse to invoke martial law was unrelenting, and included the release of a live bird flu virus to 4,000 labs around the world by the CDC, a matter the FBI declared was “not an accident”. The elite within the US are determined to have the US military forced to protect themselves and their assets as soon as possible, and the rioting encouraged in Ferguson was a nudge in this direction.  Obama has been getting demands on a steady basis from the elite and is now pushing back. One does not militarize the hall monitors in schools, nor the guard at the mall, nor the local police. When it is time for the US military to become involved, to assist and defend the American people, it will not be the elite who will decide. 

Poli posted this new crop circle under crop circles part 3, would the zeta's offer some insight into this. [and from another]  There’s another new formation in the Netherlands, this time a 80 ft long design in a field of marigold flowers. "Flowers are only bent over - not flat, not crushed - curving stems everywhere."

The Earth wobble has recently increased, such that the Sun is undeniably in the wrong place for much of the world. Deluge has increased dramatically. Wind storms are evident and notable for their violence. Earthquakes worldwide are commanding attention, even though the seismographs have been toned down to deny their magnitude. The Netherlands crop circle is showing what is pending in the future – the Severe Wobble leading into the Last Weeks. The Earth will flop from side to side attempting to placate the magnetic onslaught from Nibiru, aka Planet X. The closer Planet X comes, the more violent the wobble.

With Netanyahu tearing a page from Julius Ceasers handbook should we expect to see him declare marshal law in Israel and war on Iran once the announcement has been made.  He is the public face of the cover-up and he knows it based on his latest action. Once the public figures out his role there will be little to stop the rioting mob from getting their hands on him.  Can the Zetas comment on the reason for his power grab?  I suspect that without a parliament to answer to he will have an army around himself and declaring marshal law and war will make him more liked and in his mind more safe within Israel. [and from another]   So now Netanyahu would become the interim finance and justice minister. (He was the interim minister of foreign affairs temporarily when the incumbent ran into legal troubles in 2012). But isn't this also a sign that Netanyahu is anticipating the announcement to take place very soon. After the announcement takes place, he could impose martial law, no? Elections can be suspended or postponed. (And the justice minister just so happens to be fired). Is this far-fetched? [and from another]   It seems Netanyahu is not having a good day! What do you think is going on behind the scenes in Israel? Is Netanyahu trying to bolster his right to lead, ahead of some disastrous leaked info? Now there is pressure on Israel in the UN re Iran, re nuclear arms (which they have always denied having). It appears Bibi is polarizing, by dissolving Parliament and firing ministers, it is just he in charge. And the new elections will not happen until March. [and from another]  UN Resolution: Israel Must Renounce Nuclear Arms. [and from another]  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today he would dissolve parliament and seek early elections and ordered the dismissal of his Finance and Justice ministers. "The prime minister plans to call for parliament's dissolution as soon as possible and to go to the people and get a clear mandate to lead Israel," a statement from his office said. Netanyahu, who leads the right-wing Likud party, also said he ordered the dismissal of Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who both head centrist parties. "In past weeks, including the past day, ministers Lapid and Livni have harshly attacked the government that I head. I will no longer tolerate an opposition inside the government," Netanyahu said in the statement. [and from another]  An opposition bill to dissolve the Knesset, Israel’s 120-seat parliament, is already slated for discussion Wednesday and is expected to pass. Approval would start the clock ticking toward general elections, expected in March. The Cabinet would remain in place until a new government is formed after elections, although responsibilities of fired or resigned ministers would have to be entrusted to caretakers. Previously, elections were not expected until 2016. [and from another]  New polls show strong support for rightist parties. [and from another]  The following is a list of United Nations resolutions that concern both Israel and Palestine and bordering states such as Lebanon. As of 2013, Israel had been condemned in 45 resolutions by United Nations Human Rights Council since its creation in 2006. [and from another]  Traditionally, Israel’s largest trade partners have been the U.S. and Europe, which together buy more than 50 percent of its $90 billion in civilian exports.

The dynamics of this latest Netanyahu power grab give the appearance of strength but the situation is the opposite. Traditionally, when Israel had been under attack in any way, the political right would gain strength, the citizens fearing annihilation in a land surrounded by resentful Arabs. Netanyahu has always managed to return to power, thus. Given the recent Gaza war (where Israel grabbed another 1,000 acres of land) and the rise of ISIS in the Middle East, it would on the surface appear that he is taking the opportunity to reshape Parliament and his Cabinet to his liking. Behind the scenes, however, something else is brewing.

Netanyahu appears to be overreacting, as though he needs to consolidate power before another onslaught. Israel and the banking industry represented by powerful Jews were cited by ourselves as being enemies of the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru. What can be seen since the Council of Worlds went to war with this crowd is that Israel has been cited at the UN for its possession of nuclear weapons (a fact they have always denied) and their treatment of the Palestinians.  European countries are increasingly condemning Israel for their land grabs in Palestine, France recently joining this list.

With Parliament dissolved, and his Cabinet reduced to those compliant with him, he is essentially a dictator until March. Netanyahu has always relied on the US to counter UN resolutions, as the US sits on the Security Council and can veto. Via political campaign contributions, he assumes he owns Congress. Congress budgets funds for Israel, bundling this into bills that Obama is inclined to accept. The US is also bankrupt, relying upon the good graces of the Federal Reserve. European countries are strong trading partners with Israel, thus Europe is inclined to continue this lucrative trade.

Who and what could counter this arrangement and rein Netanyahu in? The citizens of Israel. If he falls out of favor, due to exposure of crimes in his past, then the vote in March could go in a very different direction. In matters of pressure on those blocking the announcement, it is also not the blocking party that is the target. Pressure can work via many routes. Trading partners can be pressured to cancel contracts and block trade in sympathy with Palestinians. Members of the US Congress can be pressured to suspend payments to Israel. If signaled privately by the Fed that pressure on Israel might proceed, the US might support UN resolutions. But it is primarily the democratic vote in March that Netanyahu would fear. Might he declare martial law, if pressed? Absolutely, and this is likely to happen shortly.