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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 4, 2010

As I have read from your (Zetas) short biography, you too have passed a way through mythical gods before formation of galactic civilization. At what stage of development you have learnt that you not bodies, and souls which are in them? The souls, which are not knowing death and passing of many thousand of lives through it. How the knowledge of soul has affected your outlook? You began to look differently at death of a close member of a family, knowing that his thoughts and memoirs forever in a soul? How it has affected the relation to death of a separate individual, if recollect a case with Roswell and self-sacrifice?

How do an intelligent species first become aware of an indwelling soul, prior to such an awareness becoming a type of folklore in its culture? Imagine human existence without organized religion telling man they have an indwelling soul, or stories about ghosts or hauntings, or stories about satanic rituals, or supernatural manifestations of whatever sort. Every human assuming their life is lived and then ended, with no more significance than the ending of the life of a fish or chicken or bug. How would man sense the existence of a soul in themselves or another? In part, this comes from a sense of knowledge, an understanding on how to proceed, what to do in certain circumstances where the human has never before encountered such circumstances. This becomes more exacerbated as some souls grow in wisdom through many incarnations so can start advising the young souls around them. Those with an old soul become leaders, perhaps shamans, and are personally aware that their knowledge comes from a source within them, which they then name. It is by such means that the folklore starts, and builds.

align="right" hspace="0" width=380 height=413>There are many on the Kenai peninsula were we live; north, northern hemisphere, and on this peninsula, about in the middle, is some high mountains. Discussions with folks, that are some what aware, are that they would go to these mountain spots on the peninsula to escape the inevitable. My question would be that will the shelf that lies just beyond the borders of southern Kenai Peninsula, between the Aleutian Isles and the mainland, be a trench where one plate in driven beneath another? Are the dynamics of this area, south Kenai Peninsula, in total danger, or will the earths processes rise this area and would be habitable afterwards? I can see where the peninsula may just disappear all together? I also see that a person has to be on or off the peninsula cause there would be no escaping once things got started. Can the zeta's or yourself help us with this dilemma?

Clearly the habitable plateau of the Kenai peninsula will suffer from the pole shift tidal waves and the sea level rise to 675 feet that will occur within 2 years after the pole shift, as its elevation is low. The Kenai peninsula lies squarely on the N American Plate, which is solid and will retain its boundaries throughout. The compression of the Pacific has in the past impacted the Aleutian Island more than it will in the future, though volcanic restlessness should not be presumed to lessen. Thus the concerns of those on the peninsula should be focused on life after the pole shift while living in the mountains. Access to ocean fishing and very tropical weather for flourishing gardens should provide abundant food sources, and thus seed or hothouse stock that can thrive in tropical weather should be secured ahead of time. Beware the bears, who will have their habitat invaded. As we have stated, Alaska after the shift will be a war between man and bear, with one eating the other.

My question: what will be the lower feet above sea level that will be in existance by the end of the poleshift in the region West of New Madrid, Missouri?
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As can be seen by an analysis of the rock strata to the east and west of the Mississippi, the Mississippi is following the curve of solid rock just to the east. The potential for a greatly widened Mississippi occurs south of the Illinois border. To the south of this point the sea level elevation is lower and the rock strata is of a different nature than that above or to the east of this point. This is where the Mississippi will spread, to the west between the Illinois border and the Mississippi delta. We estimate the Mississippi will widen by 50 miles, give or take depending on its meandering and the stability of the rock or soil in any given location. Lowlands in Bolivar and Washington counties of Mississippi state are also vunerable to this flooding.

Did Abraham Zapruder capture an energy/spectral reflection that appears consistent with the possible human impression of a concept of a spiritual/soul energy flux archetype of President John F. Kennedy's face and upper spinal column during frames 321 through 330 of the Zapruder film? Further, according to ZT, did this spectral reflection truely represent a momentary film capture of the energy of JFK's soul leaving his physical body or was it simply just an unexplainable film anomaly unrelated to a discussion of the soul? More importantly, if it was an actual film capture of a soul leaving a human body -- in perhaps the most famous film in modern human history -- did we as a human race completely overlook and neglect possibly the most important facet of the terrible assassination of JFK? The fact that the human race captured on film, for the first time in modern human history, the moments of JFK's great soul dramatically leaving his body at the moment much of his head exploded into a bloody, brainy mist cloud. By frame 323, the spectral anomaly begins to present the following aspect forms:
(i) the approximate size of JFK's head;
(ii) a symmetrically rounded upper outline consistent with the shape of the curved cranium of a human head; two 100% symmetrical eye sockets that appear as black colored. By the way, if one might claim this spectral anomaly as a lens flare, just how do lens flares contain dimensionally symmetrical, spatially separated aspects within the perimeter of the lens flare that are the exact opposite color of the majority of the lens flare?
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This careful analysis of the Zapruder video frames shows a light coming through the sprayed brain matter, or shortly thereafter, which cannot be accounted for by lens flare or the direction of the sunlight. In the animated gif generated from the relevant frames, the light source even flashes, and seems to take the shape of where two eyeballs might be located in a face torn off and thrown to the side. The brain spatters toward Jackie and then back as the car is still in motion. Yet photos of JFK do not show his face torn off, nor any evidence of trauma to his face. What caused this appearance of a face, and in particular the sudden flash of light from what appear to be empty eye sockets.

As many people in accidents, or in dog or bear attacks can attest, the face can be torn off the bones of the head. Reconstructive surgery requires that nerves and blood vessels be reattached, and lately human doctors have been able to replace an entire damaged face from a cadaver - a transplant. But after an accident, or when a face has been ripped from the bony structure that formerly held it in place, medics simply push the skin flap back in place. Thus the view of the body being taken to ambulance and hospital would have looked reasonably normal. The bullet that killed JFK not only blew his brains out, it blew his face off by the force of brain matter coming out every orifice. As is known, the brain of JFK seemed to simply disappear, and for good reason. It was vaporized.

The cloud of brain matter spraying into the air was like fog, many particles, and wet particles that caught the sunlight coming over Jackie's right shoulder. This reflected through the eye sockets of JFK's facial mask that was flapping to the side, giving the appearance of a face floating in the air, which of course it was. Naturally, the cadaver was fixed with mortician's putty and glass eyeballs and any other makeup required to fit the cover story being put forth by the Warren Commission. Souls indeed leave the body upon death, and usually well before, seeing what is coming. They are not visible, nor caught on camera. The stories that a body weighs every so slightly less after death of course is true as water vapour has left the body, which has a different chemistry after death than before.

Trimester question, May-August position is where the sun is at its strongest, it has held the incoming comet near Venus for 4 months, going into Sep-Dec, the suns magnetic attraction weakens, so the comet will resume its movement towards earth. So we will get bigger earthquakes, more volcanoes, erractic weather etc etc is my thinking correct?

The magnetic trimesters have nothing to do with the Sun's gravity influence over the planets. It has to do with an overall magnetic influence from outside the solar system that affects all within the solar system. Your solar system is in fact on the edge of a very large magnetic field, so is along the magnetic field lines. This large magnetic field is composed of many influences itself, so has a pulse, so to speak. At times, the flow is stronger than others. What this means for the traveling Planet X is that the nudge it might feel from this larger field can either repress or encourage its motion. As we have indicated the passage will occur at the end of one of the trimesters, but it is in fact the change from one type of pulse to another that trips the balance between the Earth and Planet X, inciting the last weeks. Planet X is encouraged to move past blocks it has in front of it by the change in the pulse. We will not detail more than this as to do so would be to provide information on which magnetic trimester might trip the last week scenario, and this we are forbidden to do.

align="right" hspace="0" width=344 height=398>Home is Auckland, North Island, New Zealand, unsafe during the shift and presumably nowhere from there north to the end of NZ will be safe during the shift (numerous volcanoes) and given the narrowness, with oceans either side. Further south into the wider part of the North Island are several volcanoes including super-volcano crater, Lake Taupo. It is easy to be well above sea level but not so easy to be a 100 miles inland and well away from a volcano. Please could the Zetas indicate where the safest places (if any) are in the Nth Island, during and after the shift, with regard to the volcanoes? I understand that NZ will rise and so lesson the effect of magma rising but still feel some concern, and about being upwind from the volcanoes to avoid the gases - think I saw a map on the ZT site about wind direction but am unable to relocate it. Would it be prudent to move to the South Island, which is volcano free? Also the new geography map shows the equator running through NZ - will it be hot and dry or more tropical? Attempts to advise people of the PS so far have been brushed aside but I have been readying info to present after the 7 when credibility will have increased (feeling the urgency). [and from another] ../info/tinfo24q.htm Where New Zealand lies along a fault line, and thus has active volcanoes and geothermal area, due to the tipping up of the plate New Zealand lies on, pressure will be reduced during the hour of the shift, not increased, and the incidence of exploding volcanoes and the like lessened for this reason. In essence, there will be a new space under the tipped plate for lava to fill during the shift, which will reduce the press of lava upward.

The active volcanoes on New Zealand's north island will not increase their activity during the pole shift, due to the relief of pressure suddenly available under their cones during the hour of the pole shift. In fact, this activity is likely to lessen. Since the populace is used to giving these volcanoes a wide berth and proper respect, this will if anything be a pleasant surprise. Indeed, the direction of winds will shift after the pole shift, but as New Zealand will be so very close to the Equator, any ash from north island volcanoes will blow back to what is now north, thus out to sea. The future New Zealand will also not find itself a desert, as winds laden with moisture from the ocean will be plentiful and will unload their moisture when rising up along mountain ranges.

I am thinking about the domino effect of the plate movement. What is not clear for me is the mountain building on the Andes. About the Andes, the following is my thought by the present. I have the feeling the key is the east pacific rise; the mid-ocean ridge between the pacific plate and the nazi plate. Owing to occur the mountain building at the Andes, the Nazca plate should move toward west, toward the South America plate. In this case, the east pacific rise will be forced to make active. What I want to know is how the east pacific rise would be made active; the cause and the degree, or no change in activity. The pacific plate as whole is moving toward the west. On the north semi-sphere, the west-toward moving of the plate is forced due to the result of the magnetic north pole of the earth being pushed by the PX north pole pointing to the earth; the torque effect. On the south hemisphere, the plates almost as a whole try to move toward the east due to the torque effect, though the pacific plate is moving as a whole to the west as the major part of the plate ride on the north semi-sphere. Then what is the force the Nazca plate to move toward the east strongly?
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We have described the tugging on the surface of the Earth that Planet X does during the Earth wobble, particularly in the context of the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift which is grabbed by Planet X and asked to stay in magnetic alignment. This part of the globe is held back, daily, which the globe attempts to turn during its rotation. This not only pulls that portion of the globe which is to the east of the Atlantic Rift forward, stretching the Atlantic Rift, but creates a pileup to the west. Thus the Americas find the plates in the great Pacific piling into their mountain building areas, creating a compression in the Pacific. This is like a multi-car traffic accident, where one piles into the rear of another.

During this compression, it is always the weak points that will be sought and will give. Finally, the plates will be pressed to the point where major movement is next, as those weak points have already been exhausted. Hard rock against hard rock and now we see what will move. Lifting mountains along the Andes and Sierras is obviously no small thing. It is likewise true that pushing the Himalayas up is no small thing. But what is not obvious is that tipping a plate under the ocean is no less strenuous. We have described what will happen in Asia during all this tipping and subduction, but what about the plate movement in the Pacific that faces the Americas?

As we indicated, the line of islands from Kamchatka through the Hawaii chain down thorough the Society Islands are a rise because the Pacific plate they are on is rising on that edge, and plunging under the N America Plate. The Nazca Plate is tipping, so that its eastern edge is plunging under the Andes and its western edge is rising. There are two forces driving the mountain building in the Americas that will occur prior to the pole shift. The first is Planet X holding back the Atlantic Rift so that a pileup occurs along the western coastlines of the Americas. The second is the pressure that rotation rolling forward during such times causes on pushing the Eurasian Plate over the plates in SE Asia and the Pacific. This is the squeeze the Pacific experiences daily. All points are under this pressure, but what must give first, as we have stated, is the brake point where the Indo-Australian Plate must tilt up and under the Himalayas. This tilting has already begun.

We have ongoing disastrous flooding in Pakistan, that started on July 26 and is being blamed on anomalous ("frozen") Jet Stream that prevents moonson air mass from moving on. However, if the Indo-Australian plate were tipping, dropping its western side, this would occur! Approximately one-fifth of Pakistan's total land area is underwater due to the flooding, and 500 thousand people are prepared to be evacuated by the government. The flood is being described as a "slow tide rolling in". What is the relationship between the Pakistan flooding and Indo-Australian plate adjustment?
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The Indus River is one of the points on the Indian sub-continent that is being pushed under the Himalayas range, as a close look at where the mountain building along the northern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate occurs shows. We have pointed out that the mountains in the interior of India seem to disappear as one approaches the Himalayas, and that this is because it is there that the plate is being pushed down. We have predicted that as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate holding Indonesia is pushed under the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate that this edge will lift, tilting the Indo-Australian Plate down on the western edge. This would first be noticed on land, especially land subject to being flooded, as such a change under the sea would escape notice unless a tsunami buoy sounded an alarm. What should be noted is that the flooding, ostensibly from rains, are worse than anticipated from the rains alone. What should be watched is how well the flood waters drain, and whether a drop in elevation is noted along the Indus River and its outlet into the Indian Ocean. The Earth changes we have predicted for this region have begun!

Could this table be used as a general guideline to compute safe distances from PS tidal wave? At what speed will the tidal waves travel? If relatively slow, waters will have time to find their way through lowlands, if fast, waters will climb up any mountains close to the sea. [and from another] ../index/zeta509.htm Where the initial pole shift slosh happens quickly, it takes hours to drain back, though the water will move with greater urgency than during normal tides. The second slosh, on the opposite side, will occur more slowly, within 12 hours, but will rise to almost the same level as the initial slosh.

We have explained, in great detail, that the pole shift slosh can expect to rush inland quickly on the first slosh, drain slowly, and then rise more slowly on the second rebound slosh on the opposite side of a water body. We have explained the distance factors likewise. We have advised that factors such as tidal bore up ravines or rivers, or a clash with waters draining from rivers can be factors that affect the height of the flood tide. Can you put together a table advising a populace of the safety margin? Perhaps. Would we put our stamp of approval on such a table? No. The reason is simple and in keeping with our previous statements on the constant questions about the weather or earthquakes or detail on this exact street in this particular town or the like. There are 6 billion plus people on Earth, all anxious and potentially all who will discover ZetaTalk at some point and pummel Nancy with such questions. We had a tornado in our town yesterday, though never before, what does this mean? We had an earthquake in our area, which is not earthquake prone, what does this mean? Likewise we are starting to get a load of questions about sea level elevations and the relative safety of this or that location. This, though elevation is something a websearch will produce, and this though our Safe Locations information already addresses their area. You, in your table of safety, are asking us and Nancy to examine, in detail, and give this type of response. We expect you to be able to think for yourself and decline any such demands for hand holding from ourselves. You do the homework, as you have, and you take responsibility for it.

Could you please comment on the relative safety of the villages of Wanlockhead and Leadhills in the south of Scotland, both of which are at about 1400ft and are indeed the highest villages in Scotland. We understand that our homes on the Isle of Islay and Glasgow are going to be severely subjected to any European Tsunami, and are urging others to seek high ground. But will the high hills still be subject to tidal bore?

Since the brunt of the 200-300 foot high European tsunami will hit western England, with only about 100 feet roaring through the English Channel, what will the effect be on Ireland, Scotland, and Wales? The Irish Sea can expect a strong tsunami also, an estimated 150 feet high and pushing strong. All land directly on the coastline and all land that can be inundated up river or into lowlands will be affected. We have suggested that those who anticipate being affected by the tsunami prorate our guidelines for the pole shift sloshing as a guide to where the tsunami might reach. If one must be 100 miles inland and 200 feet up for a 500-600 foot high tide, then for a 150 foot tsunami, assume one-third of this. Given the narrow islands, being 100 miles from shore is hardly possible, so one must assume being 150 feet high at a minimum, and taking into consideration tidal bore up ravines or rivers, 250 feet would be advised. Such elevation exists in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales but the major cities are in lowlands and will have scant warning before the tsunami hits. Ships at sea, giving warning of the approach, are the best bet for an early warning, and such alert ship captains should be on the lookout from the time of the great New Madrid quake, as this will occur within hours of that quake.

align="right" hspace="0" width=272 height=151>What Zetas can say about this new formations? Both from Norway and Czhechia.

Both these crop circles relate to the current wobble, with a hint of what is coming during the Severe Wobble. Norway is saying that during this phase, when the Earth has moved from her steady Serpentine Dance slow wobble to jerking around, that different extremes can be expected. The orb below and the orb up top are larger than the ones in center at left, showing relative extremes in the current wobble. Czhechia likewise shows a lopsided swing, repeating this theme of the wobble NOT being a steady process during the current time.

Most businesses today are highly dependant on having constant network connectivity for real-time transactions and data transfer. Phone lines and fiber optic cables often use bridges to cross the Mississippi river and therefore are part of the network infrastructure. Will the N American Rip essentially divide America in two, transportation and e-commerce wise?

When our predicted New Madrid adjustment happens, tearing the N American continent at a diagonal from the Great Lakes down to Mexico, more than bridges over the Mississippi will be torn. However, land lines can be quickly re-established when the matter only requires that cable be laid from one side to the other, even with a Mississippi that has been widened by 50 miles below the Illinois border. Those reliant on land lines carried across the Mississippi via bridges will quickly find someone with a cell phone utilizing satellite link, to suffice in the meantime. For those who wish to deny what is coming, any temporary inconvenience will be dismissed. For those taking the Earth changes seriously, this will be considered a walk-up call for those in the area, an example of how quickly their life can be disrupted with delivery of food and supplies suddenly halted and some communication links non-responsive.

I did a search on ZetaTalk about the splitting of the St. Lawrence Seaway and its consequences. I am having a hard time picturing how this split will play out. There will be three splits? One North-South along the Mississippi, one East-West to Duluth, and one across Wisconsin to Minneapolis and onward to the Black Hills? How will this split affect the geography in Wisconsin and around Lake Superior? Lake Superior is approximately 183' above sea level and averages close to 500' deep (deepest point is about 1,330'). Will the lake area become larger? Will land along the southern shoreline be lost, or will land actually gain height due to the lowering of the lake level resulting from the seaway split? Can you elaborate on the East-West seaway split effects and the topographical changes we can expect to occur in the North Central US because of the Seaway split?
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One can see from a map of the underlying rock strata that the Seaway began forming due to a weak connection between rock strata of different formation types. This is similar to the seam in an article of clothing. Not visible necessarily from outside the garment, but a weak point and liable to rip first or most readily when the seam starts to unravel. The Seaway in essence runs along this boundary, except for Lake Erie which is south of the boundary. There is, thus, the potential for the Seaway to break through between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario, a path already forming as the geology of eastern Lake Huron shows. Such a breach would run well north of Toronto, and would create a crevasse rather than sink land, so in the scheme of things would not be that traumatic for most residents in the area. We have mentioned that Niagara Falls would widen, the Seaway finding new routes in the shattered rock, and thus the falls essentially gone.

The locks between the Great Lakes will be shattered or broken long before the hour of the pole shift, so adjustments in lake water height will have started. The Seaway split has chosen to run through Duluth, MN and on west from there rather than through Wisconsin where the bond between the various rock stratas is of a stronger nature. The Seaway can be expected to proceed, thus, beyond Duluth, creating a crevasse again through upper Minnesota, with sympathetic rumpling of lands all the way to the Black Hills. Wisconsin has been splitting along rock strata too, creating the Green Bay peninsula at the juncture of Green Bay and the body of Wisconsin, as the peninsula has a different rock type. This split will continue and widen, creating a bay all the way to Madison and potentially through to the upper Mississippi, although this breach will certainly occur at Chicago through the canals dug under this city.

align="right" hspace="0" width=246 height=306>Zeta Triangle remains unresolved issue to me. "When the slowing rotation begins the Earth is pulled toward Planet X to be within 14 million miles of Planet X rather than the approximate 45 millions miles that is the halfway point. It is then that the triangle will be formed". ../index/zeta554.htm How can ZT Triangle be formed, angles maintained, with 14 mm distance? In that case angles do not persist OR, if we make those lines for angles to persist, then all other distances do not persist?

The 14 million miles reached, as the closest point between Planet X and the Earth, occurs during the outbound acceleration of Planet X as it exits the solar system. We have referred to the Point of Passage as equivalent to the point where Planet X pierces the Ecliptic, as in the early days of ZetaTalk this was understood to be the point where the pole shift is about to happen. In later detail, the last weeks, encompassing approximately 7 weeks in all, is shown to fall somewhat to either side of the point where Planet X is exactly at the Ecliptic. In that we were speaking in general terms early in the ZetaTalk saga, and have lately been far more explicit, these details have emerged. The issue in those days was yes or no, is Planet X going to arrive in 2003, with the reassurance that the populace could count on 3 days of darkness and 5.9 days of rotation stoppage prior to the shift. Since then, far more detail has emerged.

As we have explained, the ZetaTalk triangle is reached after Planet X has made its first 270° roll. When Planet X stands upright, and Earth follows suit, they try to part as far as possible. This is achieved by Earth moving back in her orbit again, to the farthest possible point within the cup of particle eddy flow coming round behind Planet X. At this point, the triangle is reached. But Planet X does not linger there. As rotation is slowing on Earth, Planet X begins its second 270° roll. At first, this starts slowly, with Planet X rising above the Ecliptic, moving into the realm of the Sun's magnetic field above the Ecliptic. It finds itself suddenly free of the backwash of particles returning to the Sun that had slowed its progress in the past. The path of least resistance is now ahead, in open space, now before it.

It moves rapidly, while beginning its second 270° roll, closing the distance between the Earth and itself while at the same time rising above the Ecliptic. At this angle, it is aiming above the Earth. The Earth again finds itself caught in a magnetic grip, and is drawn forward along its orbit, moving slightly toward Planet X, but the major party in this kiss is Planet X which at last feels free to move and move quickly. The 14 million mile point is where Planet X is still closer to the Sun than the Earth, still rising above the Earth, and still a bit to the right of the Earth. The 32° angle allows it to move past the Earth at this point and at this angle as it completes its second 270° roll.

There is a part in engagement section where you say during seemingly ordinary events, the souls of a starchild and a STS will agree to "engage" and "do battle". What exactly does that mean and how often does it occur, and why?

In describing the Rules of Engagement that we, the Zetas use as a guide for interaction between ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas, and any alien group in the Service-to-Self, we are speaking only for ourselves. These rules do not apply, necessarily, to other groups nor to Star Children where each Star Child is in essence an independent entity. They thus can make their own rules of engagement, and these can vary. Just as we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, can respond to The Call from humans, so can they. In that they are walking about in human form, this response may even be a face to face meeting which may seem to the human who gave the Call like a chance encounter with a stranger. This in fact happens remarkably often. Just as we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, allow for engagements with those in the Service-to-Self, a Star Child may decide to engage the Service-to-Self also. This can take many forms, with the most common being an assist to a human who has been giving the Call to aliens in both orientations, and highly confused about the counsel received as a result. Here, by responding to The Call from this human, the Star Child is in essence engaging the Service-to-Self aliens who have been giving counsel to this confused human. The most extreme example of such an engagement is where a confused human has allowed itself to become possessed. This is what we were referring to in our Star Child engagement description.

I looked through all info that I could find regarding the safe places but found no information as to the safety of Carpathian mountains in the territory of Western Ukraine. These mountaines are high enough to escape flooding after the PS, and as far as I understand, they would be a safe place to stay in the very hour of the shift. What would Zetas advise about this place? Can Carpathian mountains be therefore considered as safe places both during and after the shift? Also, I would like to ask about the Dnieper river, which is the third largest river in Europe and can cause floodings in the nearby territories. Could you please ask Zetas about this river and its "behavior" during the last weeks? [and from another] The Dnieper's source is the turf swamps of the Valdai Hills in central Russia, at an elevation of 220 m (720 ft).[2] For 115 km (71 mi) of its length, it serves as the border between Belarus and Ukraine.

The elevation of the Ukraine is such that within 2 years after the pole shift almost all the land will be submerged, as we have stated.The elevation map Nancy located demonstrates this. Of course the Carpathian Mountains are an exception. When we give general advice we do not address every hillock, but give guidelines as to the degree of rise in sea level that will occur so that you can do your own detail analysis! Nancy is one person, aged and ill and exhausted. Yet you ask for details that you could ascertain for yourself! If Nancy could locate this elevation map on the Internet, they why not you? Can you not apply our 675 foot rise in sea level to this map? If we state that all rivers will overflow their banks, higher than in past memory, then clearly your river will flood. We have stated that the Black Sea will slosh as why would it not? This sloshing will cause a backwash in any river emptying into the Black Sea, as why would it not? You must take responsibility for your own safety, and not expect Nancy to be available to answer every trivial aspect of your decision making process. She won't be available to do this, and will begin refusing, as we will begin refusing such questions.

Is this "Rape Investigation" of the leader of "Wikileaks" an attempt to do him in, distract him, discredit him, warn otherwords a contrived, false warning to him? [and from another] ../index/zeta571.htm A website releasing leaked information would be smothered in tracing devices so that the source of the leak would be known, and quickly known. Thus, even if a site were not run by an agency such as the CIA, it would be allowed to continue only because those agencies did not find it a threat. Do the agencies, the CIA and DOD, want to close this site down? In fact, they learn information, as all those who would have the tendency to talk are not known to these agencies, and in the blab fest there will be those who come under surveillance because they joined in.

The false rape accusations were not so much to warn the founder of WikiLeaks as to warn those who are providing data to him. We mentioned earlier that the CIA and DOD use his site to find out who is inclined to leak but do not want the success of this operation to actually encourage more leaking than has already occurred. Yes, you leaked to WikiLeaks, but don't think all is safe, is the message.

I have a question about the End of Combat Operations in Iraq, have they learnt that Planet X is coming quicker or earlier hence the early announcement to ship out? [and from another] Obama: Speech Outlining Withdrawal of Combat Forces from Iraq [Aug 31] Ending the combat mission fulfills Obama's campaign promise to bring the war to a close. However a force of roughly 50,000 U.S. troops remains in a training and backup role. All forces are scheduled to be withdrawn by the end of 2011. [and from another] First US Soldier Killed in Iraq Since Withdrawal of Combat Troops [Aug 22] The last US combat brigade in Iraq crossed the border into Kuwait on Thursday, fulfilling President Obama's pledge to end combat operations by the end of this month.

This is not an early withdrawal, it is on schedule. Obama is continuing to pull troops out of Iraq as promised some years earlier. It is not so much the fact that this is happening on schedule as it is that it is happening at all. Certainly the mess Bush made in Iraq was designed to never be quiet, and the Bush administration did much to incite sectarian violence in Iraq as their plans were to never leave but to escalate their military presence throughout the oil rich region. Thus, the fact that Obama would be able to withdraw combat troops is a shock to those who engineered the Iraq chaos and invasion. Obama of course knows what is pending with the passage of Planet X, but in that a cover-up is still in place would not jump the schedule merely for this reason. But the reduced presence in Iraq is a welcome milestone as we have stated as the intent is to bring all troops home to assist when the Earth changes get intense in the US. All but a skeleton crew will then exist at the bases overseas.

Discovered new crop circles with specific message in Netherlands, Slovenia, Czhechia which I for example can not understand. But, what Zetas can say about this CC's? I find the way which Zetas use to explain the CC's the best and understandable. From
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We have indicated earlier that the half circle relates to the severe wobble, where the Earth will be flopping back and forth, first pointing her N pole away from Planet X and then rebounding as a reaction. The Netherlands crop circle is showing how the wobble will ramp up in this regard. The small circle at left is the Earth at present, leaning away slightly during her daily wobble and temporary leans to the left or into opposition. This circle is small as this is a slight reaction compared to what is coming during the severe wobble. The larger circle at the right in Netherlands is showing the ramp up, where the N Pole will try extensive evasive measures, the Lean to the Left, and then start flip-flopping during the Severe Wobble. Slovenia echoes this theme, with the size of the globes increasing, the sense of pressure on the right, finally resulting in a flip-flop. Czhechia again shows the crowding to one side, the Earth trying to evade the pressure of magnetons coming from Planet X, with two different reactions. One reaction, represented on the left, was the Serpentine Dance. During this, the magnetic spirals, such as occurred in Norway, started. The second reaction, represented on the right, suggests something violent, a jerking around, with an increase of the spirals in the sky as a result.

I know that even after the PS, aliens will not appear and help whether the STO or the STS to build the new world because of the Rule of Non-Interference. But is that possible that the STS aliens will contact the human beings in face to face to achieve their any goals?

Ambassadors for the Service-to-Self orientation are under the same restrictions as ourselves and other ambassadors for the Service-to-Other orientation. Both must conduct visitations in the subconscious of the human who gave The Call. We have explained that during this Transformative time, humans and groups of humans may begin to have conscious contact with aliens. This will depend on their readiness and the level of anxiety that might be raised during any such contact. Does any such relaxing of the rule about visitations being recorded only in the subconscious include ambassadors from the Service-to-Self? Hardly, and the reason is simple. The first rule is to keep anxiety about contact at a low level, and the Service-to-Self are known to desire intimidation and scare tactics to gain their ends. They lie, and their cold nature and agendas cannot be disguised. Only those thinking in the same vein as the ambassadors from the Service-to-Self find such thinking to their liking. Thus, if conscious contact with the Service-to-Self were to be allowed, those in the vicinity would learn of it, and be unduly influenced in this direction. Those who gave The Call to these entities would brag, and try to raise their stature among other humans in the vicinity as a result. Thus, for the Service-to-Self, their visitations must remain in the subconscious of humans they visit, until Earth as a 3rd density world is at an end. Conscious Service-to-Other contact, however, can begin.

If STS are allowed to try to win a continent like the zetas explained before, how would that have worked after the transformation, given the world is 4D STO with the hybrid cultures?

We have described The Call as given by humans from Earth, a young 3rd density world of mixed orientations. The Call was first introduced as a concept thus, where young souls can freely give The Call to ambassadors from either orientation - the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other. Many rules are in place to control this interaction, such as non-interference with the free will choices made by the human giving The Call, no touching or manipulating the environment beyond facilitating the visitation, and the visit being recorded only in the subconscious. We have also discussed counseling done to those taken to prison planets, where those who have been judged to be thinking of themselves 95% of the time qualify for life among those of a like mindset. Such counseling is done by high level Spirit Guides, who decide if an entity there is ready to be returned to a 3rd density world to reconsider their chosen path. But what might occur on a Service-to-Other world? Do these entities ever slip, think of themselves inordinately, and thus be considered giving The Call to those in the Service-to-Self? If such a situation emerges and is not merely transient, the entity is counseled and returned to a 3rd density existence after the current incarnation ends. Ambassadors from the Service-to-Self are not allowed free reign on Service-to-Other worlds, just as ambassadors from the Service-to-Other are not allowed free reign on Service-to-Self worlds. In both cases, high level Spirit Guides are in charge of the determination to return an entity to a 3rd density existence.

On this particular cylinder seal: In my opinion the Winged Globe is depicted, contrary to what Sitchin's opinion is; with him saying that it looks more mechanical than before on this drawing and might represent a spacecraft. I would like to quiz the Zetas about a couple of things if I may.
1 - What does the "crown" atop of the center of what I assume to be Nibiru represent? I've seen it depicted, with small differences in drawings on all of the Winged Globes. Is it part of the corpus or is it another celestial body peeking behind Planet X. Are we going to be able to see it this time around as depicted?
2 - Both figures on the seal have their right hand raised in some form of salutation. Is there any answer worthy meaning to that?
3 - What is the overall meaning of this seal and why was it created?
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The Annunaki had royalty, as is known, with the leadership on Earth from the royal bloodline. They were given to a militaristic structure, throughout, being more inclinded toward the Service-to-Self than most 3rd density cultures, very rule based. Infractions were dealt with in a brutal fashion. Even after a long stint of 3,600 years in the field the structure remained intact. The descendants of the royal line stationed on Earth anticipated meeting the royalty from their home planet in formal ceremonies, represented in this pictogram. During such meetings, their normal pugilistic stance is put aside, represented by the sword and armor put behind the man. The royalty on their traveling planet, Nibiru, held the crown, ie the kingship. This is a stylistic representation of the Winged Globe, which man understands now is a real visage that will be seen as Planet X looms closer. The planets are represented. Sitchen recounts that Nibiru was known as the 12th Planet because the Sun and Moon were counted as well as the known planets. The Sun is seen on the right. Nibiru approaches Earth from the vicinity of Mercury and Venus, seen as orbs under the Winged Globe. Earth is understood to be the vantage point, where offerings such as fish and a comfortable seat for the visiting royalty are being provided. Then to the left is the Moon and 7 more planets, 12 in all.

You mentioned that STO and STS souls can influence their brain physiology to a degree. Will an STO person generally influence their hormones so that they are more emotionally sensitive and empathetic and an STS so that they are less so? Are the differences in physiology dramatic or apparent in any way? I realize that STO and STS take on a vast diversity of types, shapes, roles - but a lot of the STO guys I have met tend to be more balanced in their masculine/feminine qualities whereas I have met more STS types that are supermacho and uber-masculine and very dominating. Now, I am NOT saying that all macho dudes are STS (i mean STS might want to be able to mimic emotional sensitivity for their gain) or all sensitive guys are STO because again (the STO might just be part of that type of jock culture and want the credibility of fitting in, or they might have a more assertive, dominating but not selfish soul personality). It is SO diverse out there, but that it seems to be a statistical pattern.

The Birthing Guides do not give a young soul the body type it desires, prior to an incarnation, so both orientations are likely to find themselves in the body of a cripple or of an athlete, for instance. But what the young soul does with its incarnation certainly would differ. A young soul leaning to the Service-to-Self would likely get into muscle building, if a man, whereas if this young soul was leaning to the Service-to-Other might consider this superficial and not important. Likewise the opposite might happen if the young soul leaning to Service-to-Other saw the need for defense of self and others whom it would rush to defend, where the young soul leaning to Service-to-Self might desire to be the brains behind a gang, hiring thugs instead. It is not so much the appearance as the result of actions taken by the entity that show its orientation.

In several articles I read that there are underground tunnels that cross the world, there would also libraries with important information of the true history of mankind. Some say it would have been built by terrestrial civilizations more advanced than ours, others say they were aliens. One of the entries would be in Ecuador, in the "Los Tayos cave", where some locals say they have often been scientific expeditions with people described as "American." According to them, have plundered one of the libraries and there have been a lot of material left by these civilizations. My questions: ¿Are they real tunnels that cross the world? ¿Is it true that there are libraries? ¿"Los Tayos caves is a post? [and from another] Written references to the cave go back as far as 1860 and it is known to have been visited by gold-seekers and military personnel in the 1960s. The cave was popularized by Erich von Daniken's 1973 book

Los Tayos is a real cave in Ecuador, much used by the Annunaki in the past for storage as it was climate controlled re temperature and humidity and thus would not rot their items as the hot and humid tropics was prone to do. As in all cases with Annunaki activity, much lore lingers, which in most cases has a foundation in fact. What happened to the gold and libraries? Of course these items were taken away by the Annunaki, who not only needed the gold they had stored there but also were loathe to leave their intellectual treasures behind. They had enslaved man, and took pains to keep him ignorant and in fear of the greater technological development the Annunaki enjoyed, superior to man's in those days. Thus, nothing but the lore from the past remained!

I live in Swaziland southern Africa, there is a group of us that are preparing for the shift and would like to have any info you can offer about the shift in our area.
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Swaziland is far enough from the coastline and with a high enough elevation that the western 2/3 of the country will do well through both the pole shift tides and the Aftertime rise in sea level to 675 feet above today's elevation. After the pole shift, this small country will find that the ocean front has arrived at its door, so ocean fishing will be an option for the populace. As with most countries who will have a temperate climate in the Aftertime and a location safe from flooding and volcanic ash, Swaziland will find its very desirability to be its greatest worry. People will migrate, deliberately, to this small country and attempt to take it over by force of wealth and brute determination. Those native to this country should examine any offers they get with a sharp eye, for these reasons.

No doubt you have heard of the recent Mariner Energy oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. It is West of the BP rig that blew it's well-head 4 months ago. Would the Zetas be interested in commenting on the cause of the explosion, and the state of the well head, etc.? [and from another] Explosion on Mariner Energy oil rig in Gulf of Mexico [Sep 3] An explosion has torn through an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, west of the site of a blast in April which caused a huge oil spill. The explosion was first reported at 0930 local time (1330 GMT). It had started on an upper deck of the platform where living quarters were, a company official said, but the cause is not yet known. Mariner Energy said the rig was undergoing maintenance and not producing any oil or gas at the time of the explosion.

What is true of both the BP oil rig explosion and the Mariner is that they are both crowded around the mouth of the Mississippi. We have described the pending New Madrid adjustment as one that runs along the weak point in the N American continent, which happens to be the bed of the Mississippi River. Rivers run along low points, which have dropped in relation to the surrounding rock because of being thin, layers pulled apart during a stretch and thus thin. The bed of the Mississippi River does not end at the delta, as this weak point runs out under the Gulf. Stretch zone adjustments are silent, not accompanied by jolts and seismic activity, and thus there was no earthquake associated with the Mariner rig explosion. But regardless of the official explanation, this is the cause!